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Cinderella di Violet Findley
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1712128,608 (3.33)Nessuno
Autori:Violet Findley
Collezioni:Untitled collection
Etichette:English, Kids, Fiction

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Cinderella (Folk & Fairy Tale Easy Readers) di Violet Findley

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The story is about a young girl named, Cinderella, who lived with her mean step-sisters. They made her do all the chores and even made her dress in rags. On day the family received an invitation to a ball hosted by the handsome prince. After, helping her step-sisters get ready for the ball, Cinderella wished that she could go to the ball too. Poof! Her fairy godmother appeared and granted her wish but under certain circumstances. Cinderella went to the ball and of course the prince fell madly in love with her. Right before midnight she had to leave because the magic would wear off. While running out Cinderella left behind one of her glass slippers. The prince found it and the next day went out to search the entire village for the young girl who could fit the slipper. At last, he arrived to home of Cinderella after trying it on he asked her to marry him. The had a huge wedding and lived happily ever after.

I have always enjoyed this story because it almost never changes and it has a happy ending. The pictures were small but detailed and the book is small enough and simple enough for toddlers and kindergartners.

1.In the classroom I would use this book as an example of tales because it is proof that no matter what race or ethnicity you are there is a similar version they may have heard.

2. With a book as simple as this one, I would use it to begin teaching children the foundation of a story such are characters and plots.
  JasRochelle | Feb 11, 2015 |
Cinderella lives with her two step sisters who treat her like a servant. She helps her sisters get ready for the ball, and she really wished she could go too. Her fairy godmother shows up, and Cinderella is picture perfect and ball ready in the wave of a wand. There's just one catch, the spell is broken at midnight. This wouldn't be a problem if Cinderella didn't lose track of time, and have to run out of the palace losing a shoe in the process. Well Prince Charming searches for the owner of the shoe until he finds Cinderella. Then of course it is happily ever after.

Personal Reaction:
I of course love this story. The illustrations in the version, however, were not quite up to par. I would have loved to see more down to illustrate this amazing story. I read this when I was a child, and I loved it. I will need to find a better illustrated version.

Classroom Application:
1. Can actually go hand in hand with "The Stinky Cheeseman and Other Fairly Stupid Tales." You can read this and then that book, and have them compare the stories.

2. Can have them act out this story. ( )
  TaylorHutton | Feb 6, 2012 |
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