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Amanda Grange lives in Cheshire. Robert Hale previously published many of her novels, including Lord Deverill¿s Secret, Stormcrow Castle, Darcy¿s Diary, Mr Knightley¿s Diary and Captain Wentworth¿s Diary. Visit her website at

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Mr. Darcy's Diary (2007) 1,118 copie
Mr. Darcy, Vampyre (2009) 728 copie
Mr. Knightley's Diary (2007) 341 copie
Captain Wentworth's Diary (2007) 301 copie
Edmund Bertram's Diary (2008) 147 copie
Colonel Brandon's Diary (2008) 141 copie
Henry Tilney's Diary (2011) 69 copie
Wickham's Diary (2011) 68 copie
Titanic Affair (2004) 45 copie
Harstairs House (2004) 42 copie
Lord Deverill's Secret (2005) 41 copie
The Six Month Marriage (2002) 31 copie

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Grange, Amanda
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20th Century
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historical novelist



Prelim Review: I'm fairly certain I read the Robert Hale release of this years ago, but I also got the freebie Kindle version (with a less striking cover sadly). Overall I enjoyed this book, but I was little put out by the easy way in which Silverton falls in with Eleanor's plans. Equally I found the whole premise as to why Eleanor would run off madcap into danger less than satisfactory. Not half a chapter after she rejoices in how she will finally be able to find a life for herself, once her younger sister is married to the heir to a Dukedom, she's running willy-nilly into the night to chase down the man blackmailing her sister. Apparently despite her otherwise common sense and practical nature, she doesn't think of consequences of running around without a maid.

The mystery or who Kendrick is, why he's important to most members of this book and how the tension is resolved was all handled well. Its obviously to nearly everyone that Silverton and Ellie have this attraction, but both pooh-pooh that as silly (vocally) while silently wondering about why the other is so intriguing (hint highwayman tend to intriguing only in romances, just like pirates and sheikhs).
… (altro)
lexilewords | 1 altra recensione | Dec 28, 2023 |
Prelim Review: Henry has always been my favorite Austen Hero. Something about the wry humor of this quiet clergyman made me smile and sigh dreamily. So naturally I was excited as all get that Grange, who has done every other Austen hero (in fact this is the conclusion to her re-imaginings, according to the backflap), finally came around to Henry.

And its not a let down. Admittedly I'm not certain some of the portrayals were quite accurate (his brother Frederick for one), but I was really in it for Henry and she captured his humor quite well.

Full review to be posted at Romance Reader at Heart
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lexilewords | 2 altre recensioni | Dec 28, 2023 |
I started out loving this book, but by the third story, I was disappointed and stopped reading. The first story was a retelling of A Christmas Carol, starring Darcy in the Scrooge role. I found it funny and charming. The second story had all the main P&P players gathered for Christmas at the Bingley's. It was a sweet story, very much in the style of Jane. The third story was raunchy and ridiculous---a disgrace to Jane Austen and these beloved characters. How disappointing, as I was hoping to keep this in my personal collection.… (altro)
classyhomemaker | 7 altre recensioni | Dec 11, 2023 |
I found it really easy to get into this novel, probably because it was really easy to separate it from the real P&P. There were the odd references to events and dialog in P&P, but for the most part I felt like I was reading a different novel with characters that happened to have the same name.

It was a fun read, but I wish more of the book had been about the search for a cure - seemed kinda weak that Mr Darcy knew exactly where to find the mysterious temple...
PurplOttr | 59 altre recensioni | Dec 1, 2023 |


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