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Jane Smiley was born in Los Angeles, California on September 26, 1949. She received a B. A. from Vassar College in 1971 and an M.F.A. and a Ph.D from the University of Iowa. From 1981 to 1996, she taught undergraduate and graduate creative writing workshops at Iowa State University. Her books mostra altro include The Age of Grief, The Greenlanders, Moo, Horse Heaven, Ordinary Love and Good Will, Some Luck, and Early Warning. In 1985, she won an O. Henry Award for her short story Lily, which was published in The Atlantic Monthly. A Thousand Acres received both the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
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La casa delle tre sorelle (1991) 6,161 copie
Moo (1995) 2,541 copie
Some Luck (2014) 1,263 copie
Horse Heaven (2000) 1,171 copie
The Greenlanders (1988) 1,136 copie
Good Faith (2003) 894 copie
Private Life (2010) 735 copie
Duplicate Keys (1984) 724 copie
Ten Days in the Hills (2007) 645 copie
Early Warning (2015) 573 copie
The Age of Grief (1987) 551 copie
Ordinary Love and Good Will (1989) 506 copie
Golden Age (2015) 433 copie
Barn Blind (1979) 387 copie
Charles Dickens (2002) 366 copie
Perestroika in Paris (2020) 333 copie
At Paradise Gate (1981) 308 copie
The Best American Short Stories 1995 (1995) — A cura di — 302 copie
A Dangerous Business (2022) 295 copie
Twenty Yawns (2016) 239 copie
The Georges and the Jewels (2009) 217 copie
Pie in the Sky (2012) 61 copie
Gee Whiz (2013) 42 copie
A Thousand Acres [1997 film] (1997) — Autore — 28 copie
The Hillside (2018) 25 copie
The Strays of Paris (2020) 21 copie
Riding Lessons (2018) 16 copie
Lucky (2024) 14 copie
Saddles & Secrets (2019) 5 copie
Taking the Reins (2020) 5 copie
Lucky (2024) 5 copie
In den Jahren der Trauer (1987) 1 copia

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What It’s Like to Have Your Book Banned in Banned Books (Febbraio 21)
Jane Smiley: American Author Challenge in 75 Books Challenge for 2016 (Aprile 2016)
June 2011 Read: Private Life in Missouri Readers (Giugno 2011)


Lucky by Jane Smiley is a polarizing literary novel which covers decades in the life of a folk musician. It is recommended; highly for the right reader.

Jodie Rattler grew up in St. Louis with her mother and near her extended family. She first discovered she was lucky in 1955 when she was six years old and her uncle Drew took her to the racetrack. A roll of two-dollar bills were the physical representation of that luck and she keeps them near her and hidden for years. Jodie always had a love of music along with her family. When she is studying at Penn State in the 1969, her singing career takes off after one of her songs becomes a surprise hit. She does well in royalties and even better after her uncle Drew handles the investment of her windfall. This allows her to travel and even spend time abroad.

Many successful musicians of the time periods involved are mentioned throughout the novel. It is sort of a musical coming of age novel through the 70's and 80's (and on) pop culture, but the plot also focuses on Jodie's relationship with her family. There are a lot of lyrics for the songs Jodie writes included in the narrative and the impetus for the lyrics is part of the story. The actual quality/credibility of the lyrics is debatable. Along the way there are several times Jodie sees a high school classmate she refers to only as the "gawky girl." (It is later clearly revealed that the gawky girl is a stand-in for Smiley.) Jodie does settle down back in St. Louis to care for her mother and grandparents.

The writing is excellent and I was really enjoying this story of a woman's life. Sure, as a character Jodi can be a little self-involved and the plot does move slowly in parts, but there is also a nostalgic element to the narrative as it list musicians for years past that is appealing.

What totally changes everything is the abrupt change in structure, tone, and voice in the final epilogue. How do you rate a book that abruptly changes directions to a stupefying ending? I keep stalling on writing a review, flipping back and forth on how I feel, and that is not a satisfying reading experience so I need to go with a neutral rating. Thanks to Knopf Doubleday for providing me with an advance reader's copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary and expresses my honest opinion.
… (altro)
SheTreadsSoftly | 2 altre recensioni | Apr 12, 2024 |
"Thorgols discovered for himself what is possible in Greenland, where folks must learn new ways or die."
In a harsh land, death and hardship are common... so much so that not being able to "learn new ways, one will die." Because of their isolation, exposure to a harsh environment, violent traditions, and sickness,
“Everyone has many chances to practice with death. If you have not, then you are indeed rare among Greenlanders.”
While the story is engrossing, the style is one of an actual Scandanavian saga. This can be off-putting for some readers. It was worth the effort and challenge and reading it because the story keeps getting better and better. The characters seemed so vivid, their suffering so real..." but who among us does not have a brother or a cousin or a son who seems as though he cannot be helped to do right, but must always find his own way through the thickest undergrowth, although the clear path be near by: Who among us does not sometimes grow angry and sometimes grow bitter and sometimes grow melancholy at the ways of such folk?"… (altro)
Chrissylou62 | 32 altre recensioni | Apr 11, 2024 |
This is a 4 star read for me, but what an incredible reading experience. Smiley writes in the style of old Norse sagas which is hard to get into, but addictive once you get used to it. It is like a magnificent weave is being created in front of your eyes and you get into the characters' lives and then out and back in again.
These people, who really come to life in the book, sometimes die so easily and there is no dwelling upon it. It is a fascinating style that mirrors the harshness of the environment and the constant struggle and nearness of death the real Greenlanders were used to. This is a difficult book to read also because the reality is so unpleasant and the book makes it almost too real for the reader.

A space-time machine.
… (altro)
ZeljanaMaricFerli | 32 altre recensioni | Mar 4, 2024 |
A lovely little fable about a horse who escapes her stable outside Paris and journeys to the city, where she makes friends with a stray dog, some birds, and a rat. She is eventually "adopted" by a lonely little boy who hides her in his great-grandmother's house. Not a lot happens, but I really enjoyed this tale of interdependence, community, and friendship.

4 stars
1 vota
katiekrug | 24 altre recensioni | Feb 22, 2024 |


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