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The Great Houdini (1999) 232 copie
Bears Life in the Wild (1998) 191 copie
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (A Stepping Stone Book) (1995) — Adaptation — 150 copie
Great Expectations (A Stepping Stone Book) (1996) — Autore — 112 copie
Mary Anning's Curiosity (2017) 55 copie
Tales of Fun & Friendship (Step Into Reading) (2006) — Autore — 46 copie
The Tweedles Go Electric (2014) 36 copie
Aunt Pearl (2019) 31 copie
Waiting for Amos (1992) 17 copie
When Emily Carr Met Woo (2014) 16 copie
Merci Mister Dash! (2011) 11 copie
I Hate You, Marmalade! (1992) 8 copie
The Tweedles Go Online (2015) 7 copie


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Luogo di nascita
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Luogo di residenza
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Breve biografia
MONICA KULLING was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. A poet, she has also published many books for children. Best known for her clear and engaging biographies, she has tackled subjects ranging from Harriet Tubman and Eleanor Roosevelt to Harry Houdini. Her book It’s A Snap! George Eastman’s First Photo, illustrated by Bill Slavin, was the first in Tundra’s Great Idea Series. Monica Kulling lives in Toronto. Visit her website at



The delightful biography of Eleanor Roosevelt introduces young readers to one of the most memorable first ladies of the United States. Beginning with her childhood, it continues throughout her life to her death. Educated at a boarding school in England where she spoke French, she came back to New York wanting to help those less fortunate than herself. This continued throughout her life and made her one of America's most beloved first ladies. Illustrations are a mix of mostly watercolors and photographs. The book is a step 4 book in the Step into Reading series.… (altro)
thornton37814 | Sep 15, 2023 |
Reading this story reminded me why it is important to encourage our children to have diaries to express their thoughts and creative ideas, even from a young age, and to date them. Not only that but writing and sketching ideas of nature and science are valuable tools to learn. Margaret benefited in the long run from having saved her diaries and sketches.
MarySchubert | 2 altre recensioni | Jun 23, 2023 |
Review for copy of hardcover book.
This is an informative juvenile picture book biography celebrating the accomplishments of Lillian Gilbreath, the mother in the true story Cheaper by the Dozen. As a homemaker with 11 children, she applied her learning and creativity as an electrical engineer and psychologist to make home and commercial enterprises function more efficiently. By necessity she became a working mother in the workforce. Some of her innovations we still use today, but I don't want to spoil the discovery.
The writing is staighforward and clear. The illustrations make this a beautful book.
… (altro)
drmom62 | 12 altre recensioni | Apr 21, 2023 |
Francis Scott Key was a very busy man. He and his wife had 11 children. He was a lawyer and many people came to him for advice. But whenever he had a moment, he would jot down a line of poetry. He loved writing poems. When the War of 1812 broke out, Francis became even busier. He was well-respected and often called upon to help keep the peace as the war between the United States and England raged on. One fateful night Francis and his friend helped talk the British Navy into releasing a prisoner of war. But they couldn't return home just yet because the Battle of Fort McHenry was starting! If the British captured the fort, America might very well lose its independence. Francis and his friends could only sit on a boat and observe the battle. For 25 hours they watched in awe. What Francis saw inspired him to write a poem that would become America's national anthem!… (altro)
wichitafriendsschool | 1 altra recensione | Nov 22, 2022 |


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