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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

ArgomentoArgomentoMessaggiUltimo messaggio 
Broken blog link in Edit Quick Links page2 non letti / 2knerd.knitter, Oggi 9:21am
Thumb no longer goes dark to show I gave a thumbs up to a book review10 non letti / 10aspirit, Ieri 11:29pm
Translatable text on Post a Giveaway form3 non letti / 3Nevov, Ieri 8:42pm
Minor weird bug with Title sort2 non letti / 2Nevov, Ieri 7:38pm
Amazon India source link broken?1 non letto / 1neevlit, Ieri 1:42am
Series deleted when combining works26 non letti / 26kleh, Domenica 2:58pm
CK items not showing on the Finnish LT "Your books" page13 non letti / 13JMK2020, Domenica 7:34am
cannot add a book any of the ways that I've tried10 non letti / 10SandraArdnas, Sabato 5:52pm
Bad URL generated in Helpers Log5 non letti / 5Nevov, Sabato 6:08am
remove series relationship doesn't work5 non letti / 5amanda4242, Venerdì 1:50pm
can't combine series?4 non letti / 4amanda4242, Venerdì 1:50pm
Can't flag author image15 non letti / 15conceptDawg, Venerdì 12:46pm
Exporting MARC records13 non letti / 13kristilabrie, Venerdì 11:09am
Messed up format string in "Your Books Over Time"5 non letti / 5lorax, Venerdì 10:29am
no cover being displayed in list3 non letti / 3knerd.knitter, Venerdì 8:41am
Covers not displaying13 non letti / 13MarthaJeanne, Venerdì 7:53am
Unable to correct title as it was first entry for a new author6 non letti / 6rmilne, Giovedì 3:41am
Adding to List & Thumbing Down Acting Inconsistently10 non letti / 10amanda4242, Mercoledì 8:20pm
Can't make previously-divided author a single author29 non letti / 29IrrationalDM, Mercoledì 5:28pm
Unable to read unreadable message7 non letti / 7bnielsen, Mercoledì 1:35am
Work author role overrides blank book role18 non letti / 18kristilabrie, Martedì 3:05pm
Disappearing thread3 non letti / 3varielle, Martedì 7:55am
Badges Pages not working4 non letti / 4MarthaJeanne, Martedì 7:04am
Distortion of Talk6 non letti / 6kristilabrie, Maggio 9
Grey checkmarks missing in touchstone list21 non letti / 21AnnieMod, Maggio 4
checkmark color on series page, incorrectly shows green7 non letti / 7EDK916, Maggio 4
Author page update pushed a bio of Stephen King onto every author4 non letti / 4timspalding, Maggio 3
new author page - bio populated with Stephen King's bio2 non letti / 2knerd.knitter, Maggio 3
cover thumbnail and title not separated in search list4 non letti / 4kristilabrie, Maggio 2
Library Technology Profile links in Venue Profiles is not working12 non letti / 12Nevov, Aprile 30
used "from where" list is not updating?8 non letti / 8norabelle414, Aprile 29
Quick Links: Add button does not work3 non letti / 3knerd.knitter, Aprile 28
Missing Work ID110 non letti / 110norabelle414, Aprile 27
author's series incorrect, includes all anthology contents10 non letti / 10Nevov, Aprile 27
Problems assigning ER winners?10 non letti / 10AbigailAdams26, Aprile 27
Incorrect Book Description4 non letti / 4RobertHay, Aprile 27
Cannot load Covers4 non letti / 4MarthaJeanne, Aprile 27
Can't reorder collections17 non letti / 17WurstOfLoathing, Aprile 26
Media changes from 'hardcover' to 'paper book'22 non letti / 22bnielsen, Aprile 23
Apostrophes - inconsistent behaviour website vs IOS app2 non letti / 2kristilabrie, Aprile 22
Cannot Delete Account2 non letti / 2kristilabrie, Aprile 20
Series are getting uncombined/undeleted8 non letti / 8kristilabrie, Aprile 20
'Temporarily down LibraryThing is experiencing some problems. We hope to be up soon.'12 non letti / 12MarthaJeanne, Aprile 20
Removed message keeps reappearing.8 non letti / 8clamairy, Aprile 19
Unresponsive Button in Ignored Topics9 non letti / 9kristilabrie, Aprile 19
URL with brackets ( ) not fully hyperlinked3 non letti / 3mr.philistine, Aprile 18
I can't hyperlink images16 non letti / 16mr.philistine, Aprile 17
Alignment in Second paragraph in Profile About Me6 non letti / 6lauralkeet, Aprile 15
Bug : Difference between language version CK2 non letti / 2kristilabrie, Aprile 15
