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Santa Olivia

di Jacqueline Carey

Serie: Santa Olivia (1)

UtentiRecensioniPopolaritàMedia votiCitazioni
9546719,288 (3.91)66
"A SF/fantasy novel set in the near future and featuring a young woman with special genetically engineered 'wolf-like' powers"--Provided by publisher.
  1. 10
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  6. 03
    Harry Potter e il calice di fuoco di J. K. Rowling (whitewavedarling)
    whitewavedarling: Santa Olivia is admittedly built for a more mature audience, but the themes, character types, and situations in the Harry Potter series and in Carey's work make me believe a reader who enjoys one will likely enjoy the other. Santa Olivia, though, is not a traditional fantasy, but more in the lines of speculative fiction, so that fantasy-only readers who enjoy Harry Potter for primarily the inclusion of magic may not enjoy Carey's work. I'm recommending it with this Harry Potter book in particular since, for me, this was the book when the series took a leap toward becoming more adult. Santa Olivia is also probably the beginning of a forthcoming series.… (altro)
  7. 03
    Harry Potter. La serie completa di J. K. Rowling (whitewavedarling)
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    Le cronache di Narnia di C. S. Lewis (whitewavedarling)
    whitewavedarling: Santa Olivia is admittedly for a more adult-based audience, but themes, situations, and character types carry over between the works enough (plus a light integration of religion) that I think the readers of one work set would be well suited for the other.… (altro)
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Carey creates a world that is technically in the realm of science fiction, but it is also a world that could come true very very soon. When bird flu mutates to the point of human-to-human transmission, I can see a scenario where the US government decides to create a no-man's land around its borders to keep out non-citizens trying to get in.

Santa Olivia is a town near the US-Mexico border that is unfortunate enough to exist in the no-man's land, and is taken over by the military and its population put under martial law. No one outside knows they exist. The town is renamed the outpost and its people are no longer citizens of the US. This is the world Loup is born into.

This book grabbed me from the first page and refused to let me go. I had to keep reading to learn not just what happens to Loup, but to all of the Outpost, and the cliffhanger-ish ending makes me gnash my teeth. Good thing the second book is out already. Santa Olivia is a wonderful tale of finding hope and life in a hopeless world. ( )
  wisemetis | Dec 27, 2022 |
Completely different from both of her other series, this one once again makes its own world entirely and then sweeps you off into it entirely. It's a completely different feel and setting from both her other series, but it will captivate you all the same. With the relationships and working through life and where things go.

I definitely never expected the last ten pages and can't wait to get my hands on book two. ( )
  wanderlustlover | Dec 27, 2022 |
A dramatic, whimsical, coming of age tale of a mutant orphan girl (more X-men than freaky) growing up in a post-apocalyptic outpost town. Her antics and adventures embody hope and purpose in the midst of oppression and hopelessness, a figurehead for a generation of abandoned townspeople.

Carey crafts her story with a graceful economy of words - letting the unsaid inspire the imagination. She paints a colourful and believable backdrop, and truly engages the reader with deep and involving characters.

I felt that the pacing and story development was spot on - I just wanted to keep reading right to the climatic and inevitable end. Ultimately though, the book is limited in scope, choosing not to dwell on the global and political climate - but rather focus in on the character and town of Santa Olivia. ( )
  cuteseal | Aug 17, 2022 |
Santa Olivia is the first novel in the Santa Olivia series by Jacqueline Carey.

Santa Olivia is a small town caught in the no man’s land between the USAmerican and the Mexican border wall. Officially, neither the town, nor its people exist – there is just the USAmerican military base next to it. And yet, here they are. Among the people in Santa Olivia is Loup, daughter of an escaped enhanced human out of a military project and one of the poor women of Santa Olivia who fell in love with the fugitive. But her father had to move on and her mother died, so Loup only has her bigger half-brother Tom to take care of her. Growing up in an orphanage, careful not to show the superstrength and -speed that she inherited from her father, Loup soon finds that the town may be in need of a hero. Only, what can a single hero really do?

I remember grabbing Santa Olivia a few years ago from a bargain bin somewhere and having finally read it, I am very glad I did. It is an interesting take on superheros, set in a highly political world and has a queer protagonist. It’s basically everything I could have hoped for.

Read more on my blog: ( )
  kalafudra | Jan 8, 2021 |
Jacqueline Carey's new novel is set in a near-future DMZ between America and Mexico - and her new heroine kicks ass. Superstrong and unable to feel fear, Loup is a genetic experiment gone right.
aggiunto da PhoenixTerran | modificaio9, Annalee Newitz (May 16, 2009)
I highly recommend Santa Olivia, not only to Carey's current fans, but to anyone who enjoys an outstanding, gripping, and in many ways credible near-future thriller.

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They said that the statue of Our Lady of the Sorrows wept tears of blood the day the sickness came to Santa Olivia. The people said that God had turned his face away from humankind. They said that saints remember what God forgets about human suffering.
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"A SF/fantasy novel set in the near future and featuring a young woman with special genetically engineered 'wolf-like' powers"--Provided by publisher.

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