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According to the brief autobiography at the front of the book, Mark Reid has always been interested in the paranormal – a sure source of good ideas for his first novel. Erin and the Urchinints, however, is an example of what happens when a good idea is poorly handled.

The general concept of the book, (super-intelligent coral from outer space that genetically engineers crustacean servants to do its bidding,) works fine. As we progress to finer levels of detail, however, it rapidly begins to fall apart. The novel is riddled with hundreds of little plot holes that quickly pile up. How, for instance, are our protagonists able to so easily overcome their biological instincts and inhale water? Why do they later regurgitate that water after we know that it is in neither their lungs nor stomachs? And how, when confronted with situations that should have any normal person quivering with fear, are they able to continuously spout forth godawful clichéd 'witty' quips? On top of all this and more, characters frequently know and do things without adequate motivation. Someone needs to tell Reid that 'I can feel it in my bones' does not cut it as an excuse.

The writing is amateurish throughout, riddled with clichés, dialogue that doesn't work and incorrect use of commas, apostrophes and homophones. There is a fair amount of descriptive language, but it is often unoriginal, and feels like a regurgitated mix of frequently used phrases from books Reid probably read as a child.

Granted, Erin and the Urchinints is a children's book, but even youngsters will be able to notice that the average children's book is much better written. Reid also seems confused about his target audience – his style of humour suggests younger readers, while his attempts at 'hair-raising' action, (his words, not mine,) as well as occasional profanity, suggest older readers.

If you are a child looking for a good read, then do not look to Erin and the Urchinints. Look to the rest of Australia's wonderful mainstream fiction market, where you will find many books of much higher quality. Mark Reid may have big ideas, but he needs more practice at turning them into novels.
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SamuelW | Jun 16, 2009 |

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