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Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies di Moss Roberts

What the Buddha taught di Walpola Rāhula.,

The High House di James Stoddard

Volume 1: Character Creation di Steven S. Long

Proven Guilty di Jim Butcher

Foundations for Architecting Data Solutions: Managing Successful Data Projects di Ted Malaska

After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall di Nancy Kress

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Utente: slothman

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Informazioni su di meI read books the way some people watch television. The cat on my shoulders in the picture is Cleopatra, a Maine Coon.

La mia bibliotecaI’m in the habit of picking up books on recommendations, even if I already have plenty on the In stack, so they aren't out of print by the time I get around to reading them. e.g.: I’ve read over 1000 of the over 3000 fiction books in my library. I get a lot from the finalists for various awards (which I'm tagging), as well as from recommended reading lists in other books, or even just a favorable impression of an author I meet at a convention or whose weblog I read.

How I use ratings:
Five stars = excellent
Four stars = page turner / extremely useful
Three stars = interesting
Two stars = not worth re-reading / requires work to make useful
One star = not worth reading
No stars = not rated yet

I’ll leave books that I've read unrated if I don’t recall just how good they were at the time. (I’m fairly forgetful, which makes for extra pleasure in rereading books.) Note that the ratings are based in my hobby activities of enjoying science fiction and fantasy and running role-playing games; I might assign a high rating to something that claims to be nonfiction, but in fact has no basis in reality, if I find it handy for telling a story. Anything tagged “forteana” may require taking with a large bag of rock salt, but if I’ve given it high marks, it’s useful in world-building.

I wouldn't have the patience to enter all my books here manually, but ReaderWare and a CueCat make it feasible.

My wife, Mara, administers the collections tagged “mystery” and “cookbook”.

GruppiBookshelf of the Damned, Build the Open Shelves Classification, Combiners!, Cthulhu Mythos, Ebook, Frequently Asked Questions, Gamers, LibraryThing API Development, Livejournalers, Roleplayersmostra tutti i gruppi

Autori preferitiKage Baker, Iain Banks, Elizabeth Bear, Steven Brust, C. J. Cherryh, Jared Diamond, C. S. Friedman, Neil Gaiman, P. C. Hodgell, Ian McDonald, Alan Moore, Daniel Keys Moran, Chris Moriarty, Tim Powers, Bruce Schneier, Karl Schroeder, Charles Stross, Vernor Vinge, Liz Williams (Preferiti in comune con altri utenti)


Librerie preferiteBlack Oak Books - Berkeley, BookBuyers - Mountain View, Books Inc. in Mountain View, Dark Carnival, Know Knew Books, Recycle Book Store - San Jose, The Other Change of Hobbit

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LuogoSunnyvale, CA, USA

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Utente dalNov 8, 2005

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