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L' arte della diplomazia di Henry Kissinger
L' eroe della Manciuria: romanzo di Richard Condon
L' onorevole scolaro di John le Carré
L' orecchio di Dio: anatomia e storia della National security agency di James Bamford
L' Unione Sovietica e la corsa agli armamenti di David Holloway
"It's Your Misfortune and None of My Own": A New History of the American West di Richard White
"Stalin over Wisconsin" : the making and unmaking of militant unionism, 1900-1950 di Stephen Meyer
The 'Mozart' Leaves At Nine di Harris Greene
Απ'το δόγμα Τρούμαν στο δόγμα Χούντα : (από τον Τρούμαν στον Κίσσινγκερ) di Spiros Theodoropoulos
Βαλκάνια, 1945-1960: Η κατάληψη της εξουσίας di Dimitri Analis
The 10 deadly sins of KKE di Nikolaos Mertzos
1956 and all that di Keith Flett
The 1956 Hungarian Revolution: A History in Documents (National Security Archive Cold War Readers) di Csaba Bekes
The 1960's: War Within a War: Vietnam and the Cold War (Lucent Library of Historical Eras) di Laurel Corona
The 1962 Cuban missile crisis : Canadian involvement reconsidered di Peter T. Haydon
1983: Reagan, Andropov, and a World on the Brink di Taylor Downing
54 di Wu Ming
The 7th Infantry Regiment: Combat in an Age of Terror di John C. McManus
Acheson: The Secretary of State Who Created the American World di James Chace
Action Presidents #4: John F. Kennedy! di Fred Van Lente
Affection and Trust di Harry S. Truman
Affluence and Anxiety di Carl N. Degler
Aftermath of War: Americans and the Remaking of Japan, 1945-1952 di Howard B. Schonberger
The age of containment: the Cold War, 1945-1965 di David Rees
All Stalin's Men: Six Who Carried Out the Bloody Policies di Roy Medvedev
I Always Wanted to Fly: America's Cold War Airmen di Wolfgang W. E. Samuel
The Ambassadors and America's Soviet Policy di David Mayers
America and the Intellectual Cold Wars in Europe di Volker R. Berghahn
America and the Shaping of German Society, 1945-1955 di Michael Ermarth
America in the Cold War: Twenty Years of Revolutions and Response, 1947-67 di Walter LaFeber
America's Failure in China, 1941-50 di Tang Tsou
America's Tyrant: The CIA and Mobutu of Zaire: How the United States Put Mobutu in Power, Protected Him from His Enemies di Sean Kelly
America, Russia and the Cold War 1945-2006 di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia and the Cold War, 1945-71 (America in Crisis) di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia and the Cold War, 1945-75 (America in Crisis) di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia and the Cold War, 1945-80 (America in Crisis) di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia, and The Cold War, 1945 - 1996 di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945 - 2000 di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-1966 di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-1984 (America in Crisis) di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-1990 (America in Crisis) di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-1992 (America in Crisis) di Walter LaFeber
America, Russia, and the Cold War, 1945-2002, Updated: Updated di Walter LaFeber
America, the UN and Decolonisation: Cold War Conflict in the Congo (LSE International Studies Series) di John Kent
American Dreamer: The Life and Times of Henry A. Wallace di John C. Culver
American forces in Berlin : Cold War outpost, 1945-1994 di Robert P. Grathwol
The American Heritage Illustrated History of the United States, Volume 16: Decades of Cold War 1946-1963 di Robert G. Athearn
The American Inquisition, 1945-1960 di Cedric Belfrage
The American Inquisition: Justice and Injustice in the Cold War di Stanley I. Kutler
American Intervention in Greece, 1943-1949: A Study in Counterrevolution (Columbia Contemporary American History Series) di Lawrence S. Wittner
American labor and postwar Italy, 1943-1953 : a study of Cold War politics di Ronald L. Filippelli
American Labor and the Cold War: Grassroots Politics and Postwar Political Culture di Robert Cherny
American labour, France, and the politics of intervention, 1945-1952 : workers and the Cold War di Stephen Burwood
The American Occupation of Japan: The Origins of the Cold War in Asia di Michael Schaller
American Policy and the Reconstruction of West Germany, 1945-1955 (Publications of the German Historical Institute) di Jeffry M. Diefendorf
