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Le due città (1859)

di Charles Dickens

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32,87242566 (3.93)4 / 1245
Dickens relates the adventures of a young Englishman who gives his life during the French Revolution to save the husband of the woman he loves.
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    morryb: The French Revolutionary Mob becomes a character in each novel.
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    chrisharpe: A main source of inspiration for Dickens in writing A Tale of Two Cities.
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    harrietbrown: "A Tale of Two Cities" covers the period of the French Revolution, preceding Napoleon Bonaparte's rule of France and subsequent wars, including the war featured in "Vanity Fair." In order to understand how Napoleon came to power, and his domination of Europe, it is necessary to understand the French Revolution.… (altro)
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I am not sure that anything I can say will add any value to the wealth of critical comment already available for this classic novel. I first read it towards the end of the last millennium (to lend an appropriately archaic feel) as one of the set books for my English Literature O level (the predecessor of what we would today call GCSEs). I was fortunate to enjoy the support of some excellent English teachers throughout my time at school, yet even their attentive ministrations failed to save this book from falling prey to the fate of most works that are encountered as compulsory reading. As a fifteen-year-old I found it very tedious and longwinded, and could not then imagine I might ever read it again for pleasure.

To be fair, I think that tedious and longwinded are not always unfair when applied to Dickens, and would cite either Barnaby Rudge (surely there is an initial D missing from that surname) or Our Mutual Friend as evidence for the prosecution. (Indeed, it is quite a feat on Dickens’ part to make tedious a novel that starts so promisingly, with bodies being dragged from the Thames late at night.)

They are not, however, fair for A Tale of Two Cities. Going off at another tangent, I have been struggling to think of another book which has such famous first AND last sentences: there are plenty that can offer one or the other, but few that manage both. The story is, of course, well known, so I won’t waste everyone’s time with a synopsis of the plot.

There are some excellent characters: Jarvis Lorry, the serious solicitor who has given his professional life in service of Tellson’s Bank is a paragon of probity, always clad in various shades of brown. Not a man overburdened with humour, and perhaps not one with whom one might wish to be closeted on a long journey (although that fate befalls various people throughout the book). Jerry Cruncher is a hardy perennial from the Dickens stable: a Cockney, salt of the earth type, vaguely reminiscent of Silas Wegg, though better served in the leg department, or less chirpy Sam Weller, who is always on hand to do Mr Lorry’s or Tellson’s bidding, but who has a dark secret. C J Stryver, the pompous, overbearing barrister is brilliantly drawn, hyperinflated with his own self-importance and clothed in obtuseness as in armour of triple steel. Paradoxically, the more central figures seem less substantial. Charles Darnay (another man with a secret) is rather two dimensional, and the reader almost wishes that his lookalike, the diffident and dissolute lawyer Sidney Carton, whose nocturnal efforts keep legal Stryver’s practice afloat, but with precious little acknowledgement of that debt) had won Lucie Manette’s love.

Like most of Dickens’ n ovels, this was published in weekly or fortnightly instalments, a fact reflected in the peaks and troughs of action throughout, as the writer carefully regulated the flow to leave sufficiently gripping cliff-hangers. Dickens was a master at conflicting tone. The chapter in which Jerry Cruncher’s sun follows his father on a nocturnal expedition, expecting to see him go fishing, is hilarious, although the mirth is in sharp juxtaposition with a chapter of huge sadness.

This is a novel that repays reading for pleasure. It is also a more manageable length for modern taste than some of his heftier tomes. I read it in the excellent Penguin Classics edition which offers extensive background notes throughout the story, and an introduction full of insight (possibly aimed more at informing a re-reading, than for someone coming to the story for the first time. ( )
  Eyejaybee | Aug 16, 2022 |
Who doesn't love Dickens? I sink into his novels, suspend all disbelief, and consume his characters like they were made of chocolate. I remember my first reading of this novel, thinking it was the most romantic story ever written. It still has that element of romance, but as a more mature reader, I find it is the growth of the character of Sydney Carton that appeals to me. His realization that his life is worth more sacrificed for others than it is ever to be lived out to its natural end seems to me one of the hardest realizations a person could ever be required to face.

The juxtaposition of good and evil, the irony of having the decent man punished for his father and uncle's trespasses, the madness and injustice of mob rule are all elements we can find in our current society. That the revolution grows from understandable and justified grievance is finally drowned in the wholesale slaughter of innocents, making those seeking redress no better than those who preceded them.

I loved revisiting this book and was surprised how many details and plot twists I had lost in the passage of time. I have resolved to re-read the works of Dickens over the next year, so many of them not having been read since I was very young. ( )
  mattorsara | Aug 11, 2022 |
Starting this- unusually- before i finish, but i have somethings to say. Not that great! Feels like a performance about the French Revolution at times ... what do i mean?... hmm.... very slight characters... Darnay? Lucie? Stryver? Even Sidney Carton- though he's better, he's not a lot. Like we are supposed to see their "type" and that's enough - no need to say any more about them. Jarvis Lorry is a bit better as a real Dickens type, though he, too, is overblown. Tsk, tsk. How to be involved in a story when the characters are just stand ins for ... something? the DeFarge's are interesting at least. I am ok with portraying the French Revolution as a ghoulish horror show - with perfunctory "reasons" for the mayhem... but only if it is developed as a strong point within the context of the whole story and not just - as it seems - a knee jerk reaction to the excesses. Sentimental, over the top, simplistic- on the whole - Not great! and i am of course easy with Dickens faults, but this is too much. Still, while i considered ditching the book, there is enough to keep me going, so i give it just a little credit, though i am looking forward to finishing and moving on.

Late addition (upon finishing): Most of the previous holds, but i will say it was a nice exciting action piece ending - including my favorite scene in the book- the battle between Ms. DeFarge and Miss Pross- that was a good 'un! ( )
  apende | Jul 12, 2022 |
A bit wordy but I enjoyed the story. ( )
  SteveMcI | Jul 2, 2022 |
“The two stand in the fast-thinning throng of victims, but they speak as if they were Alone. Eye to eye, voice to voice, hand to hand, heart to heart, these two children of the Universal Mother, else so wide apart and differing, have come together on the dark highway, to repair home together, and to rest in her bosom.”

I loved this so much. I'm wondering just how much you could love someone that you are willing to sacrifice your everything for their dearest someone, for their sake. I'm in tears. ( )
  autumn_wind | Jun 30, 2022 |

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Wilson, A.N.Postfazioneautore secondarioalcune edizioniconfermato
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Woodcock, GeorgeA cura diautore secondarioalcune edizioniconfermato

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Dickens relates the adventures of a young Englishman who gives his life during the French Revolution to save the husband of the woman he loves.

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