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There is so much YA-level didacticism in this novel, so many times the author’s voice heavily descends into the story to make the class of political point it’s made many times already (did people in the 1830s often throw around terms like “narco-military state”?), that it was rather difficult as a reader to sit within the story itself, in its own time and unfolding narrative.

This seems a failure in a fantasy novel. I believe I have a better idea from it of the author’s political stances in the current day than I do of how magic works in this slightly alternate fantasy history she creates.

I surely would have liked this more as a teenager myself, when “The British Empire was racist, capitalism is racist!” would have been new and exciting and enough to me. So maybe gift this to that teen in your life who you want to ensure is safe from becoming a Tory or Republican (US version).
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lelandleslie | 92 altre recensioni | Feb 24, 2024 |
Heard a lot about this book and received a copy for the holidays. Learned a bit about another view on the joys of being a published author, as well as a tangled tale of author ownership. Also was a great use of my Asian Studies major back in the day. Will keep my eye out for more by this author.
bookczuk | 77 altre recensioni | Feb 24, 2024 |
My most anticipated book of 2022 and it did not disappoint for a single, solitary word (although this is R.F. Kuang here, so no one should be surprised). "Babel" is the absolute pinnacle of dark academia for many reasons, but largely because Kuang explores exactly what it is that makes academia dark: the inherent and inextricable foundations of which academia and its many institutions are built, a foundation of colonialism, racism, exploitation, and violence. "Babel" is also a love story to languages, words, and those nerdy little bits of linguistics that are fascinating although often overlooked.
Everyone should read this book, let it soak into their minds, reread it, and learn from it. There is simply no other book like "Babel".
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deborahee | 92 altre recensioni | Feb 23, 2024 |
Absolutely devastating in a multitude of ways, although not totally unexpected ones. I think certain characters have been barreling towards an inevitable point for some time now- but that still doesn’t mean it's not almost excruciatingly difficult to watch happen.
deborahee | 22 altre recensioni | Feb 23, 2024 |


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