American Radical: The Life and Times of I. F. Stone di D. D. Guttenplan
The American Way of Empire: How America Won a World--But Lost Her Way di James Kurth
Americans into Orbit: The Story of Project Mercury di Gene Gurney
The Americans: Season 1 di Joseph Weisberg
The Americans: Season 2 di Joseph Weisberg
The Americans: Season 3 di Joseph Weisberg
The Americans: Season 4 di Joseph Weisberg
The Americans: Season 5 di Joe Weisberg
The Americans: Season 6 di Joseph Weisberg
Amicizie pericolose: storia segreta dei rapporti tra Cia e Mossad dal '48 alla Guerra del Golfo di Andrew Cockburn
Andropov's Cuckoo: A Story of Love, Intrigue and The KGB di Owen Jones
L'anello di ghiaccio di Lionel Davidson
Another Such Victory: President Truman and the Cold War, 1945-1953 di Arnold A. Offner
Anthony Blunt: His Lives di Miranda Carter
An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto di Alex Callinicos
Apartheid's Contras: An Inquiry into the Roots of War in Angola and Mozambique di William Minter
Architects of illusion; men and ideas in American foreign policy, 1941-1949 di Lloyd C. Gardner
Armageddon and Paranoia: The Nuclear Confrontation since 1945 di Rodric Braithwaite
Armageddon Averted: The Soviet Collapse, 1970-2000 di Stephen Kotkin
The Armageddon Letters: Kennedy, Khrushchev, Castro in the Cuban Missile Crisis di James G. Blight
Armed truce : the beginnings of the cold war, 1945-46 di Hugh Thomas
The Army in the Pacific : A Century of Engagement di James C. McNaughton
Arsenals of Folly: The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race di Richard Rhodes
Art of Two Germanys/Cold War Cultures di Stephanie Barron
Arthur J. Goldberg: New Deal Liberal di David Stebenne
As Thousands Cheer di Laurence Bergreen
The Assassination of Lumumba di Ludo De Witte
Assignment—Treason di Edward S. Aarons
At swords' points di Andre Norton
At the Abyss: An Insider's History of the Cold War di Thomas Reed
At the Highest Levels: The Inside Story of the End of the Cold War di Michael R. Beschloss
The Atlantic Triangle and the Cold War di Edgar McInnis
Atlas of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century di Richard Crampton
The Atomic Bomb and the Origins of the Cold War di Campbell Craig
Atomic Testing: The Diary of Anthony Brown, Woomera, 1953 di Alan Tucker
Attlee's Labour Governments 1945-51 di R. D. Pearce
Austria in the First Cold War, 1945-55: The Leverage of the Weak (Cold War History) di Günter Bischof
Austria, Germany, and the Cold War: From the Anschluss to the State Treaty, 1938-1955 di Rolf Steininger
Autowork di Robert Asher
Averting 'The Final Failure': John F. Kennedy and the Secret Cuban Missile Crisis Meetings di Sheldon M. Stern
Babes in Tomorrowland: Walt Disney and the Making of the American Child, 1930-1960 di Nicholas Sammond
Balkans into Southeastern Europe di John R. Lampe
The Balkans since the second World War di Richard Crampton
A Ball, a Dog, and a Monkey: 1957 - The Space Race Begins di Michael D'Antonio
Batman Unmasked: Analyzing a Cultural Icon di Will Brooker
Batman: The Movie [1966 film] di Leslie H. Martinson
Battleground Berlin: CIA vs. KGB in the Cold War di David E. Murphy
The Bay of Pigs di Howard Jones
Bay of Pigs di Victor Andres Triay
Bay of Pigs Declassified: The Secret CIA Report on the Invasion of Cuba di Peter Kornbluh
The Bay of Pigs: Cuba 1961 (Elite) di Alejandro de Quesada
The Bay of Pigs: The Leaders' Story of Brigade 2506 di Haynes Johnson
Bay of Pigs: The Untold Story di Peter Wyden
Behind the Berlin Wall: East Germany and the Frontiers of Power di Patrick Major
Behind the Wall: Foreign Bodies di Philip Palmer
Benvenuta nella gabbia delle scimmie di Kurt Vonnegut
Berlin 1961: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth di Frederick Kempe
Berlin and the American Military: A Cold War Chronicle di Robert P. Grathwol
The Berlin Candy Bomber di Gail S. Halvorsen
The Berlin Conspiracy di Tom Gabbay
Berlin in the Balance, 1945-1949: The Blockade, the Airlift, the First Major Battle of the Cold War di Thomas Parrish
The Best of Life di David Edward Scherman
Between Containment and Rollback: The United States and the Cold War in Germany di Christian F. Ostermann
Between Empire and Alliance: America and Europe during the Cold War di Marc Trachtenberg
