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Group description

Questa conversazione è attualmente segnalata come "addormentata"—l'ultimo messaggio è più vecchio di 90 giorni. Puoi rianimarla postando una risposta.

Dic 14, 2010, 12:39 am

Please forgive a long post.

A bit of background: I created the group (and its description) based in part on feedback expressed in Talk and by via private message which I promised would remain anonymous. It was also based on past Talk threads discussing the fact that sometimes long-term members don't realize their tone or overwhelming verbosity when responding to the umpteenth something-or-other (e.g. poor grammar, Twilight group, new author, feature request, rehashing of feature debate). Yes, I'm sometimes guilty as charged.

That's why I created the "lurkers" thread and then later this group explicitly as BOTH a less argumentative space and a place where there would be less posting activity to have to keep up with. There have been comments made about potential retaliation for such opinions, some but not all of them public.

I've probably revised the group description 10 or more times in the past two days to incorporate suggestions and to adjust the tone to be quieter. Already even in this group some members are more vocal than others, but I've made a conscious effort to make sure that input from the more quiet or sensitive members is represented equally in the group description along with that from the (relatively) louder or thicker-skinned members. It takes more time than a couple of days to get feedback from those who speak up less, and I feel an obligation to get it as "right" as I can for the broadest scope of members.

I'm really surprised that this group has grown so quickly. The introductions thread for a brand new "quiet members" group is on the Hot Threads list!?! I had hoped this group concept would resonate with people, and I'm glad it did.

All this is an intro to ask for feedback on the group description, so that as the group grows, it attracts the right kind of attention.

Dic 21, 2010, 4:05 am

Congratulations caffron: You've obviously give the Group Description a lot of thought. I especially like the fact that you are welcoming readers who might be discouraged from joining some other groups (Pedants' Corner?) because they are not particularly confident about their written English. "No grammar police......" I like it. We are, after all, here because we're readers - not, necessarily, writers.

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