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12th century (Inglese)

13th century (Inglese)

1925 serum run to Nome (Inglese)

1937 Recession (Inglese)

1946 Olympics (Inglese)

2e guerre mondiale (Francese)

74th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

75th Annual Hunger Games (Inglese)

The 75th Hunger Games (Tedesco)

Aardbeving in San Francisco (Olandese)

African-American Civil Rights Movement (Inglese)

American Civil War (Inglese)

American Revolution (Inglese)

Apollo 11 (Inglese)

Apollo 11 Moon Landing (Inglese)

Apollo Moon Landing (Inglese)

Apollo program (Inglese)

Armenian Genocide (Inglese)

Armenian Holocaust (Inglese)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Inglese)

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Inglese)

Attack on Pearl Harbor (Inglese)

Autumn (Inglese)

Autumn Feast (Inglese)

B'Wa Kell Rebellion (Inglese)

Batalla de Hogwarts (Spagnolo)

Battle at Burning plains (Inglese)

Battle of Dunkirk (Inglese)

Battle of Franklin (Inglese)

Battle of Hogwarts (Inglese)

Battle of Manhattan (Inglese)

Battle of San Jacinto (Inglese)

Battle of the Alamo (Inglese)

Battle of the Bulge (Inglese)

Battle of the Department of Mysteries (Inglese, Norvegese)

Battle of the Labyrinth (Inglese)

Battles of Lexington and Concord (Inglese)

Berlin Airlift (Inglese)

Bertha's birthday (Inglese)

Black Death (Inglese)

Black Lives Matter (Inglese)

Bleriot's Flight Across the Channel (Inglese)

Boston Marathon (Inglese)

Boston Tea Party (Inglese)

Brown v. Board of Education (Inglese)

Building of the Brooklyn Bridge (Inglese)

Burr-Hamilton Duel (Inglese)

California Gold Rush (Inglese)

Cambodian genocide (Inglese)

Chinese New Year (Inglese)

Cholera Epidemic (Inglese)

Christmas (Inglese, Norvegese)

Christmas Eve (Inglese)

Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963 (Inglese)

Civil Rights Movement, USA (Italiano, Inglese)

Civil War (Inglese)

Cold War (Inglese)

Constitutional Convention (Inglese)

Creation of Narnia (Inglese)

Crusades (Inglese)

Cultural Revolution (Inglese)

Cyclone (Francese)

death (Inglese)

Death and Resurrection of Aslan (Inglese, Norvegese)

Death of the White Witch (Inglese, Norvegese)

December 23, 1918 (Inglese)

Declaration of Independence approved (Inglese)

Die 10. Hungerspiele (Tedesco)

Die Schlacht auf den Brennenden Steppen (Tedesco)

Disaster: Infectious Disease (Inglese)

Discovery of the Titanic (Inglese)

Dreamtime (Inglese)

Dred Scott Decision (Inglese)

The Duelem (Inglese)

Dust Bowl Era (Inglese)

Dutch sailors run aground at Cheju Island. (Inglese)

Easter (Inglese)

Elizabethan Era (Inglese)

Emancipation Proclamation (Inglese)

Enfrentar os próprios medos. (Portoghese (Portogallo))

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius (Inglese)

Evacuation of British Children in WW2 (Inglese, Norvegese)

Fall of France (Inglese)

Fall of Saigon (Inglese)

Fate of the Labryinth (Tedesco, Inglese)

First Ascent of Mount Everest (Inglese)

First Battle of Bull Run (Inglese)

First day of school (Inglese)

First Jewish-Roman War (Inglese)

First Man on the Moon (Inglese)

First moon landing (Inglese)

First powered airplane flight by the Wright brothers (Inglese)

The first snow of winter falls (Inglese)

The Flood (Inglese)

Founding of New Milford, Connecticut, USA (Inglese)

Fourth of July (Inglese)

Freedom Summer (Inglese)

French and Indian War (Inglese)

French Revolution (Inglese)

Gallipoli Campaign (Inglese)

Galveston Hurricane of 1900 (Inglese)

Gay liberation movement (Inglese)

Georgian Era (Inglese)

German invasion of Hungary (Inglese)

getting a pet (Inglese)

Gettysburg Address (Inglese)

Gilded Age (Inglese)

going to the pet store (Inglese)

The gorilla steals Joe's keys and lets the zoo animals out of their cages. (Inglese)

Grace Brown's Murder (Inglese)

Great Chicago Fire (Inglese)

Great Depression (Inglese)

The Great Depression (Inglese)

The Great Slave Rebellion (Inglese)

Great War (Inglese)

Guerra Mundial, II (Catalano)

Hackensack, New Jersey, USA (Inglese)

Haitian Revolution (Inglese)

Halloween (Inglese)

Hanukkah (Inglese)

Hindenburg disaster (Inglese)

Holocaust (Tedesco, Inglese, Catalano)

Holocaust Jueu (Catalano)

Holocauste (Francese)

Hurricane Irene (Inglese)

Hurricane Katrina (Inglese)

