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AppuntatoPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!47 non letti / 47amanda4242, Novembre 8
AppuntatoGeneral help and topic title change requests221 non letti / 221amanda4242, Domenica 11:55am
AppuntatoAnnouncements47 non letti / 47amanda4242, Febbraio 20
Squirrel Breaks Out of Petshop?1 non letto / 1Shenanigator, Oggi 6:41pm
a dragonshifter princess fights against her family1 non letto / 1Taranz, Oggi 5:13pm
Latin American author short stories/essays incl Elvis Presley2 non letti / 2rarm, Oggi 9:56am
[Children's or YA] Book w/various horror stories, one involving a drug-fueled vision of giant bugs destroying humanity3 non letti / 3vorkosigan, Oggi 3:05am
Book Published Between 1990 and 2005 By Black Author1 non letto / 1momstheuniverse, Ieri 10:46pm
Young Adult Book Set in the 1700-1800s2 non letti / 2rarm, Ieri 6:53pm
YA chapter book1 non letto / 1charliebouquet, Ieri 5:08pm
Novel, man finds dead wife’s hair all over apartment, eventually finds final hair inavocado plant she grew.3 non letti / 3juels, Ieri 10:17am
Lolita-style fiction protagonist is Ivy, a teen who vanishes2 non letti / 2saskia17, Ieri 5:42am
YA time travel in elevator4 non letti / 4MissSquish, Domenica 9:22pm
Found: Cozy Mystery - Matriarch dies becomes ghost3 non letti / 3RosetheReader, Domenica 9:12pm
Found: Novel About a 12-Year-Old Girl’s Quest To Save Her Fictional Friend15 non letti / 15beyondthefourthwall, Domenica 3:32pm
1980s puzzle picture books2 non letti / 2konallis, Domenica 9:09am
Found: Short ghost story - tiny people watched from a window4 non letti / 4Nooiniin, Domenica 5:01am
Old French Mystery Novel About a Missing Woman2 non letti / 2SH83, Domenica 2:14am
Late 80s/early 90s romance novel1 non letto / 1Traci_Pietrzykow7247, Sabato 6:57pm
Contemporary Romance with reclusive twin brothers1 non letto / 1stepfordwife, Sabato 6:27pm
Found: Anthology of Short Stories Based Off of Artwork, floating chairs, caterpillars3 non letti / 3RosetheReader, Sabato 4:19pm
Poem About Teenage Loss3 non letti / 3Isabella.Pacheco, Sabato 12:25pm
YA 80-early 90's Contemporary Fantasy group of kids vs evil12 non letti / 12RosetheReader, Sabato 11:07am
Boy forced into enslavement meets man who trains for naked olympics1 non letto / 1Hward33, Sabato 10:43am
Eskimo goes out hunting2 non letti / 2d_perlo, Sabato 8:49am
Found: Diana Palmer style book4 non letti / 4Caramellunacy, Sabato 6:22am
YA/middle grade fiction about girl recovering from car accident3 non letti / 3RosetheReader, Venerdì 11:19am
Found: YA post apocalypse novel31 non letti / 31Caramellunacy, Venerdì 11:05am
Young adult book summer vacation1 non letto / 1ameliasea, Venerdì 1:00am
a book about a boy who finds three arrows one was black1 non letto / 1Emilyb117, Giovedì 9:59pm
Fictional story about a sales executive that saves the company of a departed friend...1 non letto / 1wootage, Giovedì 6:53pm
Fantasy/Sci-Fi; Futuristic; Female Main Character2 non letti / 2RosetheReader, Giovedì 11:07am
Adult fiction SciFi-Thriller11 non letti / 11AWalkerScott, Giovedì 10:01am
Found: YA matchmaking high school romance9 non letti / 9Caramellunacy, Giovedì 6:41am
Found: YA! A Second Chance Romance Novel with revenge plot.4 non letti / 4Caramellunacy, Giovedì 5:33am
Romance/Memory Loss. A woman wakes up with amnesia/memory loss from an accident, and a guy who claims to be her husband1 non letto / 1IslandSweetheart, Giovedì 1:54am
Middle grade(?) child of divorce living in separated house2 non letti / 2MissSquish, Mercoledì 11:45pm
Children’s book about mice who are neighbors1 non letto / 1rachelbb11, Mercoledì 1:32pm
Found: YA, Vampire turned as teen, stuck like that forever, 2010s, Comedy3 non letti / 3RosetheReader, Mercoledì 12:59pm
18th/19th century english poem5 non letti / 5AlexandraGrimm, Mercoledì 7:07am
Romance- college girl is a stripper to pay moms debts, ends up adopting little sister1 non letto / 1destinym0, Mercoledì 6:52am
SciFi travel to future story6 non letti / 6aceofnohearts, Mercoledì 6:28am
SciFi Young man/boy uncovers mysteries of past civilization5 non letti / 5DisassemblyOfReason, Mercoledì 12:32am
Someone help me find this book!!!2 non letti / 2lilithcat, Martedì 6:12pm
Gay detective solves murder in an ice hotel in Sweden1 non letto / 1ReadsInTheSunshine, Martedì 4:05pm
Revenge and Mystery.1 non letto / 1BrassHand, Martedì 1:27pm
Found: Children's Book about Giant Wave in Japan4 non letti / 4konallis, Martedì 11:14am
I need a word, not a book, sorry! (But it's a book word, so here goes)28 non letti / 28bnielsen, Martedì 2:39am
