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Linked (2013) 245 copie
Unravel (2014) 50 copie
Fire and Shadow (2008) 11 copie
Blood of the Volcano (2012) 5 copie
Frayed Tapestry (2008) 4 copie
Falling (2007) 3 copie
Heart of the Volcano (2009) 2 copie
Devil's Ways — Collaboratore — 1 copia

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Once upon a Curse (2012) — Collaboratore — 105 copie


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Howson, Imogen
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Howson, Imogen
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Nottinghamshire, England, UK
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Born with a near-pathological hatred of criticism or rejection, Imogen Howson took up fiction writing and found that this ensures she receives plenty of both.

Nevertheless, she continues to write—mostly so she can play with re-imagined fairy tales and myths. Her stories are populated by shape-shifting panthers, mutated teenagers, malevolent sentient shadows, people who can turn into lava, and heroines with beautiful names.

Imogen lives near Sherwood Forest with her partner and two daughters. Fortunately, none of them seems disposed to reject her. Training them not to criticise is taking longer, but she feels confident of eventual success.



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This was a pretty good book. I enjoyed reading it quite a bit. Fire and Shadow is about a girl who upon turning 18 discovers she's a fire starter. She leaves her family home to go and learn how to control her newfound abilities and falls in love with an older man. They call him a magician, but really he's something quite peculiar... An odd type of shifter.

My copy also had several other short stories included. All of which were pretty great. All in all, I'd say Imogen Howson is quite the talented writer.

*I received a copy of this book for free. The review is my own, honest, and unsolicited.
… (altro)
UrbanAudreyE | 3 altre recensioni | Jul 2, 2018 |
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The only criticism I have is that it wasn't clear that this was a book of short stories. That said, I enjoyed each and every one of them and would have been pleased to read any of them as a full novel!
mnegranza | 3 altre recensioni | Mar 3, 2018 |
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The book is made up of five short stories. These stories include retellings of fairy tales, retellings of Greek myths, and original stories. The stories focus on relationships and fantasy elements. Overall I really enjoyed the stories. All of them sucked me in and leaved me wishing they were longer! The only issue I had with this book was the fact that it didn't tell you when you where switching to a new stories so it left me feeling a little confused. That being said I really enjoyed these stories!… (altro)
RebeccaLMello | 3 altre recensioni | Aug 29, 2016 |
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This book contains five short stories. Some are obvious retellings of well known fairy tales. While the table of contents shows all five stories, the chapter numbers just keep climbing and the only indication that you have started a new story is the change in characters.
amkj | 3 altre recensioni | Jul 24, 2016 |

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