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Conquer Your Deliverance: How to Live a Life…
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Conquer Your Deliverance: How to Live a Life of Total Freedom (edizione 2021)

di John Ramirez (Autore), Gregory Dickow (Prefazione)

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Titolo:Conquer Your Deliverance: How to Live a Life of Total Freedom
Autori:John Ramirez (Autore)
Altri autori:Gregory Dickow (Prefazione)
Info:Chosen Books (2021), 224 pages
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Conquer Your Deliverance: How to Live a Life of Total Freedom di John Ramirez

Aggiunto di recente da00ssmink, TaylorD75, Roman_, MerrinBoy, jbarr5

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I’m not the most spiritual person. I’m not big on organized religion. This book, however, really makes you appreciate how being open and willing to adapt to change can make you a stronger person. Ramirez uses many biblical references here, but he does so with careful consideration of his audience. He writes as if he knows you’re going to need something during tough times to help you get through it. Even his opening lines are powerful. This book avoids the religious tropes that turn a lot of nonbelievers away but instead focuses on steps to become better, supplemented by his beliefs.

This is a pretty solid book, the writing is crafted well, and the content is confident and sound. You can tell the author cares about what he does and saving people in the way he knows best. Highly recommend. ( )
  00ssmink | Oct 18, 2021 |
This is the latest offering from John Ramirez, a renowned evangelist, public speaker, and author of several popular faith-based books. It is written in an instructional manner to help anyone at a crossroads in their belief system, or struggling with the Church, with specific advice and useful prayers to guide, heal and empower.

Though this could be viewed as an evangelical manual of sorts, it is also heavily autobiographical. Throughout the chapters Ramirez keeps us entertained with real-life anecdotes from his colorful history, starting out in poverty, his journey through satanic worship, to finding God. It will appeal to readers who enjoy straight-talking authors. ( )
  TaylorD75 | Oct 15, 2021 |
Conquer Your Deliverance by John Ramirez is a bold book about the author and his journey from Satanic worship to Christianity. The author gives stories, so you know where he has come from, and the stand he had in demonic practices, to where he is now, and the power of prayer in his life. He explains the spiritual warfare around us and the most powerful weapons we have to live a victorious Christian life. His examples of prayers make it easier for someone new to praying to know what to pray. The author is passionate about his message and longs to help those who are struggling. ( )
  Roman_ | Oct 15, 2021 |
‘Soar to great heights as the eagles God designed us to be …’

Author/evangelist John Ramirez was a high-ranking satanic priest who converted to Christianity to become an evangelist teaching believers to defeat the enemy devil. He has published seven books to date, beginning with his 2012 OUT OF THE DEVIL’S CAULDRON, through UNMASKING THE DEVIL, ARMED AND DANGEROUS, DESTROYING FEAR, EXPOSING THE ENEMY, COMBAT PRAYERS TO CRUSH THE ENEMY, and now CONQUER YOUR DELIVERANCE.

In each of his books John shares his true history of being raised in Puerto Rico, then moved to an impoverished ghetto neighborhood in New York City where he grew up despising his father for his careless disregard for his family, and how he was trained to be a satanic cult (Santeria and Spiritualist) high ranking priest in New York City, casting powerful witchcraft spells and controlling entire regions. His transformation out of Satanism to Christianity has resulted in his becoming a popular evangelist, and through his impact, thousands are now finding their way out of Satanism, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, and spiritualism, as he shares his fascinating and powerful story with them.

In an informative opening - “Why you should read this book” – John shares, ‘I pray that we be equipped to destroy every hindering, blocking, robbing spirit, and every assignment of the devil, every dark area, whether it is from a generational curse or from a door we opened that gave the devil equal rights. It is time to bring them down once and for all as you take this journey with me through CONQUERING YOUR DELIVERANCE…As you engage the enemy and pray the powerful prayer points in this book, pray them with Holy Spirit fire, full of faith and expecting that your prayers will destroy the satanic powers of the devil and his cronies, in the spirit realm, at the very moment you release arsenals of heaven upon their heads. I declare and decree your prayers will carry the power of the almighty God. The Holy Spirit will lead you into the battlefield of your life, and He will lead you into total victory. I guarantee you mighty victory in Jesus’ name…Conquering your deliverance means maintaining the opportunity of spiritual freedom that our Lord Jesus Christ paid for in full.’

His book is instructional, offering his stance that ‘the Church talks about the enemy but never confronts the enemy. We lack spiritual warfare and spiritual warfare training, and we also lack understanding of the arsenals of heaven because we do not have the faith to confront the devil.’ Along the way there are pungent one-liners, such as ‘It is time to stop drinking Kool-Aid, get off the cruise-ship church, jump into the battleship Church, and start moving into the purpose and destiny God has for you,’ Heavily evangelistic, John makes his points of counsel and offers his website as a resource for those in need. ( )
  MerrinBoy | Oct 14, 2021 |
Conquer Your Deliverance by John Ramirez
Dedicated to the kids in foster care. Quotes from bible are listed and their sources.
Next is a short article about the super hero in your life and the author describes his own.
Table of contents, like how they are titled, some common, everyday, things I'm familiar with.
Foreword and a tribute to his sister and how she struggled throughout her life the family was also able to celebrate many things.
Introduction talks about how an eagle was raised as a chicken.
Chapter about why the author wants you to read this book is next.
Love the chapter names as I can relate to them as I know about the subject. Such simple examples of things we are familiar with.
Love the parts where there isn issue with health or money or a job and God comes through for them. Having trust and faith in God makes all the difference.
We know we are only here for a short time you need to act now or you can believe the devil and that we will live forever.
Many quotes from the scriptures, bible and other fables we grew up with. These all reinforce what the author is telling us.
Spirituality is discussed in detail along with the darker side: cults, demons, etc. Love the phrase spiritual warfare-you do have the tools to fight the demons.
Many prayers and chants are offered at the end. About the author is included also has his other works highlighted.
So easy to understand because of the way the author tells the story.
Received this review copy from the publisher and this is my honest opinion. ( )
  jbarr5 | Oct 12, 2021 |
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