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Schoolhouse mystery di Gertrude Chandler…
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Schoolhouse mystery (originale 1965; edizione 1965)

di Gertrude Chandler Warner

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Grandpa Alden and the Alden children encounter danger, excitement, adventure, and mystery in a quiet island fishing village.
Titolo:Schoolhouse mystery
Autori:Gertrude Chandler Warner
Info:Chicago, A. Whitman [1965], 128 pages
Collezioni:La tua biblioteca

Informazioni sull'opera

Schoolhouse Mystery di Gertrude Chandler Warner (1965)

1960s (126)
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All right. Another instance of getting sidetracked from Grandfather's plan by something random, stumbling into a mystery--that may or may not be one--, another old woman that just wants to be left alone--but not from these children--and more of showing off just how rich they are without realizing it. Oh these books.

Basically, they go to a very poor little island, end up buying supplies and teaching the local kids (since the Aldens know everything, much more than those poor islands), and mess up a man that everyone loved because he was buying local coins and old things for crazy rates.

Let's talk about that for a minute:

Henry said, "Freddy is clever. So far he hasn't done anything that is against the law. The people here think he pays enough. They are delighted to trade.

That's ... actually a really good point. Ignoring the library books and things he did outside of the story (convenient that) for the moment, what he was doing was ethically perfect, but ... was it even that wrong? If he had told them, I bet many of the islands would have gone for his trades anyways. Where else are they going to find people to buy their stuff? And what kid wouldn't rather a new shiny doll to a broken old one. But no, to the Aldens, it really is all about the monetary value of things. Oy.

"Yes. The Alden kids did this. They did their duty as American citizens."

Just oy.

Also, Mr. Carter. Shows up in disguise for some reason? As if anyone would know him. And his disguise. The most hilarious fake English this side of Mary Poppins...

"Right," said Mr. Wilder-Smith. "I have important letters. Maybe you can help. But I must toddle along. Cheerio! Top-hole to meet you."

Oh... come one.

A few other random notes:

"Oh, boy!" shouted Benny. "We could sleep in the car! That's what this station wagon is made for."

I find this hard to imagine for four children and their grandfather. Fun, maybe something I'd do, but man that wouldn't be a good night's sleep.

And at the end:

"We won't say goodbye," said Benny. "We hate to say goodbye. We never do, we just go."

Since... just the [b:Mountain Top Mystery|182372|Mountain Top Mystery (The Boxcar Children, #9)|Gertrude Chandler Warner||601895], no? And now I bet that's how they end every book. Gertrude Chandler Warner is really getting into a formula here. I guess that's how they made hundreds of the things.

Overall, it's a vaguely interesting idea, but cringey execution. Let's see what they do next... ( )
  jpv0 | Jul 21, 2021 |
The Alden children love to solve mysteries and this one happens in an old schoolhouse.
  SABC | Apr 27, 2013 |
The Aldren children again solve mysteries. This time in an old schoolhouse.
  SABC | Sep 9, 2012 |
This early chapter book can also be defined as a realistic fictional. The children in the story are easy to relate to because they have very different personalities. They tackle adventure but always with the help of their grandfather.

The plot has many different ups and downs which keeps the reader hooked and entertained. The children are constantly solving mysteries and once one mystery is solved another is unfolded. The ending relieves the reader and ends happy because the bad man is caught. The climaxes are identifiable and the organization is clear to readers. ( )
1 vota al04 | Oct 30, 2007 |
Lexile: 450
Reading Recovery: 19
DRA: 20
Fountas Pinnel Guided Reading: K
  mr.crunkleton | Aug 24, 2007 |
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Cunningham, DavidIllustratoreautore secondarioalcune edizioniconfermato
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Grandpa Alden and the Alden children encounter danger, excitement, adventure, and mystery in a quiet island fishing village.

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