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Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game that Made a Nation di John Carlin

Moscow (The Rough Guide) di Dan Richardson

Reunert the First 100 years di Michael Reunert

Progress at Pelvis Bay di Osbert Lancaster

Livingston's last journey,: By Sir Reginald Coupland di Reginald Coupland

The Great Admirals di Richard Hough

Political economy : a historical perspective di Horst Claus Recktenwald

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Utente: Africansky1

CollezioniLa tua biblioteca (17,392), Archaeology (510), Anthropology (70), Architecture (1,290), cities (246), Art History (1,829), Africana ( South Afica), South African studies (3,225), Africana (rest of Africa) (693), America, USA, Canada, South America (472), Australia, Pacific, New Zealand (119), Biography memoirs, diaries, letters and autobiography (2,200), children s books (54), economic history and economics (1,702), Business ,Banking History, Company histories (425), Social history, sociology (1,704), Britain/England political history & history (1,216), England and Wales-countryside, topography,farming (1,373), Scotland- history , topography , countryside (507), Ireland history,topography ,countryside (90), London and the Thames (630), Britain in Pictures (87), Europe History (Italy and Greece , history, travel , art) (137), Europe History(France,Germany,Spain, Portugal (1,181), China, Malaya, Singapore, Far East -travel and history (221), Japan, history, economic history, politics, art (224), India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, history, art, politics (293), Middle east travel, history, politics (212), Egypt (173), Russia-history, art history, architecture, travel (384), Travel & Exploration (1,652), Military history, warfare, war, regiments , (1,009), political history (686), science history, railways, technology, inventions (245), photography (81), books and book collecting (178), Illuminated Manuscripts (65), antiques ,interior design, silver, ceramics, china (510), jewellery (446), antique maps, cartography, geography (212), textiles ,costumes, history, fashion (218), clocks , watches, horology, time (54), Glass, art glass, manufacture (89), Oriental Rugs and carpets, carpets (47), Literature and novels (796), novels (117), natural history (219), gardens, plants, botany (163), cookery, food (161), Folio society (402), Lista dei desideri (16), Da leggere (1), Tutte le collezioni (17,408)

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Etichettehistory (3,597), ultb (2,146), South Africa (1,698), England (1,486), biography (1,146), art history (1,098), architecture (1,053), Africana (1,035), travel (851), topography (803) — guarda tutte le etichette

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Informazioni su di meRetired academic living in Johannesburg. Book enthusiast for life. tastes eclectic. Trail the second hand bookshops wherever I happen to be.

La mia bibliotecaCollection built up over 40years, focus on travel and exploration, history, economic history, architecture, Africana, art history, map collecting, British topography, social and agricultural history, Folio Society. Many books collected in my teaching of economic history, history and economics. Strong interest in architecture and housing . I am. also building up collections of Time Life series / Newsweek series (history,
museums, art, cities, photography). My library comprises nearly 14 000 books, and have now been catalogued. All the books in my library are actual books owned by me and can be touched, opened, read and enjoyed as treasures . Books open doors to other people's souls and ideas and take one back through time . I have catalogued in order to know what I own .

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1 star - awful book not worth keeping
2 stars- some merit, keeping in the library but not overly impressed
3 stars - good effort and a lot of interest
4 stars - a very good book and a worthy reference or an excellent read
5 stars - a superb book , recommended to the highest degree and had influenced me in an important way.

Gruppi1001 Books to read before you die, All Books Africa, Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts, Antiquarian Travel Memoirs, Biographies, Memoirs and Autobiographies, Book Care and Repair, Book Collectors, Book reviewers, Books on Books, Combiners!mostra tutti i gruppi

Autori preferitiHannah Arendt, J. G. Ballard, Ruth Benedict, Isaiah Berlin, Bill Bryson, David Cecil, Carlo M. Cipolla, David Daiches, George Ewart Evans, E. L. Jones, David S. Landes, Norman Lewis, Phyllis Lewsen, Jan Morris, Michael Palin, John Prebble, Jonathan Raban, L. T. C. Rolt, W. W. Rostow, Timothy Severin, Robert Skidelsky, Simon Winchester (Preferiti in comune con altri utenti)

Nome veroKatherine Munro


Tipo di iscrizionepubblico

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/catalog/Africansky1 (biblioteca)

Utente dalFeb 6, 2012

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