Beyond the Hiss Case: The Fbi, Congress, and the Cold War di Athan Theoharis
Big Bear, Little Bear di David Brierley
The big chill: Canada and the Cold War di Robert Bothwell
Big Ideas that Changed the World: Rocket to the Moon! di Don Brown
The Big Tomorrow: Hollywood and the Politics of the American Way di Lary May
Biggles Looks Back di W. E. Johns
Black and Red: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Afro-American Response to the Cold War, 1944-1963 di Gerald Horne
Black Freedom Fighters in Steel: The Struggle for Democratic Unionism (ILR Press books) di Ruth Needleman
The Black Mountain di Rex Stout
Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies di M. Stanton Evans
Blowback: America's Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects on the Cold War di Christopher Simpson
Blowing on the Wind: The Nuclear Test Ban Debate, 1954-1960 di Robert A. Divine
Blue Moon over Cuba: Aerial Reconnaissance during the Cuban Missile Crisis (General Aviation) di William B. Ecker
The Bomb: A Life di Gerard J. De Groot
Bridge Across the Sky: The Berlin Blockade and Airlift, 1948-1949 di Richard Collier
The Bridge at Andau di James A. Michener
Bridge of Spies di Giles Whittell
A brief history of the Cold War : the hidden truth about how close we came to nuclear conflict di Colonel John Hughes-Wilson
The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs di Jim Rasenberger
Brink: Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis di David Detzer
Britain and the Cold War (University of Reading European & International Studies) di Anne Deighton
A British guide to the end of the world [2019 television programme] di Daniel Vernon
British Labour and the cold war di Peter Weiler
The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War di Stephen Kinzer
Brought to Light: A Graphic Docudrama di Alan Moore
Budapest Betrayed: Prisoner's Story of the Betrayal of the Hungarian Resistance Movement to the Russians di Paul V. Gorka
The bunkers of Attica: a tour in the secret underground Attica di Konstantinos Kirimis
The bunkers of Attica: continuing the tour of the secret, underground Attica di Konstantinos Kirimis
Burgess and Maclean - A New Look at the Foreign Office Spies di John Fisher
Butter and Guns: America’s Cold War Economic Diplomacy di Diane B. Kunz
By Any Means Necessary: America's Secret Air War in the Cold War di William E. Burrows
By the Bomb's Early Light: American Thought and Culture At the Dawn of the Atomic Age di Paul S. Boyer
C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy di Jeff Sharlet
The Cambridge Companion to American Women Playwrights di Brenda Murphy
The Cambridge Five: The History and Legacy of the Notorious Soviet Spy Ring in Britain during World War II and the Cold War di Charles River Editors
The Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations, Vol 4: America in the Age of Soviet Power, 1945-1991 di Warren I. Cohen
The Cambridge History of the Cold War {set} di Melvyn P. Leffler
Camus and Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended It di Ronald Aronson
Can American democracy survive cold war? di Harry Howe Ransom
The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America's Finest Hour di Andrei Cherny
La casa dei bambini dimenticati di Owen Matthews
Il caso Philby: la spia che ha tradito una generazione di Bruce Page
The Castro Obsession: U.S. Covert Operations Against Cuba, 1959-1965 di Don Bohning
Catholic Intellectuals and Conservative Politics in America, 1950-1985 di Patrick Allitt
The Causes of the Cold War di Stewart Ross
Il centenario che saltò dalla finestra e scomparve di Jonas Jonasson
A Century of Revolution: Insurgent and Counterinsurgent Violence during Latin America’s Long Cold War di Greg Grandin
A certain Democrat: Senator Henry M. Jackson;: A political biography, di William W Prochnau
Un cervello da un miliardo di dollari di Len Deighton
Charlie Wilson's War: The Extraordinary Story of How the Wildest Man in Congress and a Rogue CIA Agent Changed the History of Our Times di George Crile
Chasing Spies: How the FBI Failed in Counter-Intelligence But Promoted the Politics of McCarthyism in the Cold War Years di Athan Theoharis
Checkmate in Berlin: The Cold War Showdown That Shaped the Modern World di Giles Milton
