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Michael Lupica (born on May 11, 1952 in Oneida, New York) is an American newspaper columnist. At the age of 23, Lupica began his newspaper career covering the New York Knicks for the New York Post. In 1977, he became the youngest columnist ever at a New York newspaper when he started working for mostra altro the New York Daily News. He has also written for numerous magazines during his career including Golf Digest, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, ESPN: The Magazine, Men's Journal and Parade. In 2003, he received the Jim Murray Award from the National Football Foundation. He has been a television anchor for ESPN's The Sports Reporters and hosted his own program The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN2. Lupica has written both fiction and non-fiction books. His novels include Dead Air; Limited Partner; Jump; Full Court Press; Red Zone; Too Far; Wild Pitch; and Bump and Run. He also writes the Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids series. He co-wrote autobiographies with Reggie Jackson and Bill Parcells and collaborated with William Goldman on Wait Till Next Year. His other non-fiction works include The Summer of '98; Mad as Hell: How Sports Got Away from the Fans and How We Get It Back; and Shooting from the Lip. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno


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Heat (2005) 2,681 copie
Summer Ball (2007) 1,343 copie
Travel Team (2004) 1,328 copie
The Big Field (2008) 1,115 copie
Million-Dollar Throw (2009) 1,039 copie
Miracle on 49th Street (2006) 1,015 copie
The Batboy (2010) 744 copie
Hero (2010) 660 copie
Two-Minute Drill (2000) 636 copie
Game Changers: Book 1 (2012) 562 copie
The Underdogs (2011) 529 copie
Hot Hand (2007) 507 copie
Safe At Home (2008) 362 copie
QB 1 (2013) 318 copie
True Legend (2012) 316 copie
Fast Break (2015) 299 copie
Fantasy League (2014) 296 copie
Long Shot (2008) 287 copie
The House of Wolves (2023) 267 copie
The Only Game (Home Team) (2015) 236 copie
Shoot-Out (Comeback Kids) (2010) 232 copie
Last Man Out (2016) 225 copie
The Extra Yard (Home Team) (2016) 168 copie
12 Months to Live (2023) 145 copie
Bump and Run (2000) 133 copie
Lone Stars (2017) 127 copie
No Slam Dunk (2018) 116 copie
Full Court Press (2001) 112 copie
Point Guard (Home Team) (2017) 100 copie
Wild Pitch (2002) 99 copie
The Mighty Johns (2002) 94 copie
Team Players (Home Team) (2018) 92 copie
The Missing Baseball (2018) 81 copie
Strike Zone (2019) 72 copie
The Best American Sports Writing 2005 (2005) — A cura di — 66 copie
Red Zone (2003) 64 copie
The Half-Court Hero (2018) 62 copie
Too Far (2004) 57 copie
Dead Air (1723) 46 copie
Jump (1995) 41 copie
Batting Order (2019) 37 copie
The Football Fiasco (2018) 35 copie
Mad as Hell (1996) 32 copie
The Turnover (2020) 25 copie
Triple Threat (2020) 24 copie
Extra Credits (1988) 23 copie
Defending Champ (2021) 17 copie
Limited Partner (1990) 16 copie
books 3 copie
Yankees '98 Best Ever! (1998) 1 copia
Broken Trust (2023) 1 copia
Team Player 1 copia

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Doesn't evoke enough nostalgia to be worth the time. Just go reread Early Autumn.

Spenser does so little beyond the basic formula in this one. He bumbles around, brings in his backup, consults the bad guys, eats, loves Susan, doesn't quite cooperate with the good guys, wins a fight, loses a fight, gets shot (on a run, by the river, again). Does he figure anything out? Nope. Does he deliver devastating quips? Nope. Just a guy.
DDtheV | 4 altre recensioni | May 9, 2024 |
After penning two Sunny Randle books, Lupika was evidently tapped to try a Jesse Stone novel on for size. Mike Lupica brings with him a little more internal dialogue than previous authors of the series (including Robert B Parker himself) but doesn't dilute the characters or story in an unfavorable way. As a die hard fan of Parker's original works I have followed with interest the continuation of his beloved series. My one criticism involves an abundance of referencing and unnecessary elaboration on the relationships between the various characters that populate the Parker universe. Long time fans already know these relationships and I suspect new readers don't much care. Still I give his efforts a thumbs up and look forward to reading his take on a actual Spencer novel.… (altro)
skid0612 | 6 altre recensioni | May 2, 2024 |
Synopsis: 'PI Sunny Randall owes a favor. Her landlord and former client, famous novelist Melanie Joan Hall, is being threatened and blackmailed, and it is up to Sunny and her best friend Spike to ensure her protection. But as Sunny looks into the identity of Melanie Joan’s stalker, she learns that much of the author’s past is a product of her amazing imagination, and her loyalty to her old friend is challenged as she searches for the truth.

At the same time, Sunny springs into action when her aging ex-cop father, Phil, is threatened by a shady lawyer with a desire to settle an old score. Fighting crimes on two fronts, Sunny must use all of her savvy, and the help of her friends, in order to protect those she loves. And one thing is for sure with both of these cases: this time, it’s personal. ' From the author's website.… (altro)
DrLed | 1 altra recensione | Dec 29, 2023 |


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