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Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778)

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Jean Jacques Rousseau was a Swiss philosopher and political theorist who lived much of his life in France. Many reference books describe him as French, but he generally added "Citizen of Geneva" whenever he signed his name. He presented his theory of education in Emile (1762), a novel, the first mostra altro book to link the educational process to a scientific understanding of children; Rousseau is thus regarded as the precursor, if not the founder, of child psychology. "The greatest good is not authority, but liberty," he wrote, and in The Social Contract (1762) Rousseau moved from a study of the individual to an analysis of the relationship of the individual to the state: "The art of politics consists of making each citizen extremely dependent upon the polis in order to free him from dependence upon other citizens." This doctrine of sovereignty, the absolute supremacy of the state over its members, has led many to accuse Rousseau of opening the doors to despotism, collectivism, and totalitarianism. Others say that this is the opposite of Rousseau's intent, that the surrender of rights is only apparent, and that in the end individuals retain the rights that they appear to have given up. In effect, these Rousseau supporters say, the social contract is designed to secure or to restore to individuals in the state of civilization the equivalent of the rights they enjoyed in the state of nature. Rousseau was a passionate man who lived in passionate times, and he still stirs passion in those who write about him today. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
Fonte dell'immagine: Maurice-Quentin La Tour (1704-1788)


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Il contratto sociale (1762) — Autore — 5,440 copie
Le confessioni (1784) 3,154 copie
Emilio (1762) — Autore — 1,886 copie
Basic Political Writings (1987) 1,067 copie
Discorsi e contratto sociale (1950) — Autore — 894 copie
Britannica Great Books: Montesquieu and Rousseau (1748) — Collaboratore — 308 copie
Les confessions, Tome 1 (1973) 268 copie
Les Confessions, tome 2 (1921) 111 copie
Rousseau : Oeuvres complètes, tome 1 (1959) — Autore — 53 copie
The Government of Poland (1985) 50 copie
The Works of Rousseau (1950) 44 copie
Political Writings (1971) 42 copie
Emilio : estratti (1909) 37 copie
Rousseau : Oeuvres complètes, tome 3 (1963) — Autore — 34 copie
Keystone of Democracy (2005) 33 copie
Rousseau : Oeuvres complètes, tome 4 (1964) — Autore — 26 copie
Rousseau (2018) 13 copie
Obra Selectas (1901) 11 copie
Scritti politici (1970) 11 copie
Dictionnaire de musique (2008) 10 copie
Rousseau : Oeuvres complètes, tome 5 (1969) — Autore — 9 copie
Bekännelser. Del 1 (2012) 9 copie
Bekännelser. Del 2 (2012) 9 copie
Emile, extraits I (1938) 7 copie
دين الفطرة (2011) 6 copie
Opere (1972) 5 copie
Rozpravy (1989) 5 copie
Rousseau II (1900) 5 copie
Lettere morali (1978) 5 copie
Korrespondenzen (1992) 5 copie
Textos Filosóficos (2002) 4 copie
Du contrat social (2005) 4 copie
Le philosophe amoureux (2004) 4 copie
Lettres philosophiques (1974) 4 copie
Rousseau I (1900) 4 copie
Ecrits sur la musique (1979) 3 copie
מאמרים (1992) 3 copie
Pages choisies (1931) 3 copie
De solitaire wandelaar (2021) 3 copie
Visările unui hoinar singuratic (2006) — Autore — 3 copie
MORCEAUX CHOISES. (1924) 3 copie
Os Pensadores 2 copie
Confessions, extraits (1957) 2 copie
Rousseau 2 copie
Ø (2010) 2 copie
Lettres sur la botanique (2018) 2 copie
Basic crystallography (1998) 2 copie
Toplum Sözlesmesi (2016) 2 copie
Scritti autobiografici (1997) 2 copie
Lettres morales (2002) 2 copie
Schriften - Band 2 (1978) 2 copie
Discours (1968) 2 copie
Lettres à Malesherbes (2010) 2 copie
L'Etat de guerre (2000) 2 copie
Selbstbildnis 1 copia
Utopias 1 copia
Les dialogues (1991) 1 copia
Os Pensadores - ROUSSEAU (2000) 1 copia
Rêveries 1 copia
Discursos 1 copia
Itiraflar (2016) 1 copia
La disuguaglianza (2020) 1 copia
O umowie społecznej (2002) 1 copia
Selbstbildnis 1 copia
Oeuvres 1 copia
Itiraflar (2016) 1 copia
Les confessions t. 2 (1968) 1 copia
LETTRES SUR LA SUISSE (1997) 1 copia
Bekenntnisse 1 copia
Confesiuni 1 copia
Emilio 7-12-1 1 copia
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (2000) 1 copia
Obras 1 copia
Bekjennelser Del 1 (2016) 1 copia
Schriften II. (2000) 1 copia
Ausgewählte Texte. (1988) 1 copia
Schriften I. (2001) 1 copia
Breviario (1998) 1 copia
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2: 1 copia
3: 1 copia
Dopis d'Alembertovi (2008) 1 copia
İtiraflar (1963) 1 copia
Politique 1 copia
Toplum Sözlesmesi (2020) 1 copia
Mémoires 1 copia
Confesiuni 1 copia
Absence 1 copia
Emil vagy A nevelr (1957) 1 copia
Emile Extraits II (1938) 1 copia
Musique 1 copia
Emilio o de la educación — Autore — 1 copia
Escritos polémicos (1994) 1 copia
Politiske skrifter (2009) 1 copia
Rousseau and Romanticism (1919) 1 copia
Mélanges 1 copia
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Informazioni generali

Altri nomi
ROUSSEAU, Jean-Jacques
Data di nascita
Data di morte
Luogo di sepoltura
Panthéon, Paris, France
Republic of Geneva
Nazione (per mappa)
Luogo di nascita
Geneva, Republic of (Geneva, Switzerland)
Luogo di morte
Ermenonville, France
Luogo di residenza
Geneva, Republic of (birth ∙ now in Switzerland)
Paris, France
Montmorency, France
England, UK
Ermenonville, France (mostra tutto 8)
Turin, Duchy of Savoy
Lyon, France
privately educated
Attività lavorative
Hume, David (friend)
d'Epinay, Madame (friend)
Madame Dupin (salonniere)
Breve biografia
Rousseau was one of the great thinkers and influences on the Age of Enlightenment. But his work was not appreciated by the French authorities in his lifetime. After completing his Confessions in 1770, he began giving private readings of the book. But he was forced to stop this, and the work was only partially published in 1782, four years after his death. All his subsequent writings also appeared posthumously.



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