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Eve Bunting was born in 1928 in Maghera, Ireland, as Anne Evelyn Bunting. She graduated from Northern Ireland's Methodist College in Belfast in 1945 and then studied at Belfast's Queen's College. She emigrated with her family in 1958 to California, and became a naturalized citizen in 1969. That mostra altro same year, she began her writing career, and in 1972, her first book, "The Two Giants" was published. In 1976, "One More Flight" won the Golden Kite Medal, and in 1978, "Ghost of Summer" won the Southern California's Council on Literature for Children and Young People's Award for fiction. "Smokey Night" won the American Library Association's Randolph Caldecott Medal in 1995 and "Winter's Coming" was voted one of the 10 Best Books of 1977 by the New York Times. Bunting is involved in many writer's organizations such as P.E.N., The Authors Guild, the California Writer's Guild and the Society of Children's Book Writers. She has published stories in both Cricket, and Jack and Jill Magazines, and has written over 150 books in various genres such as children's books, contemporary, historic and realistic fiction, poetry, nonfiction and humor. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno


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Smoky Night (1994) 2,001 copie
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Scary, Scary Halloween (1986) 733 copie
Dandelions (1995) 706 copie
In the Haunted House (1990) 659 copie
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Night of the Gargoyles (1994) 378 copie
Cheyenne Again (1995) 378 copie
That's What Leprechauns Do (2006) 369 copie
Gleam and Glow (2001) 368 copie
The In-Between Days (1743) 367 copie
Yard Sale (2015) 326 copie
A Perfect Father's Day (1991) — Illustratore — 309 copie
Hurry! Hurry! (1656) 297 copie
Whales Passing (2003) 295 copie
A Picnic in October (1999) 283 copie
I Love You, Too! (2004) 273 copie
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Blackwater (1999) 241 copie
Green Shamrocks (2011) 238 copie
Sixth-Grade Sleepover (1986) 234 copie
Pop's Bridge (2006) 225 copie
Our Library (2008) 225 copie
Little Bear's Little Boat (2003) 211 copie
December (1997) 207 copie
Ducky (1997) 200 copie
Spying on Miss Muller (1995) 199 copie
Rabbit's Party (1994) 196 copie
I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert (1997) 188 copie
Jin Woo (2001) 187 copie
Happy Birthday, Dear Duck (1988) 185 copie
The Hideout (1991) 181 copie
The Ghost Children (1989) 175 copie
Mr. Goat's Valentine (2016) 174 copie
Coffin on a Case (1992) 169 copie
Is Anybody There? (1988) 169 copie
Sharing Susan (1991) 162 copie
Red Fox Running (1993) 154 copie
Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour (1987) 147 copie
The Blue and the Gray (1996) 147 copie
Sunshine Home (1994) 144 copie
My Big Boy Bed (2003) 139 copie
Rudi's Pond (2004) 133 copie
No Nap (1989) 129 copie
Our Teacher's Having a Baby (1985) 127 copie
The Bones of Fred McFee (2002) 127 copie
Emma's Turtle (2007) 125 copie
Jumping the Nail (1991) 124 copie
Girls A to Z (2002) 121 copie
Secret Place (1996) 121 copie
The Presence: A Ghost Story (2003) 116 copie
A Sudden Silence (1988) 116 copie
The Pumpkin Fair (1997) 111 copie
Your Move (1998) 110 copie
My Red Balloon (2005) 107 copie
Summer Wheels (1992) 102 copie
Tweak Tweak (2011) 93 copie
Riding the Tiger (2001) 90 copie
On Call Back Mountain (1997) 88 copie
The Lambkins (2005) 88 copie
Magic and the Night River (1812) 85 copie
Pirate Boy (2011) 82 copie
