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AppuntatoPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!37 non letti / 37amanda4242, Febbraio 4
AppuntatoGeneral help and topic title change requests155 non letti / 155Hicksbran, Aprile 6
AppuntatoAnnouncements47 non letti / 47amanda4242, Febbraio 20
German Language Children's Book - Child rides tricycle across the ceiling1 non letto / 1Bernarrd, Oggi 7:56pm
Found: Older fantasy book skeleton main character3 non letti / 3caitlynschraeder, Oggi 6:46pm
Found: Romance novel, sex robots, woman held captive on alien planet6 non letti / 6rawrs, Oggi 1:27pm
YA funny alien archaeologists on Earth2 non letti / 2brizzzy, Oggi 11:33am
Found: YA 2000s Hawaii, WWII4 non letti / 4brizzzy, Oggi 11:31am
Found: Runaway lives in a sewer5 non letti / 5Caramellunacy, Oggi 10:50am
YA, murder mystery?? hardback with red&blueish cover2 non letti / 2vorkosigan, Ieri 11:11pm
Mentally Ill Son Domestic Fiction3 non letti / 3lisaniles, Ieri 3:19pm
Australian Suburban fiction, Man likes to wear dresses for comfort (he's a bigger bloke)1 non letto / 1noseina, Ieri 10:39am
Found: Irish girl in care/ adopted in England3 non letti / 3lolaeve, Ieri 10:35am
YA Australiana Suburbia3 non letti / 3noseina, Ieri 10:27am
Book about a princess teen going through puberty (more in description)2 non letti / 2A_Cato, Lunedì 9:48pm
Children's Fantasy Book Stuck in Sleep/Dreams1 non letto / 1fictionfantasy, Lunedì 5:23pm
Historic romance 1918 flu US Southwest1 non letto / 1Mamapedrad, Lunedì 1:22pm
YA Highschool Love Square1 non letto / 1antisocialotaku, Lunedì 4:03am
YA post apocalypse novel17 non letti / 17encry, Lunedì 1:20am
Romance book1 non letto / 1kemp345, Domenica 10:57pm
Romance ex arms dealer1 non letto / 1ashley2492, Domenica 12:57pm
YA Fantasy Arabian-themed Book20 non letti / 20Laynacakes, Domenica 10:21am
Fairly recent book, women's fiction, main character runs IT company1 non letto / 1drou, Sabato 11:29am
Elementary School Novel (?)3 non letti / 3trashyyy, Sabato 7:27am
Found: Kids picture book circa 1991, assembling monsters3 non letti / 3librarianlinz, Venerdì 10:36pm
Children's Picture Book1 non letto / 1jordanandrea, Venerdì 4:48pm
Found: Fiction/medieval fantasy kinda?4 non letti / 4Cspicy02, Venerdì 4:39pm
MG/YA Fantasy; Girl with (Invisible) Snake?3 non letti / 3aspirit, Venerdì 3:23pm
I think this novel is about 10 years old3 non letti / 3aspirit, Venerdì 3:18pm
Bored office man pretends to be someone else on the phone.2 non letti / 2Bruumble, Giovedì 11:39pm
Book cover or topless short haired woman wearing a lei.1 non letto / 1GinaFalana, Giovedì 9:01pm
Romance Book1 non letto / 1Megan_Ann_Barnar4938, Giovedì 1:39pm
Children's Comics about about a young witch4 non letti / 4RosetheReader, Mercoledì 7:42pm
Lesbian Workplace Romance1 non letto / 1Zia222, Mercoledì 7:21pm
Boy kidnaps girl and tells a story of his sister1 non letto / 1Kloudy_Bee, Mercoledì 1:55pm
Dark magic3 non letti / 3beyondthefourthwall, Mercoledì 7:51am
Teen fiction floating pirate ships4 non letti / 4vorkosigan, Mercoledì 12:08am
YA dark romance mute guy back for revenge1 non letto / 1Anna2964, Maggio 10
Found: Contemporary, romance, Dude Ranch setting being able to tell twins apart3 non letti / 3cuddlebugx4, Maggio 10
Mistaken Identity Mystery title1 non letto / 1ILuvBookplates, Maggio 10
Romance Girl in a female school falls in love with boy from male School1 non letto / 1AyaTheAya101, Maggio 10
Romance Adventure Story1 non letto / 1zwbookworm2, Maggio 10
Found: mom coffee monster book4 non letti / 4lib.rare.ian, Maggio 10
Old novel rural wife, forced to live in city, wood carver2 non letti / 2lib.rare.ian, Maggio 9
Found: Girl sent to teen boot camp/ wilderness camp. Whistleblower of the abusive conditions3 non letti / 3lolaeve, Maggio 9
Found: Children’s/YA scifi elemental twins, population disappeared7 non letti / 7humouress, Maggio 9
YA. Girl finds out she’s descended from a god(?), family who moved back into town helps her.1 non letto / 1nichole46640, Maggio 9
Found: YA, boy's family turns into wolves. Transforms by going into pond during full moon.3 non letti / 3peripenrod, Maggio 8
YA romance - girl ends up with childhood crush1 non letto / 1Brooke15, Maggio 8
