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'Transforming Mr Darcy' by Melanie Rachel. has several fairy tale elements, but I’d call it a fantasy rather than a fairy tale. It’s a novella so not too long.

The basis of the plot is both Jane and Elizabeth Bennet have fairy godmothers. Jane’s is called Priscilla and Elizabeth’s is called Mildred. Personally, I didn’t like the names of the fairy godmothers, they just didn’t seem the right names for fairies. Their goal in life is to marry their charges off to suitable men (much like Mrs Bennet’s really). Once they’re married off, Priscilla and Mildred will then become the fairy godmothers of the next two Bennet girls. Not everyone has fairy godmothers, and most people no longer believe in them.

Mildred takes exception to what Mr Darcy says about Elizabeth at the assembly. She begins to persecute him in various ways. It escalates until she turns him into a swan at night to stop him taking Mr Bingley away from Netherfield. Elizabeth has to perform a task within a certain time period or else he will remain a swan forever. To stop anyone else finding out what’s happened to him, he is whisked away to a nearby castle and Elizabeth has to accompany him. However, she is only allowed to speak for fifteen minutes a day. This means Mr Darcy has to talk to her.

I thought this was a fun novella. The fairy tale elements were fun, for example, when Mr Darcy can’t sleep because he has a pea in his bed. I also liked how breaking the spell forced the two to work at rectify the faults in their characters.
Caroline Bingley is particularly unpleasant and rude to Elizabeth in this novella, and I was only sorry Mildred didn’t do any permanent spells on her.

I would mention the other fairy tale motifs that the author has incorporated into the story, but she thoughtfully tells you all the ones she’s used in her notes at the end.

In summary, it’s a fun read and I enjoyed it.
… (altro)
AnneWrightwell | Jun 6, 2023 |
Colonel Fitzwilliam has returned from the war only to request the help of Darcy in a matter of honour. While they are on their mission with the help of Bingley, newly wedded Elizabeth Darcy has her own problems to face.
Well-written, and draws the reader in, just loved this story - then it is more about my favourite Austen gentleman - the Colonel. My only concern is that I would have preferrred it to have been just about the Colonel. Can't wait to read book two, hoping I will not be disappointed… (altro)
Vesper1931 | Jul 29, 2021 |
The story continues as the Hawke sisters and the Fitzwilliams are invited to Pemberley for the Christmas period. But nothing ever goes to plan.
Just loved this, it was well-written and just a wonderful story.
Vesper1931 | Jul 29, 2021 |
Thomas Bennet has received a request from his childless Aunt Olivia. To raise one of his daughters as her own. With the three youngest deemed to be too young and Mrs Bennet refusing to send Jane. That leave Elizabeth to grow up in her wealthy and well-connected relation's home.
Then she returns to Longbourn for a long visit just as the Bingleys and Darcy arrive at Netherfield.
I enjoyed this well-written story a lot. I even actually liked Elizabeth, and enjoyed the portrayal of Jane and Mary. The characters of the Bingleys sisters were wonderful, and look forward to their reactions to Elizabeth in the next book.… (altro)
Vesper1931 | Jul 29, 2021 |