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Sharon Creech was on born July 29, 1945 in South Euclid, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. She was in college when she took literature and writing courses and became intrigued by story-telling. Later, she was a teacher (high school English and writing) in England and in Switzerland. Her novel Walk Two mostra altro Moons received in 1995 Newbery Medal; The Wanderer was a 2001 Newbery Honor book and Ruby Holler received the 2002 Carnegie Medal. In 2007, Heartbeat was a finalist in the Junior Division (4th to 6th grades) of the Young Reader's Choice Awards, sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Library Association. She has written over 15 fiction novels for young readers. She is married to Lyle Rigg, who is the headmaster of The Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey, and have two grown children, Rob and Karin. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno


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YA: Girl searching for her mom in Name that Book (Settembre 2018)


I really love this book, it has a very vague meaning and moral, but a very very heartwarming storyline :)
trainsparrow | 20 altre recensioni | Apr 29, 2024 |

A Middle-Grade book I read as an "assignment" by my editor for a manuscript I'm writing. From the writing perspective, it took a minute to understand the suggestion, but now I get it. It was also a nice read.

Walk Two Moons takes young Sal on a journey with her grandparents to retrace her vanished mother's steps from Bybanks, Kentucky, to Lewiston, Idaho. Given that I grew up 60 miles from Lewiston, Idaho, I thought how odd and fun. And it was.

Along the way, Sal explains to her grandparents an intertwined, underlying story of her friend Phoebe and her mother, who mysteriously also vanished. The circumstances are completely different for Phoebe, whose mother comes back with her eldest, adopted son in tow. On the other hand, Sal learns that her mother had passed away in Lewiston and was never coming home.

The book is a good life lesson for the 8-12-year-olds, written with a soft touch on the grown-up side and much realism on Sal's side. Any youngster, or oldster, would enjoy it.
… (altro)
LyndaWolters1 | 308 altre recensioni | Apr 3, 2024 |
Wow, a lot to deal with in the end. I found the language a bit distracting, all the chickabiddy and huzzah , etc. A somber story, dealing with several different ways of losing loved ones and navigating life
cspiwak | 308 altre recensioni | Mar 6, 2024 |
This is the humorous tale of Tillie and her school principal, Mr. Keene. Mr. Keene is so proud of the work the students at his school are doing that he decides to have students come to school on the weekends, then holidays, and all through the summer. The illustrations are filled with funny scenarios for readers to enjoy and the repetition in the dialogue and writing make it a fun story to read out loud. It is a good reminder for Mr. Keene, and readers, that sometimes too much of a good thing, turns out to be not so good in the end.… (altro)
TravisJ | 37 altre recensioni | Feb 29, 2024 |


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