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Born Ford Hermann Madox Hueffer in England in 1873, Ford Madox Ford came from a family of artists and writers that included his grandfather, the pre-Raphaelite painter Ford Madox Brown, and his uncles Gabriel Dante Rossetti and William Michael Rossetti. Ford's early works were published under the mostra altro name Ford Madox Hueffer, but in 1919 he legally changed his name to Ford Madox Ford due to legal complications that arose when he left his wife, Elsie Martindale, and their two daughters. He also used the pen names Daniel Chaucer and Fenil Haig. Ford's early works include The Brown Owl, a fairy tale, children's stories, romances, and The Fifth Queen, a historical trilogy about Katherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII. He also collaborated with Joseph Conrad, whom he first met in 1898, on three novels: The Nature of Crime, The Inheritors, and Romance. Ford is best known for his novels The Good Soldier, which he considered both his first serious effort at a novel and his best work, and Parade's End, a tetralogy set during World War I. Both of these books explore a theme that appears often in Ford's writing, that of a good man whose old-fashioned, gentlemanly code is in conflict with modern industrial society. Ford also published several volumes of autobiography and reminiscences, including Return to Yesterday and It Was the Nightengale, as well as numerous works of biography, history, poetry, essays, travel writing, and criticism of literature and art. Although Ford and Martindale never divorced, Ford had significant, long-term relationships with three other women, all of whom took his name; he had another daughter by one of them. He died in Deauville, France, in 1939. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
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Nome legale
Hueffer, Ford Hermann(born)
Ford, Ford Madox(changed during WW1)
Hueffer, Ford Madox
Altri nomi
Haig, Fenil
Chaucer, Daniel
Data di nascita
Data di morte
Luogo di sepoltura
Deauville, Frankrijk
Luogo di nascita
Merton, Surrey, Engeland, UK
Luogo di morte
Deauville, Frankrijk
Luogo di residenza
Merton, Surrey, Engeland, UK
London, Engeland, UK
Parijs, Frankrijk
Olivet, Michigan, USA
Deauville, Frankrijk
University College School, Londen, Engeland, UK
Attività lavorative
Brown, Ford Madox (Grootvader)
Hueffer, Francis (Vader)
Hueffer, Oliver Madox (Broer)
Hunt, Violet (Geliefde)
Olivet College(Michigan)
Premi e riconoscimenti
Doctor of Literature, Olivet College (1938)
Breve biografia
Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939), English novelist, poet, critic and editor; born as Ford Hermann Hueffer becoming Ford Madox Hueffer before settling on the name Ford Madox Ford



The Good Soldier was an excellent audiobook. I've not read it before because I thought it would be about war, and dull at that. It wasn't even a tiny bit dull. It actually shocked me a couple of times; what a weird and twisted story it is.

To some extent I was right about the book concerning itself with war, but not on a battlefield but in the marriages of two couples. There were characters who fought on both sides of the war, there were spies, there were betrayals worse than ever those fought on muddy fields or in rat-infested trenches.

If you're Catholic and easily offended, this is not the book for you. I'm not Catholic and I was taken aback at the author's anti-Catholic themes that repeated throughout the book.

The thing that surprised me the most about the novel was the complete lack of sexual education some characters had. There is one character, female, who has no idea what sex is or where babies come from. I'm curious to know whether many women of the time (early 20th century) went into marriage as blind as these fictional people.

The Good Soldier goes right into a mental list of "best books". It isn't a favourite, though. It was too unpleasant and upsetting for favoritism, but the craft, story, and style of the novel make it a great one, however unhappy the story.
… (altro)
ahef1963 | 114 altre recensioni | Apr 30, 2024 |
Victorian literature might often hint at extramarital affairs and hijinx, but always under the guise of pursuing or seeking true love. Ford Madox Ford bravely struck a new chord in this 1915 novel with his statement that sometimes - if not often - it's just a fling, based on loneliness or the sexual desire. This stripping away of the curtains around the issue didn't land him in censorship waters like James Joyce a few years later, but his novel was branded as "unpleasant" and "dangerous". This for addressing an everyday occurrence in plainer language so that it might be explored on the page.

This novel is also an early example of literary impressionism, a style that we take for granted today. Ford takes a roundabout path to telling his story, providing us with an after-the-fact narrator John Dowell who tends to ramble and gets things out of order. Immediately we know who dies, so that's the hook to exploring why. John contradicts himself on occasion, or says something offhand that startles but then he doesn't address it immediately, and some of his adjectives take on a fresh meeting later. Rather than frustrating, however, it creates a layer of mystery and need-to-know that keeps the pages turning.

John is a significant example of an unreliable narrator, his judgements and feelings about what transpired shifting in several directions. Only the concluding pages provide confirmation where his true sympathy lies, when his actions speak louder than his words. Ford is suggesting through John that sometimes our passions are too much for the artificial constructs of society to contain - our religious moralities, our marriage contracts, our collective sense of decency. That someone who is destroyed when they run counter to these may be too well understood to be considered a villain, given the base desires most of us share; except that this characterization too must to be done, so the rest of us can go on with our orderliness and stability to win whatever happiness remains.
… (altro)
Cecrow | 114 altre recensioni | Mar 31, 2024 |
I read the Norton Critical Edition of this 1915 novel, and I enjoyed the essays/reviews better than the book. Fuller review to come.
bschweiger | 6 altre recensioni | Feb 4, 2024 |
This was one of the best novels I have ever read. The prose was crystal clear and images as fresh as the day Ford wrote them. Its picture of marriage and infidelity so painful that I wonder if our great contemporary psycho-therapist Esther Perel had not coached Ford in the details. The picture of landed gentry in England is both accurate and piteously satiric. I sit this book next to Elena Ferrante and Evan Connell’s “Mrs. Bridge.”
MylesKesten | 114 altre recensioni | Jan 23, 2024 |


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