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Alice Hoffman

Autore di Practical Magic

Comprende i nomi: Alice Hoffman, Alice Hoffman, Alice Hoffeman

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46,616 (64,797)2,118299 (3.76)195
Alice Hoffman, an American novelist and screenwriter, was born in New York City on March 16, 1952. She earned a B.A. from Adelphi University in 1973 and an M.A. in creative writing from Stanford University in 1975 before publishing her first novel, Property Of, in 1977. Known for blending realism and fantasy in her fiction, she often creates richly detailed characters who live on society's margins and places them in extraordinary situations as she did with At Risk, her 1988 novel about the AIDS crisis. Her other works include The Drowning Season, Seventh Heaven, The River King, Blue Diary, The Probable Future, The Ice Queen, and The Dovekeepers. Her book, The Third Angel, won the 2008 New England Booksellers' Award for fiction. Two of her novels, Practical Magic and Aquamarine, were made into films. She has also written numerous screenplays, including adaptations of her own novels and the original screenplay, Independence Day. Her title's The Museum of Exteaordinary Things, The Marriage of Opposites, Seventh Heaven, and The Rules of Magic made The New York Times Best Seller List. (Bowker Author Biography)
— biografia da Practical Magic
… (altro)
Practical Magic 5,014 copie, 155 recensioni
Here on Earth 2,973 copie, 51 recensioni
The Dovekeepers 2,698 copie, 131 recensioni
La regina di ghiaccio 2,154 copie, 88 recensioni
The Rules of Magic 1,952 copie, 98 recensioni
The Museum of Extraordinary Things 1,939 copie, 115 recensioni
The Probable Future 1,845 copie, 56 recensioni
The River King 1,606 copie, 36 recensioni
Turtle Moon 1,594 copie, 27 recensioni
Blackbird House 1,500 copie, 65 recensioni
Green Angel 1,459 copie, 61 recensioni
Blue Diary 1,373 copie, 42 recensioni
The Marriage of Opposites 1,319 copie, 66 recensioni
The Red Garden 1,232 copie, 82 recensioni
Incantation 1,187 copie, 59 recensioni
The Third Angel 1,172 copie, 41 recensioni
Skylight Confessions 1,126 copie, 37 recensioni
The Story Sisters 1,064 copie, 74 recensioni
Seventh Heaven 1,033 copie, 15 recensioni
Second Nature 949 copie, 19 recensioni
Aquamarine 938 copie, 28 recensioni
Local Girls 879 copie, 17 recensioni
Magic Lessons 875 copie, 46 recensioni
Faithful 867 copie, 70 recensioni
The World That We Knew 801 copie, 43 recensioni
At Risk 735 copie, 15 recensioni
Illumination Night 725 copie, 20 recensioni
Indigo 693 copie, 16 recensioni
The Foretelling 621 copie, 32 recensioni
Fortune's Daughter 614 copie, 6 recensioni
The Book of Magic 458 copie, 17 recensioni
Nightbird 409 copie, 46 recensioni
White Horses 389 copie, 6 recensioni
The Drowning Season 378 copie, 4 recensioni
Water Tales: Aquamarine & Indigo 344 copie, 6 recensioni
Property Of 330 copie, 6 recensioni
Green Witch 274 copie, 17 recensioni
Angel Landing 245 copie, 4 recensioni
Survival Lessons 232 copie, 31 recensioni
Green Heart 164 copie, 4 recensioni
Fireflies: A Winter's Tale 100 copie, 1 recensione
Everything My Mother Taught Me 84 copie, 14 recensioni
Moondog 47 copie, 2 recensioni
Horsefly 32 copie, 2 recensioni
Ploughshares Winter 2011-2012 (A cura di) 13 copie
Wanderlust 11 copie
Conjure 2 copie
Bad Heir Day 1 copia
Sister Witch {Essay} 1 copia, 1 recensione
Gita al faro (Introduzione, alcune edizioni) 16,012 copie, 254 recensioni
Writers on Writing: Collected Essays from the New York Times (Collaboratore) 426 copie, 4 recensioni
Shadow Show (Collaboratore) 338 copie, 31 recensioni
Practical Magic [1998 film] (Creator) 294 copie
Aquamarine [2009 film] (Creator) 89 copie
Echoes: The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories (Collaboratore) 78 copie, 2 recensioni
Tuning the Rig: A Journey to the Arctic (Introduzione, alcune edizioni) 68 copie, 3 recensioni
It Occurs to Me That I Am America: New Stories and Art (Collaboratore) 60 copie, 2 recensioni
Shadow Show: Stories In Celebration of Ray Bradbury (Collaboratore) 40 copie, 1 recensione
Amerika, Amerika bloemlezing (Collaboratore) 8 copie
Faerie Magazine, #36 Autumn 2016: Vintage & Victoriana (Collaboratore) 5 copie, 1 recensione
American Review #23 (Collaboratore) 4 copie
Faerie Magazine, #25 Winter 2013: Mermaids (Collaboratore) 4 copie, 1 recensione
Faerie Magazine, #40 Autumn 2017: Practical Magic (Collaboratore) 3 copie, 1 recensione
Faerie Magazine, #29 Winter 2014 (Collaboratore) 3 copie, 1 recensione
Enchanted Living, #45 Winter 2018: Celestial Issue (Interviewed) 2 copie, 1 recensione
Enchanted Living, #52 Autumn 2020: The Natural Magic Issue (Interview / Excerpt) 1 copia, 1 recensione
Enchanted Living, #56 Autumn 2021: The Abundance Issue (Interviewed) 1 copia, 1 recensione
Faerie Magazine, #33 Winter 2015 (Collaboratore) 1 copia, 1 recensione
Faerie Magazine, #35 Summer 2016 (Collaboratore) 1 copia, 1 recensione
Faerie Magazine, #32 Autumn 2015 (Collaboratore) 1 copia, 1 recensione
Enchanted Living, #48 Autumn 2019: Witch Issue (Collaboratore) 1 copia, 1 recensione
Faerie Magazine, #34 Spring 2016: The Floral Issue (Collaboratore) 1 copia, 1 recensione

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Alice Hoffman is an American novelist and young-adult and children's writer, best known for her 1995 novel Practical Magic, which was adapted for a 1998 film of the same name. Many of her works fall into the genre of magic realism and contain elements of magic, irony, and non-standard romances and relationships.
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