Found: Crime fiction: female gym owner stalked by killer3 non letti / 3lyla0412, Maggio 8
Short story collection/ thriller / one story specifically1 non letto / 1IsabellaG, Maggio 8
Historical romance Asian girl creates perfume3 non letti / 3humouress, Maggio 8
Teen fiction book about arranged marriages1 non letto / 1Chums, Maggio 8
Short story, mothers day, ?James Thurber4 non letti / 4NealL, Maggio 8
Help finding a book title?2 non letti / 2lilithcat, Maggio 8
Tv presenter wife visits aunt to fake dead husband's death return trip.1 non letto / 1Naomi_Louise_Bryson, Maggio 8
Found: 1970-1980ish Private girl's school. MC's only friend dyes dress for dance, dye rubs off on her skin4 non letti / 4Jen_Luna, Maggio 8
Found: Couple cannot touch otherwise man "vanishes".5 non letti / 5Aquila, Maggio 8
Found: YA: Group of children travel into a mirror5 non letti / 5bookel, Maggio 7
Atomic Bomb - Female Author3 non letti / 3averrender, Maggio 7
a girl who becomes best friends with meryl streep's daughter1 non letto / 1m2222m, Maggio 7
girl frames art teacher she doesnt like after making him thing they were dating1 non letto / 1m2222m, Maggio 7
Cinderella reimagining, Chiara Lorenzo18 non letti / 18Sen_Tuar, Maggio 6
fantasy / revenge book - I read in the 1980's1 non letto / 1beerbaron, Maggio 6
YA Fiction: Girl Sells Clothes in Vending Machine2 non letti / 2prvteidaho, Maggio 6
African American fiction or YA fiction about group of Black students in college11 non letti / 11DKG20, Maggio 6
Mafia Arranged Marriage1 non letto / 1DebbieBelle, Maggio 6
Adult / Mystery / Fiction1 non letto / 1juniper_9, Maggio 6
Female Medic/Spy in (World?) War2 non letti / 2Jynxed_, Maggio 5
Found: Switchboard3 non letti / 3Joyce.Phillips, Maggio 5
SF Book-Was it all in his head?1 non letto / 1TinaBiene8, Maggio 5
YA Fantasy blue blooded girl2 non letti / 2RosetheReader, Maggio 5
MG Fantasy Quest for macguffin (dragon egg?) 2010s3 non letti / 3RosetheReader, Maggio 5
psychological suspense (maybe Scandi), 1st person from killer's POV1 non letto / 1fordeeto, Maggio 5
Found: Anthology of Short Stories from the 1960s4 non letti / 4dhm, Maggio 5
Horror/thriller, artist gates of hell and cult3 non letti / 3cannedplants03, Maggio 5
Two Children Trapped In Bronze Age Tomb?8 non letti / 8MissSquish, Maggio 5
book where a girls brother has heart problems so she goes to live with her grandma2 non letti / 2keachachu, Maggio 4
Cowboy romance help to find title1 non letto / 1jkpfeiffer8, Maggio 4
Help finding book title1 non letto / 1jkpfeiffer8, Maggio 4
Dystopian, goddess, special water1 non letto / 1_Arcadian_, Maggio 4
NA Fantasy Romance. A dying girl and a God who help her find her cure to a Dangerous Forest3 non letti / 3beyondthefourthwall, Maggio 4
Harlequin Teen book from 80s2 non letti / 2Tina_Evans, Maggio 4
Children go across the country to Gramma’s house eating only potatoes.4 non letti / 4sueelleker, Maggio 4
shhhhhhhhhhh2 non letti / 2amanda4242, Maggio 3
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer38 non letti / 38Bargle5, Maggio 3
Historical Romance with fiesty abused widow29 non letti / 29Lily34, Maggio 3
Portnoy's Complaint Knockoff22 non letti / 22Bargle5, Maggio 2
Horror Book, Possibly 2, from 70s-80s (Spoiler Ahead)22 non letti / 22Bargle5, Maggio 2
Depression Prohibition Era Outlaws30 non letti / 30Bargle5, Maggio 2
Sf Novel, Possibly C. J. Cherryh58 non letti / 58Bargle5, Maggio 2
Horror book with killer nurse2 non letti / 2lowelibrary, Maggio 1
birdsong mnemonic children's picture book2 non letti / 2lib.rare.ian, Maggio 1
romance where her boyfriend wears colored contacts1 non letto / 1riverstateknox, Maggio 1
Fiction similar to v.c. andrews1 non letto / 1andreavb, Maggio 1
Middle grade/ Son of Zeus gets invited to Olympus3 non letti / 3RosetheReader, Maggio 1
Found: YA/Teen SciFi/Fantasy Energy Magic10 non letti / 10RosetheReader, Maggio 1
Found: YA Ocean Civilization Coming to Shore4 non letti / 4RosetheReader, Maggio 1
Children's book about two stone lions9 non letti / 9aspirit, Maggio 1
Middle School? Werewolf Book- Help I can't remember name!3 non letti / 3Rayne_Sky, Maggio 1
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