Anna's Table (1702) 81 copie
The Wedding (2003) 79 copie
I Have an Olive Tree (1999) 76 copie
Walking to School (2008) 75 copie
Hey Diddle Diddle (2011) 73 copie
The Day Before Christmas (1992) 69 copie
Christmas Cricket (2002) 68 copie
Forbidden (2015) 68 copie
Ballywhinney Girl (2012) 68 copie
Some Frog! (1998) 64 copie
My Robot (2006) 62 copie
One More Flight (1976) 62 copie
Market Day (1996) 59 copie
Swan in Love (2000) 59 copie
Twinnies (1997) 58 copie
Big Bear's Big Boat (2013) 57 copie
The Days of Summer (2001) 54 copie
Once Upon a Time (1995) 53 copie
I Like the Way You Are (2000) 50 copie
Peepers (2001) 49 copie
I'm a Duck (2018) 48 copie
The Banshee (2009) 47 copie
Too Many Monsters (2001) 47 copie
Ghost Behind Me (1984) 45 copie
Mouse Island (2008) 41 copie
The Man with the Red Bag (2007) 39 copie
My Mom's Wedding (2006) 37 copie
Washday (1800) 36 copie
Baby Can (1723) 33 copie
Whose Shoe? (2015) 33 copie
My Backpack (1997) 32 copie
Clancy's Coat (1984) 32 copie
Blackbird Singing (1980) 29 copie
The Big Red Barn (1979) 28 copie
Dear Wish Fairy (2000) 28 copie
The Happy Funeral (1982) 28 copie
The Day the Whale Came (1998) 25 copie
My Box (2000) 23 copie
Ghost Cat (2017) 23 copie
The Wild One (1974) 21 copie
Doll Baby (2000) 21 copie
Wanna Buy an Alien? (2000) 21 copie
The Baby Shower (2007) 19 copie
Water for Supper (1981) 19 copie
Fifteen (1978) 18 copie
My Dog Jack is Fat (2011) 17 copie
Such Nice Kids (1990) 16 copie
The Empty Window (1980) 15 copie
Ghost of Summer (1977) 15 copie
The Girl in the Painting (1978) 14 copie
Thunder Horse (2017) 14 copie
Iceberg! (1979) 13 copie
The Skate Patrol (1980) 13 copie
A Gift for Lonny (1973) 12 copie
Barney the Beard (1828) 12 copie
We Need a Bigger Zoo! (1974) 12 copie
The Mask (1978) 12 copie
Oh, Rick (1978) 11 copie
The Big Cheese (1977) 11 copie
The Waiting Game (1981) 10 copie
Skateboard Four (1976) 10 copie
The Haunting of Safekeep (1985) 10 copie
The Followers (1978) 9 copie
Just Like Everyone Else (1983) 9 copie
Survival Camp (1950) 9 copie
The Undersea People (1978) 9 copie
Will You Be My POSSLQ? (1987) 8 copie
Maggie the Freak (1984) 8 copie
Two Different Girls (1984) 8 copie
Reggie (2006) 8 copie
Surrogate Sister (1984) 8 copie
Little Yellow Truck (2019) 7 copie
Nobody Knows But Me (1978) 7 copie
Blacksmith at Blueridge (1977) 7 copie
The Island of One (1978) 6 copie
A Part of the Dream (1978) 6 copie
Goose Dinner (1981) 6 copie
The Mirror Planet (1978) 6 copie
The Cloverdale Switch (1979) 6 copie
For Always (1984) 6 copie
The Robot Birthday (1980) 6 copie
Ride When You're Ready (1974) 5 copie
Dream Dancer (1974) 5 copie
Say It Fast (1974) 4 copie
The Two Giants (1971) 4 copie
The Wild Horses (1974) 4 copie
Monkey in the Middle (1984) 4 copie
The Space People (1978) 4 copie
Springboard to summer (1975) 3 copie
The Friendship Bottle (1995) 3 copie
Spook Birds, The (1981) 3 copie
Yesterday's Island (1979) 3 copie
Day of the Earthlings (1978) 3 copie
The Once-a-Year Day (1974) 3 copie
Skateboard Saturday (1989) 2 copie
Pitcher to center field, (1974) 2 copie
Ghost (1976) 2 copie
The Big Find (1979) 2 copie
The Robot People (1978) 2 copie
Stable of Fear (1974) 2 copie
Lady's Girl (1992) 2 copie
On se retrouvera (2001) 1 copia
Alligators, alligators (2023) 1 copia
Roman Numerals I to MM (2001) 1 copia
The Great White Shark (1982) 1 copia
Runaway Home 1 copia
Cop Camp (1989) 1 copia
The Dinosaur Trap (1975) 1 copia
Surfing country, (1974) 1 copia
The Giant Squid (1981) 1 copia
The day of the dinosaurs (1975) 1 copia
The Demon (1976) 1 copia

