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Eric Carle (1929–2021)

Autore di The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Eric Carle is an award-winning, children's picture book author and illustrator whose most recognized work is The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book. Carle was born to German parents in 1929 in Syracuse, New York. The family returned to Germany in 1935, moving to a suburb of Stuttgart. Carle mostra altro disliked high school, quitting at the age of 16 before graduation. He was admitted as the youngest student to the Akademie der bildenden Kunste, an art school. After finishing at the Akademie, he worked as a poster designer for the U.S. Information Center in Germany until 1952, when he moved back to New York City. He was a graphic designer at the New York Times and later worked as an art director at L.W. Frohlich & Co. In 1963, Bill Martin, Jr. saw a poster of a red lobster that Carle had designed and asked him to illustrate Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, thus launching his freelance career. Among his many children's books are Dream Snow, Hello, Red Fox, The Very Clumsy Click Beetle, and Pancakes, Pancakes! His title The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse made Publisher's Weekly Best Seller List for 2011. His title Brown Bear Brown Bear What to You See? made The New York Times Best Seller List for 2012. In 2015 he made The New Zealand Best Seller List with Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Eric Carle, beloved children's book author and illustrator, died on May 23, 2021. He was 91. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
Fonte dell'immagine: Eric Carle lit son livre « La chenille qui fait des trous » à la télévision, en 2009, à New York


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Mister Seahorse (2004) 2,300 copie
Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? (2007) — Illustratore — 2,272 copie
Eric Carle's Animals Animals (1989) — Illustratore — 2,215 copie
Dieci paperelle in alto mare (2005) 1,646 copie
Walter the Baker (1972) 1,512 copie
The Secret Birthday Message (1972) 1,499 copie
Draw Me A Star (1992) 1,343 copie
Hello, Red Fox (1998) 1,087 copie
Dream Snow (2000) 1,062 copie
The Rabbit and the Turtle (2008) 728 copie
Eric Carle's Dragons, Dragons (1991) — Illustratore — 723 copie
I See a Song (1973) 686 copie
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My Very First Book of Words (1985) 331 copie
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Animal sounds 2 copie
The Eric Carle Art Kit (1993) 2 copie
COLOR MY WORLD - DEL (1900) 2 copie
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Celebrated children's author and artist Eric Carle presents eleven famous fables from the Aesopian tradition in this picture book collection. Each two-page spread features a somewhat fleshed-out version of one fable on the right-hand-side page, and a full-page illustration on the left. Fables include: The Lion and the Mouse / The Wolf and the Dog / The Fox and the Crane / The Cat and the Mouse / The Monkey and the Fox / The Rabbit and the Turtle / The Wolf and the Lamb / The Frog and the Ox / The Blackbird and the Peacocks / The Fox and the Crow / The Grasshopper and the Ants.

The fable retellings contained in The Rabbit and the Turtle were originally included in Eric Carle's 1988 Treasury of Classic Stories for Children, which included twenty-two folktales, fairy-tales and fables from Aesop, Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. Some of the content here appeared even earlier, in Carle's Twelve Tales from Aesop, published in 1980. Leaving that publication history aside, I found this an engaging collection, and enjoyed Carle's retellings. I also enjoyed his artwork (which I tend to find more interesting than pleasing), although I'm not sure how well it worked as an accompaniment to these fables. I'm glad to have read this one, both because Carle is such an important figure in the world of children's literature, and because I have an interest in Aesopian retellings, but on the whole I think I prefer other collections (the Milo Winter and Jerry Pinkney ones, chiefly) to this one. Still, fans of Carle who are also looking for Aesop collections, or who enjoy animal stories might want to give this one a try, and it is to them I would recommend it.
… (altro)
AbigailAdams26 | 24 altre recensioni | May 6, 2024 |
HandelmanLibraryTINR | May 4, 2024 |
Independent Reading Level: k-3
Awards: Children's Choice Book Award, Irma S. Black Award for excellence in children's literature.
abbeyhutcheson | 225 altre recensioni | Apr 29, 2024 |


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