A Chemist in the White House: From the Manhattan Project to the End of the Cold War di Glenn T. Seaborg
Chief of Station, Congo: Fighting the Cold War in a Hot Zone di Lawrence R. Devlin
Chinese Communist foreign policy and the cold war in Asia : new documentary evidence, 1944-1950 di Shu Guang Zhang
Churchill: The Unexpected Hero di Paul Addison
CIA - Ascesa e caduta dei servizi segreti più potenti del mondo di Tim Weiner
CIA Documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis di Mary S. McAuliffe
The CIA in Guatemala: The Foreign Policy of Intervention di Richard H. Immerman
The CIO's Left-Led Unions di Steven J. Rosswurm
Class conflict and cultural consensus : the making of a mass consumer society in Flint, Michigan di Ronald Edsforth
Clear for action; the photographic story of modern naval combat, 1898-1964 di Foster Hailey
Clever Girl: Elizabeth Bentley, the Spy Who Ushered in the McCarthy Era di Lauren Kessler
The Clock (The Americans) di Keri Russell
CNN's Cold War Documentary: Issues and Controversy di Arnold Beichman
Cnn: Cold War (8 parts)
Code Warriors: NSA's Codebreakers and the Secret Intelligence War Against the Soviet Union di Stephen Budiansky
Codice a zero di Ken Follett
The cold war di David G. Williamson
The Cold War di SparkNotes Editors
The Cold War & the University: Toward an Intellectual History of the Postwar Years di Noam Chomsky
The Cold War (20th Century Perspectives) di David Taylor
The Cold War (A Step into History) di Steven Otfinoski
The Cold War (Questioning History) di Sean Sheehan
The Cold War (The Peoples of Europe) di Joseph Smith
The Cold War (Who's Who of) di Clive Gifford
The Cold war against labor : an anthology di Ann Fagan Ginger
Cold war America;: From Hiroshima to Watergate di Lawrence S. Wittner
The Cold War American West, 1945-1989 di University of New Mexico
The Cold War and After: History, Theory, and the Logic of International Politics di Marc Trachtenberg
The Cold War and Soviet Insecurity: The Stalin Years di Vojtech Mastny
The Cold War and the Color Line: American Race Relations in the Global Arena di Thomas Borstelmann
The Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis (Uncovering the Past: Analyzing Primary Sources) di Natalie Hyde
The Cold War and the Middle East di Yazīd Ṣāyigh
The Cold War and the New Imperialism: A Global History, 1945-2005 di Henry Heller
The Cold War As History di Louis J. Halle
Cold War Civil Rights: Race and the Image of American Democracy di Mary L. Dudziak
The Cold War Experience di Norman Friedman
Cold War History - To the brink of nuclear destruction - From World War 2 to the Cuban Missile Crisis - Part 1: 1945-1962 (Required History) di George Levrier-Jones
Cold War Holidays: American Tourism in France di Christopher Endy
Cold War Hot : Alternative Decisions of the Cold War di Peter Tsouras
Cold War in a Hot Zone: The United States Confronts Labor and Independence Struggles in the British West Indies di Gerald C Horne
The Cold War in Europe: Era of a Divided Continent di Charles S. Maier
Cold War in the Working Class: The Rise and Decline of the United Electrical Workers di Ronald L. Filippelli
Cold War Leaders: The 20th Century (Primary Source Readers) di Wendy Conklin
Cold War Political Justice : The Smith Act, the Communist Party, and American Civil Liberties di Michal R. Belknap
Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers: The Passive Defence of the Western World During the Cold War di Nick McCamley
Cold War Submarines: The Design and Construction of U.S. and Soviet Submarines, 1945-2001 di Norman Polmar
The Cold War Swap di Ross Thomas
The Cold War, 1945-1987 (American History Series) di Ralph B. Levering
The Cold War, 1945-1991 di Benjamin Frankel
The Cold War: 1945 - 1991 (Historical Association Studies) di Joseph Smith
The Cold War: A History di Martin Walker
Cold War: A History From Beginning to End di Hourly History
The Cold War: A History in Documents di Allan M. Winkler
The Cold War: A History in Documents and Eyewitness Accounts di Jussi M. Hanhimäki
The Cold War: A Military History di Stephen E. Ambrose
The Cold War: A Military History di Jeremy Black
The Cold War: A Military History di David Miller
The Cold War: A Very Brief History di Mark Black
The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction di Robert J. McMahon
The Cold War: A World History di Odd Arne Westad
