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(eng) Jasmine Rosemary Cresswell writes as Jasmine Cresswell, Jasmine Craig, and Jasmine Candlish.


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Missing (2007) 124 copie
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The Blackwood Bride (1980) 18 copie
The Trouble With Love (2003) 18 copie
Nowhere to Hide (1992) 17 copie
The Reluctant Viscountess (1713) 17 copie
Rakes and Rascals (1995) 15 copie
Edge of Eternity (1994) 15 copie
Free Fall (1989) 15 copie
The Aducted Heiress (1979) 15 copie
He Said She Said (1997) 14 copie
Undercover (1986) 14 copie
The Perfect Bride (1993) 13 copie
Traitor'S Heir (1984) 13 copie
Contract: Paternity (1997) 13 copie
The Danewood Legacy (1982) 12 copie
House Guest (1992) 12 copie
The Moreton Scandal (1986) 9 copie
Hunter's Prey (1986) 8 copie
Mixed Doubles (1984) 8 copie
Tarrisbroke Hall (1980) 7 copie
The Devil's Envoy (1988) 7 copie
Empire of the Heart (1877) 7 copie
Runaway Love (1982) 7 copie
Stormy Reunion (1982) 6 copie
Take 5, Volume 8 (Anthology 5-in-1) (2002) — Collaboratore — 5 copie
Refuge in His Arms (1984) 5 copie
Private Eyes (2004) 5 copie
Dear Adam (1985) 4 copie
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Stile DeWilde 1 copia
Entführt ! - Band 39. (2001) 1 copia
Ideální pár (1994) 1 copia

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Data di nascita
Luogo di residenza
England, UK
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Florida, USA
Lycee Francaise, London, England, UK
University of Melbourne (history and philosophy)
Macquarie University (history)
Case Western Reserve University (MA - History and Archive Management)
Attività lavorative
British Foreign Office
Romance Writers of America
Breve biografia
She was born in England and worked for the Foreign Office. Later she was assigned to the British Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, where she met her husband, another ex-patriate Brit.
Nota di disambiguazione
Jasmine Rosemary Cresswell writes as Jasmine Cresswell, Jasmine Craig, and Jasmine Candlish.



Ok beginning but it started to spiral out of control into the ridicilous towards the end.
Litrvixen | 3 altre recensioni | Jun 23, 2022 |
In The Perfect Bride, Alec hired Caitlyn's company in an effort to shake her up and put marriage in her plans; In Monday Man, a good Rom-Com when Lucy hires Nick as a PI and she's a walking disaster that absolutely shakes him up.
nancynova | Mar 29, 2021 |
The first novel I've read by this author and I can't wait to explore more of her writing! The book has been on my "to read" shelves for a long time and now I can't understand what took me so long to explore the offering.

It's a page-turning thriller and with a copyright date of 2003 it seems even more creative to be written before the word "terrorist" was part of our nation's daily headlines and daily vocabulary. For anyone who has been deceived by the partner he/she married this captures the innermost feelings of betrayal, guilt, and the aftereffects to his/her self-confidence. Charlotte has been told by the FBI that the man she married and dearly loves is an international terrorist and at Christmas when emotions always seem closer to the surface. So begins twists and turns that I never saw coming on the next page or pages and I couldn't stop reading!… (altro)
FerneMysteryReader | Nov 9, 2019 |
1 Star

Ron Raven, a successful and respected businessman, is missing and presumed dead, but this is merely the tip of the iceberg because Ron is also a bigamist. Not only has he scammed his separate families for more than two decades, he has also conned his brother-in-law out of three million dollars. As the Raven and Fairfax families struggle to come to terms with Ron’s betrayal, his daughter, Megan, and brother-in-law, Adam Fairfax, must work together to locate the missing millions.

The suspense plot has such tremendous potential. Unfortunately, the writing is long-winded, repetitive and redundant - too much telling and not enough showing. By the time the villain and motive are revealed, it is difficult to care one way or the other.

The romance doesn’t fare much better as Megan and Adam have very little chemistry and don’t even meet until halfway through the book.

All in all, an excellent premise but the writing is so poor that I’ve no interest in continuing with the series.
… (altro)
Lauren2013 | 2 altre recensioni | May 24, 2018 |

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