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What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women

di James C. Dobson

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916517,303 (3.62)1
Dr. Dobson's suggestions for marital happiness are interesting, practical, and humorous.
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A very helpful and enlightening book. It helps men to appreciate the peculiarities of the opposite sex and understand how to relate with them better, especially in a marital relationship. ( )
1 vota Adewoye | Feb 20, 2014 |
Rated: B+ ( )
1 vota | jmcdbooks | Jan 28, 2013 |
Dr. Dobson does a great job of discussing the differences between men and women. While I do not completely agree with everything stated in this book, I also understand that it is a book of generalities. Specifically, everything does not apply to my wife or even every woman I've ever known. However; the overall analysis of men and women is very insightful. When remembered that women are different and that there are certain things I can do to make communication, marriage, and intimacy better, this book has been very insightful. ( )
2 vota wordgeek76 | Sep 2, 2009 |
Women are different from men. Can we at last agree on the obvious here? Unfortunately, plenty of people will be angry at that statement, just as they will be angry at Dr. Dobson for trying to explain those differences. What they do not understand is that neither Dr. Dobson nor I think of women as less than men simply because they are different. And it doesn't say much about women when radical feminists are trying to "prove" women to be equal to men by trying to become men.

Dr. Dobson comes to this topic with an understanding of the differences between the sexes and a desire to foster an understanding between them. He is not trying to put down either men or women, but trying to allow husbands to understand their wives better so their marriages can be stronger.

It's a very good exploration of this. It is unashamed and probing, with no topic out-of-bounds.

My only complaint is the same complaint I have with so many psychology books that claim to be Christian: it relies too heavily on worldly understanding and not on God. For example, it seeks to remedy low self-esteem by worldly means rather than a trusting in God, which is the only way such esteem needs can truly and finally be met.

With that in mind, Dobson does go to God quite often in this, and I was well pleased with the result. I learned a great deal, and what I learned seems very true so far.

If I discover otherwise, I'll let you know. ( )
3 vota nesum | Mar 15, 2008 |
Out-dated, sexist and patronizing. ( )
19 vota PortiaLong | Sep 23, 2007 |
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Dr. Dobson's suggestions for marital happiness are interesting, practical, and humorous.

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