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Orson Scott Byron Walley Card, was born in 1951 and studied theater at Brigham Young University. He received his B.A. in 1975 and his M.A. in English in 1981. He wrote plays during that time, including Stone Tables (1973) and the musical, Father, Mother, Mother and Mom (1974). A Mormon, Scott served a two-year mission in Brazil before starting work as a journalist in Utah. He also designed games at Lucas Film Games, 1989-92. He is best known for his science fiction novels, including the popular Ender series. Well known titles include A Planet Called Treason (1979), Treasure Box (1996), and Heartfire (1998). He has also written the guide called How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy (1990). His novel Ender's Game and its sequel Speaker for the Dead, both won Hugo and Nebula awards, making Card the only author to win both prizes in consecutive years. His titles Shadows in Flight, Ruins and Ender's Game made The New York Times Best Seller List. He is also the author of The First Formic War Series, which includes the titles Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, and Earth Awakens. (Bowker Author Biography) — biografia da Il gioco di Ender… (altro)
Il gioco di Ender 39,946 copie, 1,031 recensioni
Il riscatto di Ender 15,402 copie, 203 recensioni
Ender III: xenocidio 11,482 copie, 103 recensioni
L' ombra di Ender 11,359 copie, 124 recensioni
Children of the Mind 8,764 copie, 77 recensioni
Shadow of the Hegemon 7,234 copie, 46 recensioni
Shadow Puppets 5,708 copie, 36 recensioni
Shadow of the Giant 4,654 copie, 41 recensioni
Il settimo figlio 4,472 copie, 66 recensioni
Ender in Exile 3,389 copie, 64 recensioni
Red Prophet 3,211 copie, 32 recensioni
Enchantment 3,099 copie, 82 recensioni
Prentice Alvin 2,900 copie, 25 recensioni
The Memory of Earth 2,859 copie, 21 recensioni
Alvin Journeyman 2,563 copie, 22 recensioni
The Call of Earth 2,192 copie, 11 recensioni
First Meetings 2,187 copie, 31 recensioni
Heartfire 2,116 copie, 18 recensioni
The Ships of Earth 1,902 copie, 12 recensioni
Songmaster 1,851 copie, 19 recensioni
E per noi le stelle 1,809 copie, 25 recensioni
Earthfall 1,762 copie, 14 recensioni
How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy 1,726 copie, 29 recensioni
A War of Gifts 1,719 copie, 39 recensioni
The Crystal City 1,650 copie, 18 recensioni
Earthborn 1,646 copie, 11 recensioni
The Lost Gate 1,600 copie, 87 recensioni
Pathfinder 1,549 copie, 60 recensioni
Empire 1,509 copie, 59 recensioni
Wyrms 1,473 copie, 19 recensioni
Characters and Viewpoint 1,449 copie, 17 recensioni
Lost Boys 1,412 copie, 35 recensioni
Treason 1,255 copie, 18 recensioni
The Folk of the Fringe 1,251 copie, 21 recensioni
I giorni del cervo 1,081 copie, 16 recensioni
Treasure Box 1,056 copie, 17 recensioni
Shadows in Flight 1,037 copie, 28 recensioni
Earth Unaware 1,034 copie, 39 recensioni
Magic Street 998 copie, 22 recensioni
Sarah: Women of Genesis 988 copie, 23 recensioni
Rebekah 749 copie, 14 recensioni
The Abyss 747 copie, 10 recensioni
Earth Afire 739 copie, 22 recensioni
Lovelock 730 copie, 13 recensioni
Homebody 714 copie, 23 recensioni
Ruins 647 copie, 18 recensioni
Invasive Procedures (Autore) 640 copie, 24 recensioni
The Gate Thief 629 copie, 20 recensioni
Earth Awakens 562 copie, 21 recensioni
Rachel and Leah 551 copie, 7 recensioni
Hidden Empire 506 copie, 12 recensioni
A Planet Called Treason 459 copie, 8 recensioni
Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the Century (A cura di) 432 copie, 7 recensioni
Saints 409 copie, 9 recensioni
Ender's War 405 copie, 7 recensioni
Flux 361 copie, 3 recensioni
The Swarm 350 copie, 9 recensioni
The Changed Man 348 copie, 4 recensioni
Visitors 323 copie, 12 recensioni
Homecoming: Harmony 310 copie, 2 recensioni
Gatefather 301 copie, 9 recensioni
Keeper of Dreams 292 copie, 2 recensioni
Children of the Fleet 275 copie, 13 recensioni
Homecoming: Earth 270 copie, 1 recensione