Bug : Impossible to add/see some CK filed (in the summary tables)2 non letti / 2kristilabrie, Aprile 15
Cannot delete certain author CK even on the relevant language site18 non letti / 18JMK2020, Aprile 13
Tag Names with an Ampersand (&) Malfunctioning59 non letti / 59conceptDawg, Aprile 13
Author picture disappears at different browser zoom settings5 non letti / 5rodneyvc, Aprile 13
Old style links to personal wiki-pages redirects to librarything.com7 non letti / 7Morphidae, Aprile 12
Clicking on 'show all' or 'numbers' on work page jumps to top of the page3 non letti / 3SandraArdnas, Aprile 11
can't single space my favourite books list on my profile5 non letti / 5torontoc, Aprile 11
"next available barcode" on Book-Edit Pages Broken3 non letti / 3kristilabrie, Aprile 11
Can't Add Books92 non letti / 92gilroy, Aprile 9
Covers not displaying on series5 non letti / 5saltmanz, Aprile 8
Tags gone from a book I just updated6 non letti / 6kristilabrie, Aprile 8
Recent News dried up?8 non letti / 8Nicole_VanK, Aprile 8
I can't add a book in my library with simple Universal import5 non letti / 5gobetti, Aprile 8
Automated accessibility reporting?3 non letti / 3IrimiNow, Aprile 7
Search Members' Books in Groups Broken1 non letto / 1kristilabrie, Aprile 7
Tags being dropped on catalogued books6 non letti / 6Familyhistorian, Aprile 6
Problems with csv import10 non letti / 10kristilabrie, Aprile 5
Manually added books not showing up5 non letti / 5kristilabrie, Aprile 4
Unable to Recreate a library with Multiple Collections6 non letti / 6VicRML, Aprile 4
Amazon.com search gave me a fatal error once3 non letti / 3kristilabrie, Aprile 1
Daily message allowance wrongly counting Previews2 non letti / 2conceptDawg, Aprile 1
cannot post reviews to Facebook1 non letto / 1.mau., Aprile 1
Auto Logout Needs UI Upgrade14 non letti / 14ArlieS, Marzo 30
Covers rotate when posting from my iPhone8 non letti / 8kristilabrie, Marzo 30
Fatal error for recent member recommendations on home page10 non letti / 10Aug3Zimm, Marzo 29
importing csv text file with ASIN14 non letti / 14AnnieMod, Marzo 28
Goodreads Library Import problems6 non letti / 6kristilabrie, Marzo 28
We are unable to process that as an image.4 non letti / 4AudreyRankine, Marzo 28
Touchstones23 non letti / 23AnnieMod, Marzo 28
no Dewey numbers in export?2 non letti / 2bnielsen, Marzo 27
Is it a bug or a combining problem?3 non letti / 3mysterymax, Marzo 27
Could not upload cover image33 non letti / 33inkwell24, Marzo 27
error connecting to server in app7 non letti / 7kristilabrie, Marzo 25
Your Books Column Widths changing with sort3 non letti / 3kristilabrie, Marzo 24
Can't add a tag for a new book or by editing a book2 non letti / 2gilroy, Marzo 24
Book titles look weird on review page7 non letti / 7Stevil2001, Marzo 19
What's up with stars?60 non letti / 60proximity1, Marzo 18
405 Error12 non letti / 12kristilabrie, Marzo 18
Common Knowledge won’t save correctly10 non letti / 10AnnieMod, Marzo 18
Difficulty handling special characters in Search Your Libray fields dropdown label on Te Reo Māori LT2 non letti / 2kristilabrie, Marzo 17
List 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die gives error5 non letti / 5kristilabrie, Marzo 17
Recent Member Recommendations12 non letti / 12chwiggy, Marzo 16
URL (optional) not saved16 non letti / 16Nevov, Marzo 16
Unable to edit profile (Save changes)17 non letti / 17kristilabrie, Marzo 15
Fatal Error8 non letti / 8kristilabrie, Marzo 15
"This User Does Not Exist" message on link to one of my threads7 non letti / 7kristilabrie, Marzo 15
Error: This user doesn't exist on user flagging page2 non letti / 2knerd.knitter, Marzo 15
And now it's the "change cover" page (performance)1 non letto / 1ArlieS, Marzo 14
"Your books" page is unusably slow, and its search *may* also be inaccurate5 non letti / 5conceptDawg, Marzo 14
Cannot read threads in bug collectors35 non letti / 35conceptDawg, Marzo 14
Cannot separate works under author6 non letti / 6Nevov, Marzo 14
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