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These books are from my personal library discussed in passing throughout The Haunted Bookshop and Parnassus On Wheels. Yes, that book Parnassus on Wheels has been a trial to me, but that young journalist, who wheedled himself into Mrs. Mifflin's good graces did note some titles at hand, much like young Mr. Gilbert.

No specific editions (besides Andrew McGill) are specifically noted, however, can be deduced through the text (i.e., noting that it is the 3 vol. set, the Boston ed., etc). In most cases, however, only author and title. There are a few instances of multiple candidates for one title, so the author information is left blank. Better no informatin than bad.

All books are pre-1920 editions, though exact years are often blank, as The Haunted Bookshop takes place in the days leading up to the Paris Peace Conference.

The Haunted Bookshop is full of many more books and authors, just as its namesake. After all,
"This shop is haunted by the ghosts
of all great literature, in hosts;..."
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Proprietor of the Haunted Bookshop in Brooklyn, NY with my wife Helen. We appear in Christopher Morley's Parnassus on Wheels and The Haunted Bookshop.
Brooklyn, New York