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I don't own that many books - luckily, one could say, because the room is very limited. I ♥ libraries.

BTW, most of the books listed, whether to be in my library or just the ones I've read, are/have been in Finnish. It just makes more sense to list them here with the English titles so that all the people who check out the lists can recognize the books easily.
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Tina, 20, F, Finland.

I've been reading a lot since I was a little kid and learned the lovely skill of reading. I don't have quite as much time for reading as I'd like to have, but I always have a book or two unfinished.

Besides reading you can catch me knitting or crocheting something awesome, playing with my pets, cooking some super delicious food, taking silly photos or hanging around with my ace friends. At our local pub, most likely. Ha ha! I also love music (rock it, baby), clothes, tattoos and, oh, lots of things. Yeah.
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Librerie: Akateeminen kirjakauppa - Tampere

Biblioteche: Hämeenlinnan kaupunginkirjasto - pääkirjasto (Public library of Hämeenlinna, Tampereen kaupunginkirjasto - pääkirjasto (Public library of Tampere)