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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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AppuntatoPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!20 non letti / 20fuzzi, Febbraio 24
AppuntatoGeneral help and topic title change requests4 non letti / 4amanda4242, Febbraio 26
AppuntatoAnnouncements32 non letti / 32amanda4242, Febbraio 26
book about a guy who dreams the dream of the last person he made eye contact with before going to sleep3 non letti / 3lilithcat, Oggi 3:43pm
Found: Series about two boys traveling the world (adventuring) on bikes, probably French author2 non letti / 2pattisimit, Oggi 2:29pm
A book set in the Middle East, a sister is healed by Jesus, it has the word Wheel in the title2 non letti / 2MajorKira, Oggi 9:53am
A book about a dog drowning4 non letti / 4Bargle5, Oggi 7:16am
thriller: narrator's father dies, evil girl spirit haunts house1 non letto / 1Sofiah_K, Oggi 6:08am
Found: Horror: Alien who collects brains3 non letti / 3hello10101, Ieri 11:23pm
Kids book of monsters8 non letti / 8Wes_Librairianson, Ieri 9:26pm
Children's book about a rabbit who paints portraits2 non letti / 2merrystar, Ieri 8:19pm
Children’s book Princess and dragon girl trade places2 non letti / 2Timelapse, Ieri 8:12pm
Mystery survival novel about kidnapping2 non letti / 2Bookaddictbutiloveit, Ieri 3:19pm
Young Couple with a child. The husband is a traveling musician1 non letto / 1timii, Ieri 2:40pm
Fiction: Girl alone after nuclear disaster7 non letti / 7Rach47, Ieri 9:19am
YA murder/thriller set in high school1 non letto / 1anna.nanna, Ieri 6:17am
Book from early 1990s3 non letti / 3bookel, Ieri 5:48am
YA Time Travel1 non letto / 1msm005, Ieri 1:13am
fantasy friendship girl book?3 non letti / 3merrystar, Venerdì 11:51pm
Parapsychology2 non letti / 2mimigc, Venerdì 11:28pm
please help!1 non letto / 1bearbear69, Venerdì 7:21pm
Children’s Hist Fic abt Indian Girl4 non letti / 4rarm, Venerdì 5:15pm
Help me remember a contemporary romance from the 1990s2 non letti / 2starlightgenie, Venerdì 4:40pm
Need help with the title of a kids monster book1 non letto / 1ash87, Venerdì 3:02pm
Found: popular author, thriller, kidnapped children4 non letti / 4Caramellunacy, Venerdì 7:08am
Found: YA romance/fantasy. Duology, Crown princess can't rule, king chooses heir for her to marry, she fall for other boy.4 non letti / 4Caramellunacy, Venerdì 7:04am
Man hires woman to marry, have his child1 non letto / 1Paula84, Venerdì 12:02am
Lost book(s)1 non letto / 1Meme_boi10, Giovedì 8:29pm
Found: Children's Fiction - Group of Girls Find Fantasy World6 non letti / 6bambi2021, Giovedì 7:42pm
Found: The last Unicorn???? but not Beagle9 non letti / 9MerryMary, Giovedì 6:16pm
Found: Rural Slice of Life YA Fiction3 non letti / 3Trouthandler, Giovedì 5:11pm
Foreigner Coming of Age in Japan1 non letto / 1BradStreet, Giovedì 4:34pm
2 witch best friends / normal teens2 non letti / 2Mars-Facc, Giovedì 3:54pm
I need to name this book1 non letto / 1faithzumwalt, Giovedì 3:48pm
Adult crime novel about a wife that is killed and skinned1 non letto / 1RacheleMcKelly, Giovedì 1:58pm
Found: Main character called Day // Action3 non letti / 3raum_pry, Giovedì 1:10pm
YA fiction1 non letto / 1jacobsj2, Giovedì 11:53am
Found: Children's Book about the Holocaust9 non letti / 9LadyGrey23, Giovedì 11:20am
Boss & intern romance w/pregnancy1 non letto / 1missgoldfish, Giovedì 10:30am
Found: YA or maybe not Horror Mystery book with male Main Character3 non letti / 3SomeDadsKid, Giovedì 9:43am
Shipwrecked young male. Finds young female who natives want to impregnate as she is young and fertile. Also weird light44 non letti / 44cheeseismysoul, Giovedì 5:22am
YA crime book with black cover and picture of a blue eye.1 non letto / 1magnusmummy, Giovedì 4:02am
YA Horror Barn on Cover1 non letto / 1in_g, Mercoledì 11:47pm
Children's Fiction: Destroying a planet then moving to Earth1 non letto / 1Mars-Facc, Mercoledì 10:43pm
YA horror from 90s(?) with ghost girl1 non letto / 1LonghairedLass, Mercoledì 10:41pm
realistic fiction(?) kid dies of heart condition, classmates throw paper planes4 non letti / 4Mars-Facc, Mercoledì 10:27pm
Children's series about a girl coach2 non letti / 2EllieMaec8, Mercoledì 10:12pm
Philosophy book with funky cover1 non letto / 1femsista, Mercoledì 9:07pm
90's rejency era romance- widowed heroine secretly runs gaming hell1 non letto / 1bonnycrop, Mercoledì 9:03pm
Trying to find A Fiction Book/Novel I Read Years Ago.4 non letti / 4Wes_Librairianson, Mercoledì 8:21pm