Cold War: An Illustrated History, 1945-1991 di Jeremy Isaacs
The Cold War: An International History (The Making of the Contemporary World) di David Painter
Cold War: Communism on Trial di Harriet Isecke
The Cold War: History in an Hour di Rupert Colley
The cold war: ideological conflict or power struggle? di Norman A. Graebner
The Cold War: Opposing Viewpoints - American History di William Dudley
The Cold War: Primary Sources (American War Library) di Stuart A. Kallen
The Cold War: The 20th Century (Primary Source Readers) di Wendy Conklin
Cold War: The Pete Seeger Story: The 20th Century (Building Fluency Through Reader's Theater) di Harriet Isecke
The Cold War: The United States and the Soviet Union, 1917-1991 di Ronald E. Powaski
Cold warriors & coups d'etat : Brazilian-American relations, 1945-1964 di W. Michael Weis
Cold Warriors: Eisenhower's Generation and American Foreign Policy (Columbia Contemporary American History Series) di H. W. Brands
Cold Warriors: Writers Who Waged the Literary Cold War di Duncan White
The Coldest War di Ian Tregillis
The Collapse: The Accidental Opening of the Berlin Wall di Mary Elise Sarotte
Collected Essays (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) di Arthur Miller
The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell: Volume 29: Détente or Destruction, 1955-57 di Bertrand Russell
Colonialism and cold war : the United States and the struggle for Indonesian independence, 1945-49 di Robert J. McMahon
The Columbia Guide to the Cold War di Michael Kort
Come vola il corvo di Ann-Marie MacDonald
Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety di Eric Schlosser
Command of Office: How War, Secrecy, And Deception Transformed the Presidency, from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush di Stephen Graubard
The Committee: The Extraordinary Career of the House Committee on Un-American Activities di Walter Goodman
Communism, anti-Communism, and the CIO di Harvey A. Levenstein
Communism: A History di Richard Pipes
The communist subversion of Czechoslovakia, 1938-1948; the failure of coexistence di Josef Korbel
The Condor Years: How Pinochet and His Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents di John Dinges
Conflicting Missions: Havana, Washington, and Africa, 1959-1976 di Piero Gleijeses
Congress and the Cold War di Robert David Johnson
A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963 di Marc Trachtenberg
Consuming Germany in the Cold War di David F. Crew
Containment and revolution di David Horowitz
Conversations with John le Carré di Matthew J. Bruccoli
Conversazioni con Stalin di Milovan Djilas
Covert Network: Progressives, the International Rescue Committee and the CIA di Eric Thomas Chester
Crisis on the left : cold war politics and American liberals, 1947-1954 di Mary Sperling McAuliffe
A Cross of Iron: Harry S. Truman and the Origins of the National Security State, 1945-1954 di Michael J. Hogan
Cruel Peace: Everyday Life and the Cold War di Fred Inglis
The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism di Paul Kengor
Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana di Ann Louise Bardach
Cuba on the Brink: Castro, the Missile Crisis, and the Soviet Collapse di James G. Blight
The Cuban crisis of 1962, selected documents and chronology di David Larson
The Cuban missile crisis di Robert A. Divine
The Cuban Missile Crisis (Cornerstones of Freedom. Third Series) di Susan Maloney Clinton
The Cuban Missile Crisis (History Through Newspapers) di Nathaniel Harris
The Cuban missile crisis : the struggle over policy di Roger Hilsman
The Cuban Missile Crisis in American Memory: Myths versus Reality (Stanford Nuclear Age Series) di Sheldon M. Stern
The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited di James A. Nathan
The Cuban Missile Crisis: A World in Peril di Karl Valois
Cuban Missile Crisis: International Crises and the Role of Law di Abram Chayes
The Culture of the Cold War (The American Moment) di Stephen J. Whitfield
The Curtain and the Wall: A Modern Journey Along Europe's Cold War Border di Timothy Phillips
The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold: Adventures Riding the Iron Curtain di Tim Moore
A Dangerous Business : The U.S. Navy and National Reconnaissance During the Cold War : Commemorating Silent Sacrifices di John R. Schindler
