Help me remember this old Children’s book.

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Help me remember this old Children’s book.

Set 17, 1:31am

When I was a child (late 90’s early 2000’s) I remember having this very interesting, vividly illustrated, fairy tale fantasy type picture book. I remember it being large, and coil bound and potential part of a box set… (I could be wrong though).

I remember there being colour illustrations of a giant tried down to the ground by a bunch of tiny military people, some sort of medieval army, an alligator or dragon, trolls and weird flying machines.

It is but a fever dream for me now, and I’ve been trying to track it down for the past few months with no luck!

Set 17, 5:55am

The giant tied down makes me think it might be an illustrated copy of Gulliver's Travels.

Modificato: Set 17, 7:03am

Or a variant for kids. I had one featuring Mickey Mouse as Gulliver, lol.

You can see some of them here:

Set 17, 2:52pm

>1 mickey_yvr: The tiny military people made me think of Trouble for Trumpets and the artwork of Peter Cross, but I can't recall any gulliver-like giant tied down. But I haven't seen all the Trumpet books and in any case it was a long time ago, so worth a mention.

Set 21, 11:18pm

Hello All,

I spoke with my mother, and she remembers it vaguely as well! So I am not just hallucinating it.

Some more info about it is that it was aprox 2.5feet tall, and 18 inches wide. Very few pages, and hardly any words. Mostly illustrations. My mother remembers the cover being blue.

I do think it has some sort of reference to Gulliver , but I cant find any covers of the books that ring a bell for me.

Thank you all for your suggestions! I am still searching! :)