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The Sparrow (1996) 7,671 copie
Children of God (1998) 2,980 copie
A Thread of Grace (2005) 2,113 copie
Doc (2011) 1,405 copie
Dreamers of the Day (2008) 1,087 copie
Epitaph (2015) 535 copie
Rakhat 3 copie
2000 1 copia

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Ellen (ebt1002) Reads On in 2016 - Chapter 10 in 75 Books Challenge for 2016 (Ottobre 2016)
!/4 way through THE SPARROW and am already blown away in Science Fiction Fans (Mag 2014)


Overhyped pseudo sci-fi with cringy characters and dialogue.
drdolma | 403 altre recensioni | Feb 3, 2024 |
(2015)Pretty good novelization of Tombstone, AZ, and specifically Wyatt Earp. The story evolves around him and his eventual wife, Josie, all the way thru their deaths in the 20th century and ends with a brief account of the way media portrayed him ending with the 50's TV series. This tries to take the fluff and glamor off of Wyatt's portrayal and succeeds pretty well. He was not the hero and good guy that Hollywood has portrayed him, rather a schemer, scoundrel, entrepeneur, murderer and lawman probably in that order. He, his 3 brothers and Doc Holliday did their best to keep peace in Tombstone while enriching their lives the best they could. They ran up against other lawmen in overlapping jurisdictions and the Cow Boys who basically ran that section of Arizona.KIRKUS REVIEWRussell follows up her fictional portrait of Doc Holliday (Doc, 2011) with this fictional deconstruction of the shootout at the O.K. Corral.While Doc Holliday's charisma remains unrivaled, he becomes a kind of Greek chorus when Russell shifts her focus to Wyatt Earp, the ambivalent, morally ambiguous not-quite-hero of this Western Iliad; as Doc says after a gunfight in which Wyatt's boot heel is shot off but he remains unharmed, ?Achilles himself would have envied your luck.? By 1880, when Doc shows up, the Earp brothers have settled in Tombstone with their ?wives?Russell's strongly drawn women are frontier survivors who take what security they can get whether officially legal or not. Also new in town is 18-year-old Josie Marcus, a nice Jewish runaway from San Francisco who's ended up the "wife? of Republican politician/businessman Johnny Behan. The Irish Yankee is competing with southern Democrat Wyatt Earp for sheriff. Their friendly political rivalry turns ugly once they begin competing for Josie as well. Meanwhile, big business interests behind the silver mines want to rid Tombstone of the local rustlers and petty criminals threatening the town's reputation and the capitalists' financial futures. The novel shifts effortlessly between intimate focusÂ¥for instance, Doc quietly teaching Josie a piano piece; actually, every scene with Doc or Josie is a bull's eyeÂ¥and a wide angle that captures President James Garfield's assassination as well as the history of silver mining. The volatile mix of money, politics and personal vengeance intensifies in the months leading to the famous shootout and its less famous but brutal aftermath during which Wyatt loses his moral center. Eventually the novel becomes less violent but sadder and more realistic as Wyatt turns into a sullied victor on an odyssey toward Josie and pop-culture immortality.Despite all that has been written and filmed about Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp, Russell's pointedly anti-epic anti-romance is so epic and romantic that it whets the reader's appetite for more.Pub Date: March 3rd, 2015ISBN: 978-0-06-219876-1Page count: 320ppPublisher: Ecco/HarperCollinsReview Posted Online: Nov. 29th, 2014Kirkus Reviews Issue: Dec. 15th, 2014… (altro)
derailer | 49 altre recensioni | Jan 25, 2024 |
I haven't read this one in years, but when it was fresh for me, I tried to force everybody I knew to read it.

So.....I'm not thrilled that I re-read this one. I'm still totally engaged with the beautiful & tragic story of Emilio Sandoz but this time almost everything around it disappointed a bit. I think I could see the author trying to be clever or dramatic or deliberately vague. Some of it was plodding and repetitive. I love the concept of first contact and of the struggle to understand God and the way the Jesuits find god in small things.… (altro)
hmonkeyreads | 403 altre recensioni | Jan 25, 2024 |
I appreciated learning how a group of residnets, many of them Catholic, joined the partisans in World War II to help the Jews and fascists of northwestern Italy. However, since this was historical fiction, it could have been clearer with the characters not having similar names and not frequentky changing names. The author could have been clearer regarding many of the protagonists, but she did provide a clear picture of how difficult the day to day life was. I also appreciated that most characters were portrayed as real people exhibiting both positive and negative characteristics. I was concerned with some of the author's questions at the end of the book, but they did leave one to ponder differen situations. Again, similarities to the politics of today were very evident.… (altro)
suesbooks | 90 altre recensioni | Jan 20, 2024 |


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