Iditarod Sled Dog Race (Inglese)

indigene Identität der Nachfahren der Inkas (Tedesco)

Influenza pandemic (Inglese)

Interbellum (Inglese)

Iran-Iraq War (Inglese)

Iranian Revolution (Inglese)

Iraq War (Inglese)

Irish Potato Famine (Inglese)

Japanese occupation of Korea (Inglese)

Japanese-American Internment (Inglese)

Jewish-Roman Wars (Inglese)

Juneteenth (Inglese)

Kansas Homestead Act (Inglese)

Kentucky Derby (Inglese)

Klondike Gold Rush (Inglese)

Korean War (Inglese)

Krakatoa Eruption (Inglese)

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Inglese)

Lowell Mill Strike (Inglese)

Lynching of Emmett Till (Inglese)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Inglese)

Making of the film A Trip to the Moon (Inglese)

Manhattan Project (Inglese)

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (Inglese)

Marjorie is sad, the chickens hatch a plan, Marjorie discovers her egg, the egg hatches (Inglese)

May Day (Inglese)

Meadowlands, New Jersey, USA (Inglese)

Midsummer Day (Inglese)

Montgomery Bus Boycott (Inglese)

Moon landing (Inglese)

Mount St. Helens Eruption (Inglese)

Murder of Thomas Becket (Inglese)

Nazi Germany; World War II (Inglese)

Nazi occupation of the Netherlands (Inglese)

New Jersey, USA (Inglese)

New Year's Day (Inglese)

New York City Draft Riots (Inglese)

New York Shirtwaist Strike of 1909 (Inglese)

New York World's Fair (Inglese)

Night (Inglese)

Norman Conquest of England (Inglese)

November (Inglese)

November 11, 1918 (Inglese)

Ocupació alemanya dels Països Baixos (Catalano)

Olocausto (Italiano)

Once upon a time (Inglese)

Operation Market Garden (Inglese)

Pack Horse Library Project (Inglese)

Panama-Pacific International Exposition (Inglese)

Partition of India (Inglese)

Peasants' Revolt (Inglese)

Pecan Workers Strike (Inglese)

Post-Reconstruction (Inglese)

Potato Famine 1848, Ireland (Inglese)

A princess is turned into a dragon by her evil stepmother. (Inglese)

Prohibition in the United States (Inglese)

Project Apollo (Inglese)

Project Gemini (Inglese)

Project Mercury (Inglese)

Qin Dynasty (Inglese)

Quarter Quell (Inglese)

Ramadan (Inglese)

Rebirth of Kronos (Tedesco, Inglese)

Reconstruction (Inglese)

Reign of Henry II (Inglese)

Reign of Titus (Inglese)

Reign of Vespasian (Inglese)

Remembrance Day (Inglese)

Return of Father Christmas (Inglese, Norvegese)

Return of the Swallows to Mission San Juan Capistrano (Inglese)

Robert F. Kennedy Mississippi visit (Inglese)

Rosh Hashanah, Hasidic legend based on Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer (Inglese)

Russian Revolution (Inglese)

Salem witch trials (Inglese)

San Francisco Earthquake (Inglese)

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire (Inglese)

Scarlet Fever Epidemic (Inglese)

Second Crusade (Inglese)

Second Titan War (Inglese)

Seconda Guerra Mondiale (Italiano)

Seconda guerra mondiale (Italiano)

Seconde Guerre mondiale (Francese)

Segona Guerra Mundial (Catalano)

September 11 Attacks (Inglese)

Shalom Readers Club Book List (Inglese)

Shoah (Inglese)

Siege of Fowl Manor (Inglese)

Siege of Masada (Inglese)

Sinkhole (Inglese)

Sinking of the Titanic (Inglese)

Slaget vid Hastings (Svedese)

Slavery (Inglese)

Snow Winter (Inglese)

Sommerferien (Tedesco)

Space Race (Inglese)

Spanish-American War (Inglese)

Spring (Inglese)

strike (Inglese)

Suicide (Inglese)

Summer (Inglese)

Summer Solstice (Inglese)

Texas Revolution (Inglese)

Thanksgiving (Inglese)

Tibby's parents' twentieth-anniversary party (Inglese)

Tornado swarm, 1980 (Inglese)

Torneo de los Tres Magos (Spagnolo)

Torneo Tremaghi (Italiano)

The Tri-Wizard Tournament (Inglese)

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (Inglese)

Trojan War (Inglese)

Tweede Wereldoorlog (Olandese)

Um dia, o menino decide enfrentar os monstros que vivem no seu armário... (Portoghese (Portogallo))

Underground Railroad (Inglese)

United States presidential election (Inglese)

US Supreme Court Ruling in Loving vs. The State of Virginia, 1967 (Inglese)

Valentine's Day (Inglese)

Victorian Era (Inglese)

Vietnam War (Inglese)

Voting Rights Act of 1965 (Inglese)

Wednesday Afternoons (Inglese)

Weihnachten (Tedesco)

Western U.S. settlement (Inglese)

Westward Expansion (Inglese)

Winter (Inglese)