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Cholodenko, Marion
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Newark, New Jersey, USA
New Theater School
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She developed an interest in theatre at an early age, and embarked upon her theatrical career under the auspices of The Workmen’s Circle, a Jewish socialist fraternal organization. From 1938 to 1956, she demonstrated her penchant for socially committed theatre, participating in such groups as The Newark Jack London Club, The Newark Collective Theatre, The New Theatre League School, and the Federal Theatre Project. She also served as assistant to the producer on Broadway productions of Counterattack and Finian’s Rainbow, and as producer for Children’s Holiday Theatre in New York.

Cole established an actor’s agency in 1957, operating from an office in the Sardi Building. Zero Mostel, whom she represented for many years, was her first “star.” With the founding of the Toby Cole Actors and Authors Agency, Cole added playwrights and translators to her clientele. She concentrated on playwrights whose works appealed to the Off-Broadway producers. That is, she promoted plays that she considered high quality and socially/politically relevant, thereby introducing to the U.S. such seminal playwrights as Sam Shepard, Edward Bond, and Simon Gray. She also brought to the New York stage translations of foreign plays by Brecht, Pirandello, and Witkiewicz, among others. Moreover, Cole circulated plays outside of New York and acted as agent for amateur as well as professional rights.



A compendium of playwrights who are discussing playwriting, and their own plays. Published around the middle of the last century, much of this seems dated at times, at least in terms of what theatre can and can't do, or should and shouldn't be, but a lot of it is still relevant to discussions that are being held today. Some of the things the playwrights talk about sound pretentious, others sound silly, and still others just plain wrong. But there is a lot of interesting stuff in here, too, and the playwrights are almost all ones that are familiar to anyone who is committed to theatre. One big downside is that there are no women included among the playwrights, though I'm sure there must be stuff out there written by some interesting playwrights at the time, playwrights such as Lillian Hellman or Gertrude Stein, or several other women who were writing plays and getting them produced. It might also have helped balance some of the casual misogyny that is so common among works of the period, not just in their plays but in the way they talk about their own or other people's plays. Overall, a worthwhile work, though perhaps a bit disappointing to find out that most of these men are not always brilliant.… (altro)
Devil_llama | 1 altra recensione | Feb 6, 2019 |
“Why is a Forensic Anthropologist murdered in the largest cemetery in Britain? Detective Superintendent Pandora Kingdom needs to find out and fast. As well as battling the killer, she has her own demons to deal with. She lost her arm and leg while police mentoring in Afghanistan. Does she still have the strength for the hunt?”

So reads the blurb for this interesting detective story. Pandora is a gutsy, vibrant woman, determined to solve the first case she has been given after receiving her prosthetic arm and leg. She is still very much all woman wanting to re-engage in relationships but she is also a professional who will stop at nothing to solve a crime. She also has a very likeable, dry humour which many people she meets do not appreciate.

The narrative is told in Pandora’s words, perhaps a strange choice for a male author but it works. Toby Cole’s knowledge as a retired police officer, who also served in Afghanistan, gives authority to the storyline and his descriptions of Brookwood Cemetery and the surrounding area are atmospheric and convincing. The scene at Porton Down is particularly eerie.

The other characters in the book are rather insubstantial. Pandora reacts to them but doesn’t give us sufficient information for them to be well rounded. Her son, Simon is almost transparent. He is a facilitator rather than a person. In contrast, Danny, the dead British soldier from Afghanistan who appears from time to time to talk to Pandora, has character and personality.

One thing this book desperately needed, was a good proof-reader to spot the many grammatical errors and a few spelling mistakes. Toby is such an imaginative, creative writer that it is a pity for these flaws to interrupt such a thrilling story.

The plot is complex and inventive with a sprinkling of red herrings and a super twist at the end. Pandora is a tenacious Dr Who-like heroine aided partially by her side-kick, handsome MI5 officer Steve Bridger. I will certainly look out for Pandora’s next case.
… (altro)
Somerville66 | May 29, 2017 |
The art and techniques of the great actors throughout history are reflected in these selected writings
Roger_Scoppie | 1 altra recensione | Apr 3, 2013 |
used for Acting III (Advanced) classes.
anatolant | 1 altra recensione | Nov 16, 2006 |


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½ 3.5

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