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A Mischief of Rats (2023) 38 copie
A Generation of Vipers (2023) 21 copie
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Nell Ward is in Ireland to celebrate the wedding of two of her friends and whilst she is there she wants to explore the bogland biome. The groom is one of four brothers who have strained relationships with each other and when Sean announces that he is marrying Maeve, the sister of the missing wife of his brother, the scene is set. The discovery of a body in the peat nearby cracks open old wounds and Nell is a race to solve what happened.
I do really enjoy this series of books because I love the ecological aspect which is different. I especially liked all the descriptions of the mechanism of DNA testing and it is clear that the author knows what she is talking about. The plot was a little muddy in places and the final conclusions seemed to be a bit hysterical but generally this is a solid and undemanding book.… (altro)
pluckedhighbrow | 2 altre recensioni | Apr 3, 2024 |
A Trace of Hares is the fifth novel in the Dr Nell Ward Mysteries by Sarah Yarwood-Lovett. It started out slow for me since it is the first I’ve read but, once I got more acquainted with the characters, I was completely hooked. The story is set in Ireland where ecologist, Dr Nell Ward, was there to attend a friend’s wedding but, before the nuptials can take place, a body is discovered in a nearby bog. The victim was identified as a relative of several members of the wedding party. She had disappeared twenty years earlier along with her three-month-old daughter. The story is divided between the two mysteries, the cold case of the woman in the bog and what happened to the baby. Like most cozies, the story revolves around the families involved, their animosities and secrets. But what I found most compelling and kept me reading long into the night was the huge role real science and nature play throughout. This is one smart completely addicting tale with interesting characters and a fascinating setting, perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of real science with their mysteries. This may have been my first outing with Dr Nell Ward but it will definitely not be my last.

Thanks to Netgalley and Embla Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review
… (altro)
lostinalibrary | 2 altre recensioni | Mar 15, 2024 |
suspense, twisty, cozy-mystery, ecologist, eco-awareness, ecology, friends, friendship, families, bog-bodies, cold-case, relationships, relatives, made-me-smarter, family-drama, Ireland, amateur-sleuth, local-law-enforcement****

Dr Nell Ward is off to Ireland to attend the wedding of friends but winds up finding a fairly recent body in one of the bogs. Intriguing characters and a riveting plot make this one every bit a excellent as the previous books in series.
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Expected publication March 27, 2024
… (altro)
jetangen4571 | 2 altre recensioni | Feb 12, 2024 |
I can't be sure, but I think this is my first "eco-mystery"--and yes, I'm definitely here for the subgenre. Reminiscent of the late Lyn Hamilton's Lara McClintoch series (in that case, an archeologist, not an ecologist), this first book of the Nell Ward series is very promising. Yarwood-Lovett is not just an armchair ecologist, and boasts an impressive bio, including re-discovering a British species thought to be extinct and giving evidence as an expert witness. I particularly appreciated that the end of the book featured some notes explaining the actual ecology behind some of the plot devices.

The mystery itself is quite entertaining, and Kristin Atherton's reading of the characters on the audiobook is phenomenal. There were two main drawbacks: 1) one of the people in the frame we know cannot be in the frame, and 2) one of the people in the frame is the obvious choice. I won't say more, but motives are not surprising here, but means get a bit far-fetched. My only other main criticism is of Nell herself, but I have high hopes that the issues will be resolved in the next books in the series. In order to understand Nell's backstory, she is presented as a rather insecure individual (with legitimate reason, due to a past trauma), and while brilliant and competent as an ecologist, she seemed incredibly doubting and self-deprecating when it came to possible romantic partnerings. By the end of the book we are given hope that the situation will change, but I grew weary of her constant inner dialogue of self-doubt.

The plot has a healthy supply of twists and turns, but nothing very shocking or out of left field. Ecology is a sleuthing field, so it makes a lovely partner to the mystery genre. I'll be looking forward to continuing the series!
… (altro)
rebcamuse | 5 altre recensioni | Jan 20, 2024 |



½ 3.5

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