Dark Side of the Moon: Wernher von Braun, the Third Reich, and the Space Race di Wayne Biddle
Dawning of the Cold War: The United States Quest for Order di Randall Bennett Woods
The Day We Bombed Utah di John G. Fuller
The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy di David E. Hoffman
Dead Lions di Mick Herron
Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA di Ralph W. McGehee
Dean Acheson: A Life in the Cold War di Robert L. Beisner
Dean Acheson: The Cold War Years, 1953-71 di Douglas Brinkley
The Death of Stalin [2017 film] di Armando Iannucci
The Deaths of the Cold War Kings: The Assassinations of Diem and JFK di Bradley S. O'Leary
A Deceptive Devotion di Iona Whishaw
Decision for Disaster: Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs di Grayston L. Lynch
Declare di Tim Powers
DEFCON-2: Standing on the Brink of Nuclear War During the Cuban Missile Crisis di Norman Polmar
Defiant diplomacy : Henrik Kauffmann, Denmark, and the United States in World War II and the Cold War, 1939-1958 di Bo Lidegaard
Depression, War, and Cold War: Challenging the Myths of Conflict and Prosperity (Independent Studies in Political Economy) di Robert Higgs
Detroit's Cold War: The Origins of Postwar Conservatism di Colleen Doody
Die deutsche Seele di Thea Dorn
The Diplomat's Wife di Pam Jenoff
Discovering Russia di Jay Higginbotham
Disposable patriot : revelations of a soldier in America's secret wars di Jack Terrell
The division of the world 1941-1955 di Wilfried Loth
Document Z: A Novel di Andrew Croome
Dominoes and Bandwagons di Robert Jervis
Don't Know Much About the Presidents di Kenneth C. Davis
Dopoguerra: come e cambiata l'Europa dal 1945 a oggi di Tony Judt
Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson di Jennifer Michael Hecht
Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb [1964 film] di Stanley Kubrick
Drawing the Line: The American Decision to Divide Germany, 1944-1949 di Carolyn Woods Eisenberg
Duck and Cover [1952 short film] di Anthony Rizzo
Duty and Honor di Keri Russell
Dwight D. Eisenhower di Tom Wicker
Economics of the cold war di Robert W. Smith
Eisenhower and the Cold War Economy di William M. McClenahan Jr.
Eisenhower Decides to Run: Presidential Politics and Cold War Strategy di William B. Pickett
El Salvador: The making of U.S. policy, 1977-1984 di National Security Archive
The Encyclopedia of the Cold War: A Political, Social, and Military History, 5 Volume Set di Spencer C. Tucker
The End of the Cold War (Turning Points) di Kate Riggs
The end of the Cold War in Northeast Asia di Stuart Harris
The End of Victory Culture: Cold War America and the Disillusioning of a Generation di Tom Engelhardt
Enemies & Allies di Kevin J. Anderson
Energy superbowl : strategic politics and the Persian Gulf and Caspian Basin di Geoffrey Kemp
Enough Rope: The Inside Story of the Censure of Senator Joe McCarthy by his Colleagues, the Controversial Hearings that Signaled the End of a Turbulent Career and a Fearsome Era in American Public Life di Arthur V. Watkins
Epic Rivalry: The Inside Story of the Soviet and American Space Race di Von Hardesty
Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis di Graham T. Allison
Establishment of Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe, 1944-1949 di Norman M. Naimark
Ethel Rosenberg: A Cold War Tragedy di Anne Sebba
Europe and the Cold War, 1945-91 (Access to History) di D. G. Williamson
Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More di Alexei Yurchak
Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles di Mark Russell
Expansion and Coexistence: The History of Soviet Foreign Policy di Adam B. Ulam
Exploring Greenland Cold War Science and Technology on Ice di Ronald E. Doel
Eyeball to Eyeball: The Inside Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis di Dino A. Brugioni
The Fade Out Deluxe Edition di Ed Brubaker
The Fade Out Volume 1 di Ed Brubaker
The Fade Out Volume 2 di Ed Brubaker
The Fade Out Volume 3 di Ed Brubaker
A Failed Empire: The Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin to Gorbachev di Vladislav M. Zubok
The Fall of the Berlin Wall di William F. Buckley Jr.
Fallen Elites: The Military Other in Post-Unification Germany di Andrew Bickford
Fallout di Sara Paretsky
Fast Attacks & Boomers : Submarines in the Cold War di National Museum of Amer...
