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Mr. Darcy's Little Sister (2010) 96 copie


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In this sequel to Pride and Prejudice, after the marriage of Lizzy and Darcy it is the time for Georgiana Darcy to come out into society and throughout the following year we read of her development and happenings.
A lovely book.
Vesper1931 | 6 altre recensioni | Jul 29, 2021 |
This book was a really fun sequel for Pride and Prejudice told from Georgiana's point of view. This book takes place during Georgiana's preparation for and presentation into society and shows how she grows from being nervous about being presented at court and going to balls to becoming a strong and confident young woman and discovering she is in love with her cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam. They are an interesting couple and I have not come across many books about them and I enjoyed watching how Georgiana pursued winning Colonel Fitzwilliam as well as their relationship once it began. While I did really enjoy this book I would have liked an epilogue at the end as well.… (altro)
Chelsea_K | 6 altre recensioni | May 31, 2019 |
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Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson is the perfect continuation of a classic tale. Georgiana Darcy finds she must learn to overcome her shy tendencies if she is ever to find love in her family ,friends and possibly a husband. Pierson took great care to keep to true Austen tone we first meet these characters in.
I found the book started a little slow but by page 120 I was hooked till the end and would love to read more.
One book I am happy to have received from First Reads.
starlitehouse | 6 altre recensioni | Jun 12, 2011 |
Mr. Darcy's Little Sister by C.Allyn Pierson is a Pride and Predjudice variation about the Bennets and Darcy's and the upcoming marriages of these two families. It is also about Georgiana Darcy's upcoming debut into society. A story that is about who will make the perfect husband or wife. Mr.Darcy woos and weds Elizabeth Bennet, who is not from the same social class as Mr.Darcy. Elizabeth learns to cope with the treatment of people who do not think she is good enough for Mr.Darcy and Fitzwilliam does not think that any of the suitors are good enough for his little sister. Other characters include the Bennet sisters, Jane, Lydia and Kitty. Jane marries Mr.Bingley and Lydia has run off with George Wickham . Georgiana is amiable and sweet and is very happy to have a 'sister' in Elizabeth but Georginia is shy and not sure how she is going to cope with all the balls and parties that require her presence so that she can meet and hopefully find a suitable husband. She is a fine catch for any man as she stands to be worth 30,000 pounds. With Elizabeths assistance Georgiania learns how to deal with the fortune hunters who want her money. Jonathan Walker is suitor want to be who needs her money for his gambling debts and will do whatever he can to obtain it. Georginia is kidnapped along with her companion Mrs. Annesley. Her rescuer is her cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam and with the assistance of Mr. Darcy find that Jonathan Walker was behind the kidnapping. Georginia starts to have feelings for the Colonel but he hasn't got a clue as to her feelings. He still thinks of her as the 'ward' that he is responsible for. I thinks that this is one of the better Pride and Prejudice sequels that I have read so far as this one was more about Georginia Darcy. This is a story of manners, upbringing, morality, education and marriage in the Regency era. I enjoyed this story very much.… (altro)
celticlady53 | 6 altre recensioni | Sep 23, 2010 |



½ 3.3

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