Murder Erotica1 non letto / 1xavier-2001, Martedì 2:37am
~1980s children's book, white/blue cover, bear11 non letti / 11bookel, Novembre 21
Found: Boy and wild geese, possibly in Carmargue region13 non letti / 13Bernarrd, Novembre 21
MG book about girls writing a book11 non letti / 11AWalkerScott, Novembre 21
Girl wears veil over one side of face to hide scar1 non letto / 1clara111, Novembre 21
Found: Boy Abducted by Aliens, appearance altered fictional.4 non letti / 4pjkong, Novembre 20
Help! Woman who lives in a trailer and get 3 dresses that make her look different and she meets a man and falls in love2 non letti / 2vorkosigan, Novembre 20
Historical romance book with warrior Heroine1 non letto / 1ZiaNemesis, Novembre 20
South/Central America, Boy gets buzzcut, says head looks like watermelon2 non letti / 2RosetheReader, Novembre 20
Found: Romance character possible Lord Bothevar3 non letti / 3RosetheReader, Novembre 20
Accidental pregnancies-Childhood neighbors1 non letto / 1TrishCastro, Novembre 20
Second Chance Romance in Anthology…Help!!1 non letto / 1TrishCastro, Novembre 20
Children's A girl who meets st peter in a garden2 non letti / 2MissSquish, Novembre 19
90s Children's Halloween witch book1 non letto / 1bassooner, Novembre 19
Slice of Life Graphic Novel1 non letto / 1TayHaring, Novembre 19
Harlequin Contemporary4 non letti / 4ZiaNemesis, Novembre 19
romance baby out of wedlock son finds dad who is rich rancher1 non letto / 1yaya0514, Novembre 19
Romance novel green dress cover1 non letto / 1elemnop, Novembre 19
Fantasy forbidden magic2 non letti / 2humouress, Novembre 19
Children's mystery/adventure book series similar to Enid Blyton's work1 non letto / 1madlad22, Novembre 18
Scifi: men travel through subterranean world, parachute down deep cavern12 non letti / 12Cecrow, Novembre 18
Girl runs away from orphanage4 non letti / 4Wes_Librairianson, Novembre 18
YA romance book2 non letti / 2sarader37, Novembre 18
Adult/Young adult fantasy book. Read about 7 or 8 years ago. Was brand new so should be written in 2014-2017.8 non letti / 8humouress, Novembre 18
Guy moves to new town and friend commits suicide1 non letto / 1DylanHernandez01, Novembre 18
Juvenile Great Escapes Collection5 non letti / 5beichst, Novembre 18
Kidnapped pregnant lady buried alive1 non letto / 1JemmaB33, Novembre 17
Found: Kidnapped girl - Kidnapper's own daughter had been kidnapped4 non letti / 4juels, Novembre 17
Found: J or YA Fantasy: crazy king builds card houses4 non letti / 4vorkosigan, Novembre 17
Found: Help: Fae Princess/King Romantic Fantasy8 non letti / 8kbfrench, Novembre 17
Female hacker who sees how a lot of people die; possibly called "Beautiful Net"2 non letti / 2juels, Novembre 17
Possible Thriller set in Asia2 non letti / 2Becca0702, Novembre 17
Found: Post apocalyptic series set in US8 non letti / 8konallis, Novembre 17
Found: British children's book read in 1970s7 non letti / 7Christopher_Z, Novembre 17
Old fiction novel where a man could see through the skin12 non letti / 12Wes_Librairianson, Novembre 16
Found: YA Dystopian "Utopian" City3 non letti / 3oofmilk, Novembre 16
Found: Historical coming of age story3 non letti / 3pnina.2234, Novembre 16
Found: YA (90s or older) Suspense/Ghost Story6 non letti / 6vorkosigan, Novembre 16
Found: college textbook Literature anthology7 non letti / 7Caramellunacy, Novembre 16
Middle School Goblin Book Series9 non letti / 9potterhead9999, Novembre 15
80s British mystery series, woman has 4 musical brothers4 non letti / 4vorkosigan, Novembre 15
Cat gang - children/teen book series 1970/8011 non letti / 11BrainFireBob, Novembre 15
Elementary teacher with terminal illness - school shooting - 2010s10 non letti / 10RosetheReader, Novembre 15
Children's book with phrase "Millicent said nothing at all"19 non letti / 19curioussquared, Novembre 15
Historical romance book2 non letti / 2Bluebelle21, Novembre 14
Found: Girl and her pet bird4 non letti / 4Shekzy, Novembre 14
YA book about a dead boy and a bracelet2 non letti / 2juels, Novembre 14
Book about detective who hears music1 non letto / 1surprisebear, Novembre 14
Read in 2016/7. Daughter who’s father was a therapist and sees her classmate at her funeral2 non letti / 2juels, Novembre 14
Found: Fairy tale book - Collection of European Fairy Tales5 non letti / 5Dauphine27, Novembre 14
Children/preteen fantasy middle eastern book1 non letto / 1ak0206, Novembre 13
Childrens book with Animals - unknown name9 non letti / 9kcstanier, Novembre 13
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