Cruel Miracles 267 copie, 1 recensione
Hot Sleep 257 copie, 1 recensione
Worthing Chronicle 250 copie, 4 recensioni
Capitol 227 copie, 2 recensioni
Stone Tables 227 copie, 1 recensione
Monkey Sonatas 223 copie, 4 recensioni
Dragons of Light (A cura di) 216 copie, 2 recensioni
Unaccompanied Sonata 195 copie, 2 recensioni
Ultimate Iron Man 192 copie, 4 recensioni
Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show (v. 1) (A cura di; Collaboratore) 185 copie, 1 recensione
Future on Fire (A cura di) 184 copie, 4 recensioni
The Last Shadow 179 copie, 7 recensioni
Dragons of Darkness (A cura di; Collaboratore) 166 copie, 3 recensioni
Stonefather 164 copie, 13 recensioni
The Hive (Autore) 161 copie, 6 recensioni
Alvin Wandering 155 copie, 1 recensione
Lost and Found 148 copie, 13 recensioni
Future on Ice (A cura di) 142 copie, 1 recensione
Eye For Eye/The Tunesmith (Collaboratore) 126 copie
Laddertop, Volume 1 123 copie, 7 recensioni
Red Prophet: The Tales of Alvin Maker Volume 1 (Story Originator) 99 copie, 1 recensione
Ultimate Iron Man II 89 copie, 4 recensioni
Storyteller in Zion 84 copie, 3 recensioni
Space Boy 73 copie, 5 recensioni
Wakers 71 copie, 3 recensioni
The Ender Quintet 69 copie, 2 recensioni
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume 31 (Collaboratore) 64 copie, 12 recensioni
How to Write a Million 51 copie, 1 recensione
Duplex 47 copie, 5 recensioni
Magic Mirror 44 copie
A Town Divided by Christmas 44 copie, 7 recensioni
Los cuentos ocultos 37 copie, 4 recensioni
Eye for Eye 37 copie, 5 recensioni
Dragon Age Volume 1 (Autore) 32 copie, 1 recensione
Pretty Boy 24 copie, 1 recensione
An Open Book 20 copie
Hamlet's Father 20 copie, 6 recensioni
Turning Hearts: Short Stories on Family Life (A cura di; Collaboratore; Introduzione) 20 copie, 1 recensione
Pastwatch: The Flood 19 copie, 2 recensioni
Laddertop Books 1 - 2 19 copie, 1 recensione
Cardography 18 copie
Ender's Game {novelette} 18 copie, 2 recensioni
America [short fiction] 17 copie, 1 recensione
The Queens 12 copie
Sandmagic 12 copie
Ender's Way 10 copie
Atlantis 9 copie
Quietus 9 copie
Investment Counselor 8 copie, 1 recensione
Missed 7 copie
Fat Farm 7 copie, 1 recensione
Doorways 6 copie
Ender : Préludes 6 copie, 1 recensione
Heal Thyself 6 copie
The Gold Bug 6 copie, 1 recensione
Salvage 5 copie
A Thousand Deaths 5 copie, 1 recensione
Gloriously Bright {novella} 5 copie, 1 recensione
Kingsmeat 4 copie
Mortal Gods 4 copie
Cheater 4 copie
West 3 copie, 1 recensione
Master Alvin 3 copie
Middle Woman 3 copie
Ainge 3 copie
Pageant Wagon [novella] 2 copie, 1 recensione
Extinct 2 copie
Waterbaby 2 copie
Vessel 2 copie
Angles 2 copie
Malpractice 2 copie
Gert Fram 1 copia
Bicicleta 1 copia
Null_A three 1 copia
Hitching 1 copia
Sunstone - Vol. 2:2, Summer 1977 (Collaboratore; Editor, uncredited; Collaboratore; Collaboratore; Collaboratore) 1 copia
Rasputin 1 copia
Jamaica 1 copia
Tweesprook. 1 copia
La guerra dei mondi (Introduzione, alcune edizioni) 17,617 copie, 301 recensioni
Legends I: New Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy (Collaboratore) 1,825 copie, 19 recensioni
Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse (Collaboratore) 1,494 copie, 49 recensioni
Gold: La fantascienza allo stato puro (Introduzione, alcune edizioni) 1,336 copie, 7 recensioni
Legends II: New Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy (Collaboratore) 1,223 copie, 21 recensioni
Il risveglio del dormiente (Introduzione, alcune edizioni) 1,002 copie, 18 recensioni
The Carpet Makers (Introduzione, alcune edizioni) 847 copie, 44 recensioni
Wizards: Magical Tales From the Masters of Modern Fantasy (Collaboratore) 766 copie, 25 recensioni
Far Horizons (Collaboratore) 760 copie, 7 recensioni
Meditations on Middle Earth (Collaboratore) 556 copie, 3 recensioni
Gli Amici di Fondazione (Collaboratore) 517 copie, 2 recensioni
Brave New Worlds: Dystopian Stories (Collaboratore) 495 copie, 18 recensioni
Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy (Collaboratore) 388 copie, 2 recensioni
The Dragon Quintet (Collaboratore) 377 copie, 4 recensioni
A Dragon-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic (Collaboratore) 377 copie, 6 recensioni
Legends II: Dragon, Sword, and King (Collaboratore) 328 copie, 7 recensioni
Ender's Game: Battle School 294 copie, 6 recensioni
The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century (Collaboratore) 287 copie, 1 recensione
The Sworn Sword (Collaboratore) 268 copie, 9 recensioni
The 1980 Annual World's Best SF (Collaboratore) 264 copie, 3 recensioni
There Will Be War (Collaboratore) 259 copie
Other Worlds Than These (Collaboratore) 239 copie, 5 recensioni
Grails: Quests of the Dawn (Collaboratore) 232 copie, 5 recensioni
The 1988 Annual World's Best SF (Collaboratore) 231 copie, 3 recensioni
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection (Collaboratore) 221 copie, 1 recensione
The New Hugo Winners, Volume II (Collaboratore) 207 copie, 2 recensioni
Federations (Collaboratore) 201 copie, 5 recensioni
The Way of the Wizard (Collaboratore) 200 copie, 6 recensioni
Destinazione spazio 2 (Collaboratore) 199 copie, 2 recensioni
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fourth Annual Collection (Collaboratore) 196 copie, 1 recensione
The End of the World: Stories of the Apocalypse (Collaboratore) 183 copie, 7 recensioni
Strange Dreams (Collaboratore) 182 copie
Epic: Legends of Fantasy (Collaboratore) 181 copie, 3 recensioni
Wings of Fire (Collaboratore) 174 copie, 2 recensioni
Wastelands 2: More Stories of the Apocalypse (Collaboratore) 172 copie, 5 recensioni
Dead Man's Hand (Collaboratore) 155 copie, 4 recensioni
Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond (Collaboratore) 145 copie, 11 recensioni
Treasures of Fantasy (Collaboratore) 140 copie, 1 recensione
Armored (Prefazione) 139 copie, 5 recensioni
Lightspeed: Year One (Collaboratore) 136 copie, 1 recensione
A Magic-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic (Collaboratore) 130 copie, 1 recensione
Infinite Stars (Collaboratore) 130 copie, 5 recensioni
Alien Contact (Collaboratore) 124 copie, 3 recensioni
Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian (Collaboratore) 123 copie, 1 recensione
Dragons: The Greatest Stories (Collaboratore) 121 copie
21st Century Dead (Collaboratore) 115 copie, 19 recensioni
The Mammoth Book of Extreme Fantasy (Collaboratore) 107 copie, 2 recensioni
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume XXX (Collaboratore) 104 copie, 36 recensioni
The Bradbury Chronicles: Stories in Honor of Ray Bradbury (Collaboratore) 103 copie, 2 recensioni
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume IV (Collaboratore) 94 copie, 1 recensione
Free Lancers (Collaboratore) 91 copie
New Magics (Collaboratore) 90 copie, 3 recensioni
The Prentice Hall Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy (Immagine di copertina) 90 copie, 2 recensioni
Nebula Awards Showcase 2008 (Collaboratore) 90 copie, 3 recensioni
The American Fantasy Tradition (Collaboratore) 89 copie, 2 recensioni
Visions of Wonder (Collaboratore) 88 copie, 2 recensioni
Swords Against Darkness IV (Collaboratore) 87 copie, 1 recensione
New Skies: An Anthology of Today's Science Fiction (Collaboratore) 84 copie, 2 recensioni
Nebula Winners Fifteen (Collaboratore) 82 copie
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 6 (Collaboratore) 78 copie
The Second Omni Book of Science Fiction (Collaboratore) 72 copie, 1 recensione
The Spear of Mars (Collaboratore) 69 copie, 1 recensione
Wondrous Beginnings (Collaboratore) 68 copie, 2 recensioni
Science Fiction: The Best of 2002 (Collaboratore) 67 copie, 2 recensioni
L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume 34 (Collaboratore) 62 copie, 2 recensioni
A Century of Fantasy, 1980-1989 (Autore) 62 copie, 1 recensione
Nebula Awards 25 (Collaboratore) 60 copie
Fantasy Annual III (Collaboratore) 56 copie
Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers (Collaboratore) 56 copie
Wizards, Inc. (Collaboratore) 56 copie, 1 recensione
The Best Science Fiction Novellas of the Year #2 (Collaboratore) 54 copie, 1 recensione
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories: 7 (Collaboratore) 51 copie, 1 recensione
A Quest-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic (Collaboratore) 50 copie, 1 recensione
Nebula Awards 21 (Collaboratore) 39 copie, 1 recensione
Analog Anthology #3: Children of the Future (Collaboratore) 39 copie, 1 recensione
Season of Wonder (Collaboratore) 38 copie, 3 recensioni
The Ghost Quartet (Collaboratore) 36 copie, 1 recensione
Shoredanin kellot (Autore) 36 copie
Terrors (Collaboratore) 35 copie
Chrysalis 5 (Collaboratore) 31 copie, 1 recensione
Shangri-La (Collaboratore, alcune edizioni) 27 copie, 1 recensione
Future Games (Collaboratore) 22 copie
Novel Ideas: Science Fiction (Collaboratore) 21 copie
Chrysalis 7 (Collaboratore) 21 copie, 1 recensione
Other Worlds (Collaboratore) 21 copie
Chrysalis 8 (Collaboratore) 20 copie, 1 recensione
Chrysalis 4 (Collaboratore) 20 copie
Analog Anthology #2: Readers' Choice (Collaboratore) 19 copie, 1 recensione
Reading Science Fiction (Collaboratore) 18 copie
Novel Ideas-Fantasy (Collaboratore) 16 copie
Back from the Dead (Collaboratore) 15 copie
Destination 3001 (Collaboratore) 12 copie
Decision Points (Collaboratore) 10 copie, 1 recensione
Dispensation: Latter-Day Fiction (Collaboratore) 8 copie, 1 recensione
Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 30 • November 2012 (Collaboratore) 7 copie, 1 recensione
Surviving Tomorrow: A Charity Anthology to Fight COVID-19 (Collaboratore) 6 copie, 1 recensione
Das Beste aus OMNI 1 (Collaboratore, alcune edizioni) 4 copie
Irreantum - Vol. 11:1 & 2 (2009) (Collaboratore) 1 copia
Science Fiction Eye #07, August 1990 (Collaboratore) 1 copia
Science Fiction Review #29 (Collaboratore) 1 copia
Sunstone - Vol. 1:3, Summer 1976 (Collaboratore; Collaboratore) 1 copia
Sunstone - Vol. 1:4, Fall 1976 (Collaboratore; Collaboratore) 1 copia
Sunstone - Vol. 1:2, Spring 1976 (Collaboratore; Collaboratore; Collaboratore) 1 copia
Mondaugen (Collaboratore) 1 copia
Sunstone - Vol. 3:4, May/June 1978 (Collaboratore) 1 copia
Sunstone - Vol. 3:5, July-August 1978 (Collaboratore; Collaboratore; Collaboratore) 1 copia
Sunstone - Issue 177, Spring 2015 (Collaboratore) 1 copia

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Orson Scott Card is the author of the novels Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and Speaker for the Dead, which are widely read by adults and younger readers, and are increasingly used in schools. His most recent series, the young adult Pathfinder series (Pathfinder, Ruins, Visitors) and the fantasy Mithermages series (Lost Gate, Gate Thief, Gatefather) are taking readers in new directions.

Besides these and other science fiction novels, Card writes contemporary fantasy (Magic Street, Enchantment, Lost Boys), biblical novels (Stone Tables, Rachel and Leah), the American frontier fantasy series The Tales of Alvin Maker (beginning with Seventh Son), poetry (An Open Book), and many plays and scripts, including his "freshened" Shakespeare scripts for Romeo & Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, and The Merchant of Venice.

Card was born in Washington and grew up in California, Arizona, and Utah. He served a mission for the LDS Church in Brazil in the early 1970s. Besides his writing, he teaches occasional classes and workshops and directs plays. He frequently teaches writing and literature courses at Southern Virginia University.

Card currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with his wife, Kristine Allen Card, where his primary activities are writing a review column for the local Rhinoceros Times and feeding birds, squirrels, chipmunks, possums, and raccoons on the patio.
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