cover upload not working?

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cover upload not working?

Set 16, 2:33pm

I just upload a cover to It isn't showing up though, just a box with a question mark in it, like it couldn't read the file. The file I upload is a .jpg

Set 16, 2:33pm

oh, sure, it looks fine now. Well I guess there is no issue!

Set 16, 2:54pm

There's certainly something wrong with cover uploads at the moment - it's very slow.

I've just uploaded two and it took about 5 minutes for them to appear on the work page and catalogue page. While waiting a broken image symbol was displayed.

And it's taken about 10 minutes for them to display in the 'using this cover' window that pops up when you click on the cover on the work page.

Set 16, 3:22pm

I've been seeing this too when adding new works/new covers. Even after recalculate author/title, then recalculate cover, the added cover doesn't appear. Doing a page refresh tends to fix it on the work page, but when I check the series page, it's not showing up there.

Set 16, 3:35pm

It's not a problem with uploads, but a problem of our image server. Well, our non-LT image service (CDN) to be precise. We're working on a solution but it will be a bit before we can move all of the images over to the new service.

Set 17, 12:53am

Cover upload and cover "grab from the web" not working on this page:

Set 17, 1:03am

>5 conceptDawg: Will the covers show up when this is fixed, or will we have to upload them again?

Set 17, 8:08am

I can upload covers, but I have to hit recalculate cover to make them shew.

Set 17, 8:53am

Still not working correctly

Set 17, 10:26am

Well, the last 24 hours we had a different issue with cover uploads. I've just pushed a change to solve this new issue and we should just be back to the original problem with some covers not displaying correctly.

This is due to our CDN provider (basically a middleman server that takes load off of our servers) not fetching the covers correctly from our servers. We're working on that but it takes time.

Set 17, 11:45am

Ok. I've made more changes to try and alleviate image loading problems. I think we are back to full service on covers.