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Oct 27, 2005
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Patchen Markell
La mia biblioteca

• I'm a professor of political theory at Cornell University. I'm also a compulsive maker of lists. I probably spend more time reading books than pursuing them, but just barely.

• Mostly a working scholarly library, centered on the humanities and humanistic social sciences, especially political theory and political science, philosophy, Marxism and critical social theory, modern (particulary 20th-century) political, social, cultural, and intellectual history, radical politics, classics and ancient history, Judaica, literary theory and criticism, and the history and theory of art and architecture. There's a substantial art book collection in here too, and a decent representation of fiction and poetry. Plus cookbooks, travel guides, and other merit badges of the late modern bourgeoisie.

• What I'm collecting these days: neglected classics of twentieth-century social and political thought in early editions; 20th-century German-language philosophy, political theory, and literary and cultural studies, runs of some leftish political and literary periodicals, periodicals and ephemera of the postwar student left, Arendtiana. And anything else I can't resist.

• Turn-ons: crisp text printed from metal type, decent gutters, sewn bindings, handfeel. Turn-offs: digitally printed books, paperbacks longer than 300 pages or so. Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci.

• Nope, I haven't read them all.

• The library was founded in 1987, when Leslie Lipson, then a professor emeritus of Political Science at Berkeley who was teaching my freshman seminar, handed me a couple of spare desk copies of good books that he had lying around his office and said: "I assume you'll be starting a library?"

• With the advent of LibraryThing Local, much of my list of "sources" has moved to "favorite bookstores." But that's mostly limited to bookstores that still exist. So here's a memorial to some favorite places now defunct, many of which were gone before LT Local came to be....

In memoriam: Acorn Books (San Francisco), Arlington Books (Arlington, MA), Avenue Victor Hugo (Boston), Berkeley Book Consortium (Berkeley), the original Black Oak Books (Berkeley), the rebooted Black Oak Books (Berkeley), The Bookcase (Cambridge, MA), The Bookcellar (Cambridge, MA), The Bookery (Ithaca, NY), Canterbury Books (Cambridge, MA), Cartesian Books (Berkeley), Cody's Books (Telegraph Avenue, Fourth Street, and Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, and Union Square in San Francisco, the last of which was a crappy idea to begin with), Columbus Books (San Francisco), Ex Libris (Chicago), Holmes Books (Oakland), House of Sarah Books (Cambridge, MA), O'Gara and Wilson on 57th Street (Chicago, now in Indiana in some form), Pangloss, in its various forms (Cambridge and Boston, MA), Prairie Avenue Books (Chicago), Rain Dog Books (Chicago, now in the suburbs), the old Seminary Coop space (Chicago), Serendipity Books (Berkeley), Starr Book Shop (Cambridge, MA, now online-only?), and even, though I never really loved it, Wordsworth (Cambridge, MA).

• To celebrate LT's 18th birthday and my own 18th Thingaversary -- hey, I've been on this site since it was in diapers! -- I've decided to start the cataloging vinyl and CDs too, oy. Some favorite sources (other than Bandcamp and direct orders from small independent labels): Rasputin (in the old days), Leopold, Tower, and (eventually and ever after) Amoeba (Berkeley); Down Home and Mod Lang (El Cerrito); Newbury Comics (Cambridge); Forced Exposure (Malden, or Somerville, or Arlington, or wherever it is now); Other Music and the Downtown Music Gallery (NYC); Reckless, Hi-Fi, Gramophone, Dusty Groove, and, above all, the life-changing Jazz Record Mart (Chicago); and now Angry Mom (Ithaca). And although I'm not sure I ever bought anything there myself, given that I moved out of the neighborhood at age 8, I'm pretty sure my very first record store experience was Record Revolution (Coventry Village, Cleveland Heights), which I appear to have outlived.

• What? I warned you about the lists.

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Moved halfway across the country with this library and am. never. moving. again.

Ithaca, NY, USA
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