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Wait For It di Jenn McKinlay
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Wait For It (edizione 2021)

di Jenn McKinlay (Autore)

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402513,847 (3.95)Nessuno
Titolo:Wait For It
Autori:Jenn McKinlay (Autore)
Info:Berkley - Us (2021), 320 pages
Etichette:Contemporary Romance, New Mexico, Advertising Her, Billionaire Him, Stroke

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Wait for It di Jenn McKinlay

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Not quite 30 yet, Annabelle is twice divorced, and starting a new job as a graphic designer in Arizona. It’s a far cry from being freelance in Boston. The company is owned by a married couple, and Annabelle is an old friend of the wife. But the husband had a college buddy of his own earmarked for the job. In fact, he already works at the company, and on the first day he meets Annabelle, he whispers in her ear that he would have her job and office in mere months. Annabelle is renting a guest house from another friend of the couple, someone she thinks is an old curmudgeon. But Nick is only 35, and has suffered a stroke 9 months earlier, becoming a recluse. Now the story gets interesting. Annabelle and Nick should fall in love, Annabelle’s nemesis at work should be defeated, and everyone should live happily ever after. Well, that may or may not occur, but much more will happen before the end of the story. I like the style of writing very much. The characters are well developed and real, and the plot is good, with enough interest and problems to solve to keep readers engaged in the story. I find I like this author’s mystery series a lot better than I liked this romance. The romance part, and that is code for what happens behind closed doors, was a little too detailed for my tastes. Still, it’s better written than a lot of romances, and deals with other topics, such as foster care, as well. ( )
  Maydacat | Sep 4, 2021 |
Impetuous graphic designer Annabelle Martin jumps at an opportunity to be a creative director at an up-and-coming design studio in Arizona. The fact that her ex-husband was getting ready to propose to her again may have also helped in her decision-making. Once there, Annabelle begins to enjoy office life again, after years spent working as an independent contractor. The thing she doesn't miss about the office setting: disgruntled employees. Especially those who feel like Annabelle stole their promotion right out from under them. And if dealing with antagonistic co-workers wasn't enough, there's also her mysterious temporary landlord whose list of rules would make anyone immediately "get off his lawn". Come to find out, Nick Daire isn't the cantankerous old man Annabelle assumed he was, but a young, rather attractive man.

Not being able to help herself, Annabelle learns that Nick - once renowned in the local construction industry - suffered a stroke almost a year ago. Since then he's withdrawn himself completely from the public eye. Despite Annabelle's promise to her best friend to stay away from Nick, she can't help herself. What Annabelle sees in Nick is a chance for something special, something meaningful. The problem is figuring out if they can both set aside their fears to make that happen.

I was hooked on this book from the getgo. Despite finding Annabelle a little difficult initially (just due to some differing viewpoints) she quickly grew on me as the story progressed. It was really Nick's introduction that pulled me in. Having this character who had gone through what he did made me want to see how things would end up for him on the other side of this story.

I enjoyed seeing Annabelle and Nick figuratively dance around one another for a good portion of the book. I don't think they actually meet until close to halfway so that prospective in-person interaction really drives the story forward. It's when they actually meet up that it's so satisfying. They're both dealing with long-term grief and/or trauma. Annabelle from losing her mother which was a precursor to her impetuosity and Nick from his unstable family life he learned that he can only count on himself, but with the stroke, he is now in a constant state of questioning his body, waiting for it to happen again. I like seeing how they both help each other deal with those problems that you know you have, you know you have to address. They take up space in the back of your mind, but you try really hard to suppress them and hoping that eventually, things will work out for the best. Of course, that's never the best course of action.

Aside from Nick and Annabelle together, we also get the workplace dynamic in which Annabelle finds herself upon her move to Arizona. I liked seeing Annabelle excel at her job especially when she gets pushback from employees who have been there longer, Annabelle takes everything in stride. I love seeing her unapologetic confidence in her abilities.

I just think that Jenn McKinlay did a great job of handling some potentially heavy topics, but not making the book feel weighed down. Still keeping that lightness and hope, but also offering a seriousness that is due.

Now, I did not read Jenn McKinlay's previous book Paris is Always a Good Idea although it seems like it follows Annabelle's sister Chelsea. Now that I know what I'm missing out on, I'll have to get to reading that one sooner rather than later. This book was a bit of a surprise for me, but it was a wonderful one! ( )
  AmyM3317 | Aug 12, 2021 |
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