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80 Front Street, Gravesend, New Hampshire, USA (Inglese)

Abana River (Inglese)

Abilene (Inglese)

Achor, Valley of (Inglese)

Adriatic Sea, shipwreck of Paul (Inglese)

Akron, Ohio, USA (Inglese)

Alert Bay (Inglese)

Alexandria, Virginia, USA (Inglese)

Ambricourt, Hauts-de-France, Francia (Italiano)

Ambricourt, Hauts-de-France, Ranska (Finlandese)

America (Inglese)

Amphipolis, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Antioch, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Apollonia, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Arabia, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Ararat, mountains of, where the Ark ended (Inglese)

Ararat, mountains where the Ark ended (Inglese)

Ardennen, Wallonië, België (Olandese)

Ardennes, Belgium (Inglese)

Arizona, USA (Inglese)

Armageddon, the mountain of Megiddo (Inglese)

Armenia (Inglese)

Arnon River (Inglese)

Asher Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Asia (Inglese)

Assyria (Inglese)

Athens, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Auschwitz concentration camp, Oświęcim, Lesser Poland, Poland (Inglese)

Auschwitz, Klein-Polen, Polen (Olandese)

Auschwitz, Pologne (Francese)

Babel, the Tower of Babel (Inglese)

Babylon (Inglese)

Baden-Württemberg, Duitsland (Olandese)

Baghdad, Iraq (Inglese)

Balikh River (Inglese)

Barada River (Inglese)

Basse-Normandie, Frankrijk (Olandese)

Bastogne, Luxembourg, Belgium (Inglese)

Bataan, the Philippines (Inglese)

Bay of Naples (Inglese)

Bayonne, Louisiana, USA (Inglese)

Beersheba, well of the oath (Inglese)

Belgium (Inglese)

België (Olandese)

Benjamin Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Beqaa Valley (Inglese)

Berea, examined the scriptures (Inglese)

Berlijn, Duitsland (Olandese)

Bethany (Inglese)

Bethesda (Inglese)

Bethlehem, Judea, birthplace of Jesus (Inglese)

Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Inglese)

Bithynia (Inglese)

Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Inglese)

Bloomington, Indiana, USA (Inglese)

Book of Life (Inglese)

Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Inglese)

Bozrah, capital of Edom (Inglese)

BR (Spagnolo)

Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA (Tedesco, Inglese, Catalano)

British Columbia, Canada (Inglese)

British Columbia, Kanada (Tedesco)

Burnt Norton, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England, UK (Inglese)

Caesarea, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

California, USA (Inglese)

Calw, Baden-Württemberg, Duitsland (Olandese)

Cambridgeshire, England, UK (Inglese)

Cana, Galilee (Inglese)

Canaan, the promised land (Inglese)

Canada (Inglese)

Cape Ann, Massachusetts, USA (Inglese)

Capernaum (Inglese)

Cappadocia (Inglese)

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA (Inglese)

China (Inglese)

Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England, UK (Inglese)

Cilicia (Inglese)

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA (Inglese)

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA (Inglese)

Colosse, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Corinth, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Corner Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Crete, Greece, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Cush (Inglese)

Cyprus, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Cyrene (Inglese)

Dachau, Bavaria, Germany (Inglese)

Damascus, Saul converted (Inglese)

Dan Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Dead Sea, where ancient scrolls were found "Salt Sea" (Inglese)

Denemarken (Olandese)

Denmark (Inglese)

Derbe, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam (Inglese)

Dung Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Durham, North Carolina, USA (Inglese)

Earth, created by God (Inglese)

East Coker, Yeovil, Somerset, England, UK (Inglese)

East Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Eden, "Garden of Eden" (Inglese)

Edom (Inglese)

Egypt, where Israel was enslaved (Inglese)

El Salvador (Inglese)

Endor, Saul consulted a witch from here (Inglese)

Ephesus, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Ethiopia, Ethiopian eunuch (Inglese)

Euphrates, river (Inglese)

First Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Fish Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Fort Hood, Texas, USA (Inglese)

Fountain Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

France (Inglese)

Gabbatha "Stone Pavement" (Inglese)

Gad Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Galatia, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Galilee, where Jesus spent most of his life (Inglese)

Galilee, where Jesus spent most of his life here (Inglese)

Gaza, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Gelderland, Netherlands (Inglese)

Germany (Inglese)

Gethsemane, Jesus arrested "Mount of Olives" (Inglese)

Gilead (Inglese)

Gilford Island (Inglese)

Gloucestershire, England, UK (Inglese)

Golden Gate, Jerusalem "Gate of Mercy" (Inglese)

Golgotha, place of a skull (Inglese)

