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Blackwing (2017) 387 copie
Daughter of Redwinter (2022) 159 copie
Ravencry (2018) 141 copie
Crowfall (2019) 113 copie
Traitor of Redwinter (2023) 24 copie
Trogs 1 copia

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Art of War: Anthology for Charity (2018) — Collaboratore — 43 copie


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“I took another sip from the wine. The third bottle. Probably not the best idea in my condition. But aren’t we just a combination of our worst habits.” - Galharrow
The Ravencry series aptly intertwines elements of Sf, Fantasy, even noir mystery - a potent cocktail. Intoxicated by its charm the first time round, I’m in need of more of the good stuff. And as expected, i was not to be disappointed.
The second installment in the Blackwing series Ravencry turned out just as grim.
The author spun an intriguing world that interweaves late renaissance science and technology with a particular dark brand of magic, all unfolding as events leap between the the republic, specifically its capital Valengrad and the post apocalyptic insanity called The Misery, a barren wasteland that follows no natural law. Populated with the, from the first part, familiar malformed humanoid drudge, good and evil humans and gods, childlike nightmarish darlings, this alternate universe is as bizarre as it is captivating. The second book introduces more of a menagerie of bizarrary, there are the cult of the bright women, the supremely obese “singers”, severed heads that speak, and a tall spire, akin to the Shanghai Pearl Tower whose sphere is poised to give forth another Deep God”.
Ryhalt Galharrow’s humor is as dry and self-deprecating as ever.
Our main character, ever battling his own demons, has, once again, his work cut out, indeed. All in all, a more than worthy continuation of the first part and a must read. In short, this is “grim lore” at its best, again.
On a side note, despite starting with a quick overview of events transpired in the first installment, this is meant to refresh ones memory rather than provide a smooth entry for reader that missed the first part. The plot is rather complex and events are intricately connected.
… (altro)
nitrolpost | 4 altre recensioni | Mar 19, 2024 |
What a finish!

There are many factions, fractured factions at that, at work, and while you can guess at some of the outcomes, it is a wild wild finish to the trilogy, with twists and turns and fights and magic and everything.
cwebb | 3 altre recensioni | Jan 8, 2024 |
Set four years after part one, it features the same main characters, some new ones. It has the same ingredients, but just a bit... less... of parts I liked very much. A bit less humor maybe, definitely less action, even if the pacing is still fine.
cwebb | 4 altre recensioni | Oct 24, 2023 |
Dark fantasy that is a lot of fun to read.

The worldbuilding, the magic, is kinda weird, but it's just a setting. The characters are fun. The story is dark, with lots of death and drama. Well executed.
cwebb | 19 altre recensioni | Sep 25, 2023 |


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