feel good chicken soup book. BEFORE CHICKEN SOUP. 1970's8 non letti / 8EGBERTINA, Mercoledì 6:41pm
Found: YA Fantasy: Prince restored to power3 non letti / 3Jessica_Flores, Mercoledì 5:59pm
Ya - small town girls wins model contest moves to New York1 non letto / 1Dani-elle, Mercoledì 4:53pm
Children's book - Squirrel in tree above fog1 non letto / 1hebonney, Mercoledì 11:44am
Medieval knight has fever and can't remember his one-night stand7 non letti / 7smaryosst, Mercoledì 10:25am
Book that takes place in pioneer days and the present8 non letti / 8smaryosst, Mercoledì 10:24am
Trashy historical romance novel horse named black Sabbath5 non letti / 5Sen_Tuar, Mercoledì 9:08am
Ya fantasy: (witch) girl's magic pendant stops protecting her on her birthday21 non letti / 21Sen_Tuar, Mercoledì 9:08am
ya fiction-girl is selected to compete for the crown, painter makes her ugly and she runs away PLEASE help!!!2 non letti / 2DisassemblyOfReason, Mercoledì 8:06am
Teen book1 non letto / 1Elisa94, Mercoledì 7:40am
Romance2 non letti / 2fs90, Mercoledì 7:31am
Junior Fiction Female Spy/Codebreaker Series1 non letto / 1Biblio-Beth, Martedì 11:50pm
British romance novel from 1970-1980s2 non letti / 2BLCohen8479, Martedì 10:36pm
YA Fantasy about a bad wizard19 non letti / 19Kayter, Martedì 8:54pm
please help me figure out a sciFi book that i can't remember the name of !!1 non letto / 1katirigkw, Martedì 8:20pm
Found: Unknown title of novel3 non letti / 3OLUWATISE1997, Martedì 6:18pm
Teen/YA historical romance, Jane Austen writing style, pub. 2000-2020, cover:red & white w/ black2 non letti / 2MerryMary, Martedì 4:48pm
Found: Fantasy book series in magic world where hero goes on adventure with female and falls in love3 non letti / 3agjm, Martedì 2:20pm
Help me remember Book from early 1990s1 non letto / 1DeeSmith0405, Martedì 1:40pm
Help me remember Book from early 1990s1 non letto / 1DeeSmith0405, Martedì 1:39pm
Y/A Fantasy Fiction. Die and not buried=undead1 non letto / 1Julia_Raenee, Martedì 1:21pm
Found: SciFi short story mystery of psychic alien with remote appendages3 non letti / 3dtowell, Martedì 10:49am
Fiction about a boy and a train1 non letto / 1Throatpunch, Martedì 9:33am
YA Fiction 2+pov Time/Dimension Travel2 non letti / 2MissSquish, Martedì 12:04am
Sci-Fi book im dying to find again1 non letto / 1Cristian_Escobal, Lunedì 11:56pm
Love Spell book from 90's and unique perfume...1 non letto / 1Calisandra27, Lunedì 10:45pm
Found: Girl with an Animal Heart3 non letti / 3alex6767, Lunedì 9:55pm
Man and woman trapped in elevator fall in love and have an affair8 non letti / 8KWharton, Lunedì 8:24pm
English and French Poetry Collection (Present for Fiancé, help)3 non letti / 3Kuiperdolin, Lunedì 8:09pm
Young Adult Novel, dying kid?2 non letti / 2bookel, Lunedì 6:24pm
Children's Book4 non letti / 4bookel, Lunedì 6:18pm
can’t remember this book2 non letti / 2juels, Lunedì 6:05pm
Fantasy. Runaway from a monastery. 2005-20131 non letto / 1JuliePr, Lunedì 5:50pm
Not Kit Rocha's "Beyond" series, but same setting and descriptive text1 non letto / 1RowanTribeNew, Lunedì 5:04pm
Garden book with watering secret: urine5 non letti / 5florafavours, Lunedì 4:11pm
Sad romance book. About a girl who is sick and meets this boy and they fall in love. He calls her things like Nemo...1 non letto / 1GracieEeeEE, Lunedì 2:54pm
A romance novel about a male or female (or both) contractor1 non letto / 1timii, Lunedì 2:43pm
Found: Short mystery girl named needle4 non letti / 4kikinlivi, Lunedì 2:34pm
Fantasy children/YA (series?)1 non letto / 1Minwin, Lunedì 12:38pm
80's Children's Book: Why? Because2 non letti / 2konallis, Lunedì 11:48am
Historical Romance - Dying hero marries a desperate woman, leaves then comes back recovered years later2 non letti / 2juels, Lunedì 11:42am
Fiction/Thriller about a victim with amnesia who is trying to find her rapist.3 non letti / 3juels, Lunedì 11:34am
90s Romance Set in Greece2 non letti / 2juels, Lunedì 11:29am
vintage childrens book1 non letto / 1SarahMaureenCampbell, Lunedì 10:13am
Harlequin Romance - on a ship, officer interrogates woman he thinks is a French spy1 non letto / 1cof1987, Lunedì 2:21am
Bible Story Series. Not Arthur Maxwell2 non letti / 2EGBERTINA, Lunedì 12:55am
Irish Mythologial Fantasy. c. 1978- 19819 non letti / 9EGBERTINA, Lunedì 12:55am
Help! Name that book!4 non letti / 4amanda4242, Domenica 11:57pm
Boy Experiences Connection with Mummy at Museum1 non letto / 1LT.Reads, Domenica 9:03pm
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