Editing the Library


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Editing the Library

Giu 21, 2023, 1:42 pm

Greetings all! I’m in the process of handling my parent’s library for the 4th, maybe 5th time. Both were scholars and my mother an art historian editor and author. There are/were thousands of books. And then there are our books. Each time I’ve had to move the books, I’ve made cuts. It was easy at first: All travel guides - That latte stand isn’t there anymore… All books about trips overseas - I’m not making that trip, and again, the streets have changed, the restaurants are all different, and the marina they rented the sailboat for two weeks on the Aegean has a completely different set of guidelines. All modern fiction I had no interest in reading… You get the idea! Now it’s getting more difficult. (Sailing)Racing regulations from 1976 - Important to my father but not to me. Cookbooks from the late 1800’s from one of mom’s author’s estates… 1800’s, Super! And it’s not my job to curate a cookbook I will never use. I am very sentimental, and will keep all the books mom wrote or worked on, every book about and by every artist who was a friend of our family (many of which mom edited), the family collection of song books, and so, so many more. This still leaves me with 1000’s of my folks and 1000’s of ours. How do you make hard cuts? Thx!

Giu 21, 2023, 8:34 pm

It helps if you find a new home where the materials are appreciated.