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Kristin Hannah was born in Southern California in September 1960. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked in an advertising agency and practiced law in Seattle. Hannah and her mom began writing a novel together when her mother was suffering from cancer. When her mother died, she put the mostra altro draft away and continued to practice law. While pregnant with her son, and on bed rest, she took out the draft that she and her mother had written and began to write in earnest. Her draft was done by the time she gave birth. In 1990, she became a published writer and has been writing ever since. She has won numerous awards including the Golden Heart, the Maggie and 1996 National Reader's Choice award. In 2004, she won the Rita Award for Best Novel: Between Sisters. Her title Winter Garden made the New York Times Bestseller List for 2011. Many of Hannah's other titles have made the New York Times Bestsellers List since then including: Night Road, Home Again, Home Front, Fly Away, The Nightingale, Comfort and Joy, True Colours, and The Great Alone. She has written a series entitled Girls of Firefly Lane which includes the books, Firefly Lane, and Fly Away. Two of her books are being made into feature films, The Nightingale, and Home Front. (Bowker Author Biography) mostra meno
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The Nightingale (2015) 9,916 copie
The Great Alone (2018) 5,014 copie
The Four Winds (2021) 4,047 copie
Winter Garden (2010) 3,488 copie
Night Road (2011) 2,474 copie
Magic Hour (2006) 2,160 copie
True Colors (2009) 2,131 copie
Home Front (2012) 1,662 copie
On Mystic Lake (1999) 1,623 copie
Between Sisters (2003) 1,499 copie
Summer Island (2001) 1,449 copie
Fly Away (2013) 1,393 copie
The Things We Do for Love (2004) 1,345 copie
The Women (2024) 1,293 copie
Una scelta d'amore (2000) 1,291 copie
Distant Shores: A Novel (1996) 1,101 copie
Comfort & Joy (2005) 927 copie
Home Again (1996) 841 copie
If You Believe (1993) 329 copie
Waiting for the Moon (1995) 316 copie
Once in Every Life (1992) 285 copie
When Lightning Strikes (1994) 212 copie
The Enchantment (1992) 125 copie
A Handful of Heaven (1991) 108 copie
The Glass Case (1998) 100 copie
Another Life (2023) 29 copie
Harvest Hearts (1993) 18 copie
Summer Love Omnibus (2003) 3 copie
Redemption 2 copie
Gdzie poniesie wiatr (2021) 1 copia
Kjr̆lighetens labyrint (1999) 1 copia
With Love (2002) 1 copia
Pomiedzy siostrami (2021) 1 copia
Een tijd van loslaten (2017) 1 copia

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An Author Interview with Kristin Hannah in Talk about LibraryThing (Febbraio 5)
deaf woman, dies too early, given choice of new body in Name that Book (Settembre 2015)


Even though this book is listed as historical fiction, this actually a very slow moving and repetitive family drama set during a historical period. I cannot say I learned much new information about the Great Depression or the Dust Bowl through this story. Although I realize Hannah is a popular author, this book just didn't work for me.

Overall rating: 2.5 stars
Ann_R | 187 altre recensioni | May 25, 2024 |
Disappointing for three reasons -
1. The time frame was too long and the pacing kept speeding up and slowing down. It felt like the author had a checklist of things that happened to the French during WW2 and went through and carefully added every possible event to these two sisters lives. It was not necessary for the characters to face every. single. calamity.

2. The relationships were heavily focused on but the historical details hardly at all. Isabelle is dashing hither and yon in near impossible escape plots and so the reader doesn't question the veracity of what she is doing we are just told but never shown how she pulls it off.

3. Gäetan. What a slime ball, it took me till 50% through before I was horrified to realise that I was supposed to be rooting for him. He was like the personification of a Red Flag, yeuckkk
… (altro)
ChariseH | 467 altre recensioni | May 25, 2024 |
Almost 5 stars, but I've read enough of her books to be able to predict what the characters will do, but still a real pageturner! She manages to capture the period and setting during this beautiful yet horrific scene in Vietnam during the war along with the unappreciated contirbutions of the young men & women over there. The story of women & nurses before, during, and after. took so appallingly long to come out and she tells it so darn well! Read it!
EllenH | 82 altre recensioni | May 24, 2024 |
This was a good book...but for me not great...Too long and repetitive and over the board drama...
ReedaPNR | 82 altre recensioni | May 23, 2024 |


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