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Informazioni generali

Nome canonico
Bunting, Eve
Nome legale
Bunting, Anne Evelyn
Altri nomi
Bunting, A. E.
Bolton, Evelyn
Data di nascita
Data di morte
UK (birth)
USA (naturalized 1969)
Nazione (per mappa)
Northern Ireland, UK
Luogo di nascita
Maghera, Northern Ireland, UK
Luogo di morte
Santa Cruz, California, USA
Causa della morte
Luogo di residenza
Maghera, Northern Ireland, UK
Pasadena, California, USA
Santa Cruz, California, USA
Methodist College Belfast
Queen's University Belfast
Pasadena City College
Attività lavorative
Bunting, Edward Davison (husband)
International PEN
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
Premi e riconoscimenti
Regina Medal (1997)
Golden Kite Award (1976)
Edgar Award (1993)
Breve biografia
Eve Bunting was born and educated in Northern Ireland. Her first book, The Two Giants, was published in 1972. Since that first book, Eve Bunting has gone on to write many, many more, ranging from picture books to novels for young adults.



{my thoughts} – This is a beginners chapter book.

In chapter one – Frog throws a party in the fall for him and his friends. This fall he invites someone new named Chameleon. This upsets some of his friends because they don’t want the party to change. Frog not wanting to leave anyone out invites him anyways. By the end of the party even one likes Chameleon and his special trick of blending in with things around him.

In chapter two – Frog dances in his free time because it makes him happy. When he discovers his friends are watching him, it makes him shy and embarrassed. Eventually he learns that his dancing helps to make his friends happy also. Soon he and his friends start to dance together.

In chapter three – Frog gets caught by a little girl. The little girl tells him that she needs to kiss him and he will become a prince. He then tells her all the things that will make turning him into a prince boring and her a princess boring. Soon they both decide to be friends and she goes on her way.
… (altro)
Zapkode | 1 altra recensione | Jun 1, 2024 |
Thanksgiving is best when shared with friends. As Mr. Moose sets out chairs for Mr. & Mrs. Goat, Rabbit, Sheep, and Porcupine, Mrs. Moose reflects that it would be nice to have a real turkey for Thanksgiving. Mr. Moose sets out immediately to find one. With the help of his friends, Mr. Moose finally spots Turkey down by the river. Alarmed, Turkey tries to make his escape, but alas, he is too fat. As Mr. Moose marches Turkey back to the house, Turkey knows he is doomed. He's in for a surprise though when Mrs. Moose sets her eyes on him.

The Bottom Line: This seasonal tale if perfect for a holiday story time. With a surprise twist ending, this endearing picture book celebrates friendship. Illustrated in full-color watercolors in a pleasing autumnal palette, this picture book is a classic. Enthusiastically recommended holiday reading for families with little ones ages 4 - 7.

This review also appears at the Mini Book Bytes Book Review Blog.
… (altro)
aya.herron | 19 altre recensioni | May 8, 2024 |
While this story might get a different reaction today under current border conditions, these stories are true.

They happen every day across America though I’ve personally never seen a child do this.

I imagine this book will make some people mad and some people sad and some people frustrated.
FamiliesUnitedLL | 86 altre recensioni | Apr 25, 2024 |
This is a beautiful and sad book that can be read aloud for Memorial Day. It brought tears to my eyes.
Chrissylou62 | 188 altre recensioni | Apr 11, 2024 |


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