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Jo Walton won a Locus Award 2015 for science fiction and fantasy in the non-fiction category with his title What Makes This Book So Great. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Found this on my e-reader (I must have got it free somewhere?) and remembered that I liked Jo Walton, so I might as well read it.

The premise is weird, but I promise it's interesting. In the notes, Walton says she was fifteen when she had an idea about time travelers setting up the Just City from Plato's Republic in Atlantis, but couldn't have pulled it off until now.

I wouldn't have been one of the people who prayed to Athene to live in the Just City, and I like Athene's (Walton's) explanation: the difference between times where we believe in attaining perfection and the times where we believe in progress. I was torn about whether to shelve this as queer; there are lots of side-mentions of bi- and homosexuality, but not any of the main characters and not as a central concern. (SO MANY HISTORICAL LESBIANS THO. IF THERE IS NO FANFIC I WILL BE DISAPPOINTED IN THE INTERNET.) The gender binary is strong in this one.

Apollo decides he needs to live as a human for a lifetime to understand equal significance and volition, and sexism and slavery are two of the foundational cracks with which the city struggles most profoundly. I might have more thoughts about this later, but Walton's treatment of both was good.

Klio's supposed to be from our near future, but she reads more like a 70s or 80s feminist. Does she not quite grok rape culture, or is she purposely giving a less-enlightened response to a date rape that takes place in the book because they're surrounded by a bunch of powerful dudes from the middle ages and antiquity and she's just being practical? (Ugh, what a time for a philosopher to choose practicality.) Both make her look bad, but her response makes more sense from a pre-2000s feminist.
… (altro)
caedocyon | 75 altre recensioni | Feb 23, 2024 |
A comedy of manners where Jane Austen meets dragons in this unusual book. It’s really quite bonkers! The dragons wear hats for certain occasions which, as I understand it, symbolise how wealthy they are. To me, at first, it read like a young adult novel but as I progressed, I began to enjoy it more. It did make me giggle at times and the images of dragons in hats which kept appearing in my mind’s eye were quite hilarious. I’m not sure whether I was supposed to find them funny but I did. Despite that, there is a good plot and a variety of characters to keep the reader engaged. All in all not a bad book but probably not my genre! I’ve given myself a Brownie point for reading it! 🐲😄… (altro)
VanessaCW | 93 altre recensioni | Feb 17, 2024 |
Absolutely fucking delightful! Jane Austen comedy of manners but where all the characters are dragons; absolutely masterpiece of the fucking around with alien cultures jawn that I love deeply.

The plot starts with a dispute over who gets to eat the recently deceased father's body, and ends in a hilarious courtroom drama that I would love to see adapted for screen, but that doesn't give much away at all: there's lots more plot and some great characters, including radicals and activists of many stipes.… (altro)
caedocyon | 93 altre recensioni | Feb 13, 2024 |
Fine Walton, if not quite My Real Children, Among Others, The Just City, or Farthing. Its an inversion on the character in a book who escapes or wants to escape into the real world. Here, a character -- or more accurately, the stem cell of many characters -- wants to bring the author into her fictional world. The author shares enough properties with Walton -- living in Montreal, writing SF and other experiments -- to feel real but differs enough to not feel like an autobiographical sketch. There's tale within the tale, a sequel of sorts to Twelfth Night (whose subtitle is "Or what you will") and The Tempest. But much of the book is an opportunity for Walton to ramble on about her love of Florence, especially the food, art, and architecture. In this, it is a classic novel, a la the Hunchback of Notre Dame, feeling free to discourse on whatever the author likes.

Recommended, but more for Walton fans. Read one or more of the books listed above first.
… (altro)
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ChrisRiesbeck | 15 altre recensioni | Feb 8, 2024 |


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