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20th Century
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Gina Maccoby



Even knowing it's a fairy tale, I found the situations and events to be too unbelievable, and I didn't find the main character to be very sympathetic.
yaj70 | 35 altre recensioni | Jan 22, 2024 |
Oh gosh, watching the 2020 Disney remake is what finally took this off my TBR pile and I'll tell y'all, save yourselves the $30 and read this instead. It's an #ownvoices read that feels authentic to the characters and themes of the original 1998 film, but with added Chinese mythology.

Reflection starts off with the Huns bearing down on the troops in the Tung-Shao Pass, but instead of Mulan getting injured, Shang takes the hit. He's dying, but China needs him so Mulan and the Li family guardian go to Diyu, the Chinese underworld to find his spirit and bring him back. I really liked a point where Mulan had to find Fa ancestors and whoops that's definitely a way to call into question Ping's identity.

Similarities to the 2020 remake:
-a lady enchanter
-Mulan considering who her "true" self is

Things Reflection does better:
-lady enchanter is a worthwhile opponent who goes on to do whatever she wants to do
-soldier camaraderie on screen, can differentiate characters
-actual Chinese mythology and values, as written by an author of Chinese descent
-references to the source material that don't feel shoehorned.
-Mulan ties her hair back when she needs to
-Mulan's strength is her cleverness, not magical qi.

I don't know if I would've rated this as high had I read it before the movie, but I still liked it plenty!
… (altro)
Daumari | 13 altre recensioni | Dec 28, 2023 |
I really enjoyed this. Fantasy, but in an Asian-inspired setting and while the "Project Runway meets Mulan" elevator pitch is present, it really only covers about the first third of the novel before launching on a quest to make impossible dresses of legend.

Things I liked: again, I'm refreshed by the increase in fantasy that's set in non-European inspired settings partly for the change in a conventional setting but also having that bit of familiarity when a character does something and I'm reminded of my ngin-ngin, etc. Spin the Dawn is clearly Chinese-inspired but the journey takes them through the silk road equivalent to deserts and the northern people have influence from the Steppes. I like Maia as a protagonist and she's driven by not just the need to prove herself as the best tailor in the land, but also to provide for the welfare/honor of her family. We actually spent time on the quest at hand and what was needed for each trial in detail rather than glossing over it, and I do feel like this story would be great for a visual adaptation whether on screen or in graphic novel form.

I am less sold on how rapid romance happens, especially between extraordinarily old supernatural things and teenagers (~eyes the SJM books and City of Brass that I also read this year~), and do wish we got more worldbuilding about how magic works. I'm intrigued by different nations/factions' perspectives on using magic and whether or not it's linked to demons (probably?)

One of the cover quotes compared this to Sarah J. Maas and truthfully as the first third actually showed the tailor competition and Maia is competent, I think this is a better book than either SJM series.

Looking forward to the sequel next summer!
… (altro)
Daumari | 36 altre recensioni | Dec 28, 2023 |
* I got this book for review from the publisher for my honest thoughts*
I really loved this read. I thought it was super unique read. The structure reminded me so much of the structure of spin the dawn. I was a tad more invested in these characters and really loved how the fairytale elements was mixed with fantsay elements. This book also had some really fun and unexpected twists and turns. I also really loved the main character of this read and the focus on siblings realtionships. I also really loved the political alliance (marrige that was featured) def excited for the sequel!… (altro)
lmauro123 | 35 altre recensioni | Dec 28, 2023 |


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