Gomorrah, destroyed by God because of wickedness (Inglese)

Gravesend Academy (Inglese)

Gravesend, New Hampshire, USA (Inglese)

Greece (Inglese)

Heaven, paradise for believers (Inglese)

Hell (Inglese)

Horse Gate, Jerusalem "Golden Gate" (Inglese)

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England, UK (Inglese)

Iconium, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

India (Inglese)

Inspection Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Iowa, USA (Inglese)

Irak (Tedesco)

Iraq (Inglese)

Israel (Inglese)

Issachar Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Javan (Inglese)

Jericho (Inglese)

Jerusalem (Inglese)

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Jeshanah Gate, Jerusalem "Old Gate" (Inglese)

Jeshanah Gate, Jerusalem "Old Gate" (Inglese)

Joppa, spread of the Gospel, Tabitha raised (Inglese)

Joppa, spread of the Gospel, Tabitha raised "Jaffa" (Inglese)

Jordan River (Inglese)

Joseph Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Judah (Inglese)

Judah Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Judah, Kingdom of (Inglese)

Judea (Inglese)

Kingcome, British Columbia (Inglese)

Kingdom of God (Inglese)

Kloster Maulbronn (Tedesco)

Kuwait (Inglese)

Laodicea, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Lebanon, cedar trees (Inglese)

Levi Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Libya (Inglese)

Little Gidding, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England, UK (Inglese)

Louisiana, USA (Inglese)

Lud (Inglese)

Lydda, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Lydda, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Lystra, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Lystra, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Ma-Wang-Tui, China (Inglese)

Macedonia, Paul and Silas imprisoned (Inglese)

Macedonia, Paul and Silas imprisoned (Inglese)

Malta, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Malta, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Massachusetts, USA (Inglese)

Maulbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Duitsland (Olandese)

Mawangdui, China (Inglese)

Media (Inglese)

Megiddo (Inglese)

Memphis (Inglese)

Memphis, Tennessee, USA (Inglese)

Mesopotamia, "Syria of the two rivers" (Inglese)

Mesopotamia, "Syria of the two rivers" (Inglese)

Miletus, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Miletus, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Minnesota, USA (Inglese)

Mount Carmel (Inglese)

Mount Ebal (Inglese)

Mount Gerizim (Inglese)

Mount Gilboa (Inglese)

Mount Gilead (Inglese)

Mount Hermon (Inglese)

Mount Horeb (Inglese)

Mount Mizar (Inglese)

Mount Moriah (Inglese)

Mount Nebo, where Moses died (Inglese)

Mount Nebo, where Moses died (Inglese)

Mount of Olives, Jesus arrested "Gethsemane" (Inglese)

Mount of Olives, Jesus arrested "Gethsemane" (Inglese)

Mount of Transfiguration (Inglese)

Mount Olympus (Inglese)

Mount Paran (Inglese)

Mount Perazim (Inglese)

Mount Seir (Inglese)

Mount Sinai (Inglese)

Mount Tabor (Inglese)

Mount Zion, the mountain of the Lord "Mount Moriah" (Inglese)

Mount Zion, mountain of the Lord "Mount Moriah" (Inglese)

Mount Zion, the mountain of the Lord "Mount Moriah" (Inglese)

Naphtali Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

Naphtali, northern Israel kingdom "Galilee" (Inglese)

Nazareth (Inglese)

Neapolis (Inglese)

The Netherlands (Inglese)

New Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)

New Hampshire, USA (Inglese)

Nile River (Inglese)

Nineveh (Inglese)

Normandy, France (Inglese)

Omaha Beach, Normandy, France (Inglese)

Oświęcim, Lesser Poland, Poland (Inglese)

Palestine (Inglese)

Pamphylia (Inglese)

Paphos, Cyprus, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Paphos, Cyprus, spread of the Gospel (Inglese)

Paradise "Heaven" (Inglese)

Paradise "Heaven" (Inglese)

Paris, France (Inglese)

Pasadena, California, USA (Inglese)

Patmos, Greece, John exiled here (Inglese)

Patmos, Greece, John exiled here (Inglese)

Pergamum (Inglese)

Persia (Inglese)

Pharpar River (Inglese)

Philadelphia (Inglese)

Philadelphia "Alasehir" (Inglese)

Philadelphia "Alashir" (Inglese)

Phillippi, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Phillippi, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Phrygia (Inglese)

Phul (Inglese)

Pisidian Antioch, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Pisidian Antioch, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Pontus (Inglese)

Praetorium (Inglese)

Puteoli, Italy, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Puteoli, Italy, Paul's missionary journeys (Inglese)

Red Sea (Inglese)

Reuben Gate, Jerusalem (Inglese)