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Georgette Heyer (1902–1974)

Autore di L'inarrestabile Sophy

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Georgette Heyer was born on August 16, 1902 at Wimbledon, London. She wrote The Black Moth as a story for her brother Boris. Her father, impressed with his daughter's imagination, suggested that she prepare it to be published, which it was by Constable in 1921. Having scored an instant success with mostra altro The Black Moth at the age of nineteen under her own name, Georgette Heyer, she experimented with a pseudonym, Stella Martin, for her third book, published by Mills & Boon. She continued writing and in 1925 she married Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer. After reasonable but not spectacular sales from her first few books the instant success of These Old Shades in 1926 brought her a solid source of income which was very necessary at the time since the family relied to a large extent on the income from Georgette Heyer's writing. She wrote over fifty books during her lifetime and created the Regency England genre of romance novels. She died on July 4, 1974 at the age of 71. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno


Opere di Georgette Heyer

L'inarrestabile Sophy (1950) 2,972 copie
Frederica (1965) 2,395 copie
La pedina scambiata (1926) 2,369 copie
Cotillion (1953) 2,257 copie
Il gioco degli equivoci (1949) 2,144 copie
Il figlio del diavolo (1932) 2,135 copie
A lezione d'amore - Sylvester (1957) 1,837 copie
Matrimonio alla moda (1934) 1,811 copie
Una donna di classe (1972) 1,710 copie
Un gentiluomo senza pari (1962) 1,701 copie
Il dandy della reggenza (1935) 1,661 copie
La carta vincente (1941) 1,643 copie
Una ragazza perbene (1944) 1,630 copie
Black Sheep (1966) 1,623 copie
Un dono dal cielo (1940) 1,619 copie
The Black Moth (1921) 1,607 copie
Incontro a sorpresa (1946) 1,573 copie
Masquerade (1928) 1,569 copie
L'anello (1936) 1,560 copie
Intrighi al castello (1951) 1,525 copie
Una stagione a Bath (1955) 1,502 copie
Scambio di cuori (1963) 1,465 copie
Un contratto conveniente (1961) 1,462 copie
L' incantevole Amanda (1956) 1,422 copie
The Foundling (1948) 1,411 copie
Segnali d'amore (1968) 1,393 copie
I cancelli dell'amore (1954) 1,352 copie
La ragazza chiamata Carità (1970) 1,313 copie
Rosa d'aprile (1957) 1,195 copie
L'incomparabile Barbara (1937) 1,180 copie
Cipria e merletti: [la trasformazione di Philip Jettan] (1923) — Pseudonym, alcune edizioni1,178 copie
Why Shoot A Butler? (1933) 1,014 copie
Footsteps in the Dark (1932) 992 copie
Beauvallet (1929) 982 copie
Il villaggio del silenzio (1935) 972 copie
Delitto imperiale (1941) 967 copie
Veleni di famiglia (1936) 903 copie
Corpo contundente (1938) 869 copie
They Found Him Dead (1937) 858 copie
L'indizio incompleto (1934) 836 copie
The Spanish Bride (1940) 833 copie
No Wind of Blame (1939) 829 copie
Pistols for Two (1960) 797 copie
Doppio misto con la morte (1953) 777 copie
Duplicate Death (1951) 749 copie
Penhallow (1942) 653 copie
The Conqueror (1931) 628 copie
My Lord John (1975) 575 copie
Simon the Coldheart (1925) 567 copie
Royal Escape (1938) 560 copie
Snowdrift and Other Stories (2016) 165 copie
The Great Roxhythe (1923) 109 copie
Pastel (1929) 59 copie
Instead of the Thorn (1923) — Pseudonym, alcune edizioni51 copie
Helen (1928) 48 copie
Barren Corn (1930) 46 copie
Venetia [abridged] (2010) 33 copie
Sylvester [abridged] (2009) 28 copie
Arabella + The Corinthian (2005) 15 copie
Pursuit [short story] (1939) 8 copie
Full Moon (Short-Story) (1948) 6 copie
Snowdrift (Short-Story) (1960) 1 copia
Bath Miss (Short-Story) (1960) 1 copia
The Duel (Short-Story) (1960) 1 copia
Hazard [short story] (1960) 1 copia

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Informazioni generali

Nome canonico
Heyer, Georgette
Nome legale
Rougier, Georgette Heyer
Altri nomi
Martin, Stella
Data di nascita
Data di morte
Luogo di nascita
Wimbledon, London, England, UK
Luogo di morte
London, England, UK
Causa della morte
lung cancer
Luogo di residenza
England, UK
Wimbledon, England, UK
Paris, France
Royal College of Music
Attività lavorative
historical novelist
crime novelist
Oman, Carola (friend)
Rougier, George Ronald (husband)
Heyer, George (father)
Premi e riconoscimenti
Blue Plaque
Breve biografia
Georgette Heyer wrote meticulously researched historical-romance novels, specializing in the late eighteenth/early nineteenth-century, and was most famous for her Regency novels. She lived a sheltered childhood and at age 17, created a serial story to amuse her brother Boris, who was ill; their father asked her to prepare it for publication and his agent found a publisher for it -- this became The Black Moth (1921), about a disgraced young aristocrat who becomes a highwayman. According to Georgette Heyer's biographer Jane Aiken Hodge, that first novel contained many of the elements that would become standard for Heyer's works, the "saturnine male lead, the marriage in danger, the extravagant wife, and the group of idle, entertaining young men." Beginning in 1932, Heyer released one romance novel and one detective thriller each year. Her books were highly popular both in the UK and the USA and she remains an enduring international bestseller, read and loved by four generations of readers.



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