A Fiery Peace in a Cold War: Bernard Schriever and the Ultimate Weapon di Neil Sheehan
The Fifties di David Halberstam
The Fifties in Pictures di James Lescott
The Fifty-Year War: Conflict and Strategy in the Cold War di Norman Friedman
The Fifty-Year Wound: How America's Cold War Victory Has Shaped Our World di Derek Leebaert
The Finalists di Russell Braddon
A Fine Night for Dying di Jack Higgins
Firebird [2021 film] di Peeter Rebane
The First Rex Stout Omnibus: Featuring Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin di Rex Stout
Flight of the Eagle: The Grand Strategies That Brought America from Colonial Dependence to World Leadership di Conrad Black
Flying American Combat Aircraft: Vol.2, The Cold War (Stackpole Military History Series) di Robin Higham
For the Soul of Mankind: The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War di Melvyn P. Leffler
The Forging of the American Empire: From the Revolution to Vietnam: A History of Ameri (Human Security) di Sidney Lens
The Forrestal Diaries di James Forrestal
Foyle's War: Set 7 di Anthony Horowitz
Fratricide is a Gas di Lindsay Gutteridge
Freedom flight : the true story of the Cold War's greatest escape di Frank Iszak
Freedom Force di Irrational Games
Freedom in Jeopardy di Burt Hirschfeld
Freedom's War: The US Crusade Against the Soviet Union di Scott Lucas
From Colony to Superpower: U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1776 di George C. Herring
From Containing Communism to Fighting Floods: The Louisiana Army National Guard in the Cold War, 1946-1965 di Rhett Breerwood
From Stalinism to Pluralism di Gale Stokes
From the Barrel of a Gun: The United States and the War against Zimbabwe, 1965-1980 di Gerald Horne
From the Boer War to the Cold War: Essays on Twentieth-Century Europe (Penguin Press History) di A. J. P. Taylor
From the Shadows: The Ultimate Insider's Story of Five Presidents and How They Won the Cold War di Robert M. Gates
From Yalta to Berlin: The Cold War Struggle Over Germany di W. R. Smyser
The Gaither Committee, Eisenhower, and the Cold War di David L. Snead
Gatekeepers: Reshaping Immigrant Lives in Cold War Canada di Franca Iacovetta
GCHQ: The Uncensored Story of Britain's Most Secret Intelligence Agency di Richard Aldrich
The Genesis of Chinese Communist Foreign Policy di Michael H. Hunt
Gentleman Traitor di Alan Williams
George F. Kennan: An American Life di John Lewis Gaddis
George Kennan: A Study of Character di John Lukacs
Gerald R. Ford di Douglas Brinkley
Germany's Cold War: The Global Campaign to Isolate East Germany, 1949-1969 di William Glenn Gray
Getting it Right di William F. Buckley, Jr.
I giorni dell'eternità di Ken Follett
Il giorno dell'invasione di Larry Niven
The Global Cold War: Third World Interventions and the Making of Our Times di Odd Arne Westad
A Grand Delusion: America's Descent into Vietnam di Robert T. Mann
The grand historical enigmas of our time: Cold War di Bernard Michal
The Great Betrayal di Douglas Sutherland
The Great Fear: The Anti-Communist Purge under Truman and Eisenhower di David Caute
Great Negotiations: Agreements that Changed the Modern World di Fredrik Stanton
Gregory (The Americans) di Keri Russell
Guerra Fredda di Michael R. Beschloss
La guerra Fredda : Cinquant'anni di paura e di speranza. di John Lewis Gaddis
La guerra fredda culturale: la CIA e il mondo delle lettere e delle arti di Frances Stonor Saunders
Guerra fredda in un giardino di Lindsay Gutteridge
Guy Burgess: The Spy Who Knew Everyone di Stewart Purvis
Hammer & Tickle di Ben Lewis
Harry S. Truman: Fair Dealer and Cold Warrior di William E. Pemberton
Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America di Juan González
The Hawk and the Dove: Paul Nitze, George Kennan, and the History of the Cold War di Nicholas Thompson
Henry Wallace, Harry Truman and the Cold War di Richard J. Walton
Heroes: Foreign Bodies di Philip Palmer
Hidden Power: Presidential Marriages That Shaped Our History di Kati Marton
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