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The Wickeds: Faraway collection di Gayle…
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The Wickeds: Faraway collection (edizione 2020)

di Gayle Forman (Autore), Frankie Corzo (Narratore), Amazon Original Stories (Publisher)

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718375,823 (3.72)Nessuno
Titolo:The Wickeds: Faraway collection
Autori:Gayle Forman (Autore)
Altri autori:Frankie Corzo (Narratore), Amazon Original Stories (Publisher)
Info:Amazon Original Stories (2020)
Etichette:Audiobook, Fairy Tales & Folk Lore, Fantasy, Fiction, Faraway Collection, Short Story, Retelling

Informazioni sull'opera

The Wickeds di Gayle Forman

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Winter 2021 (January);

My absolute favorite of this entire collection. This was insanely gorgeous from beginning to end. It's told from the pov of "The Wicked Witches" after the storybook tales have ended, and the princes have run off, and at least a decade and a half or two have passed. The Wicked's have become friends of a sort and discussing how things happened, why, and what might or might not be true in those tales.

Even when I had settled deeply into that with a love for some of the burgeoning friendship moments, to feminist flips on the King's of these earlier tales as well, I was unprepared and unpredicted and absolutely swallowed whole with delight about what happens to the story when The Wicked's decide to confront their daughters. It's. So. Perfect.

Short, sweet, going to stick with me in retellings forever.

( )
  wanderlustlover | Dec 26, 2022 |
Not a review, just read this one out of order. ( )
  CarinMB | Oct 19, 2022 |
There's always another side to the story. This blended retelling puts a wonderfully different spin on some familiar fairy tales. An enjoyable quick read. ( )
  AngelaJMaher | Dec 24, 2021 |
This is a fun fairy tale retelling that follows Cinderella's, Snow White's, and Rapunzel's step-mothers as they try to navigate life after the fairy tale has ended. The ending was great, and I enjoyed the section with the Fairy Godmother too. There's not a lot I can say about this story without spoilers, but it's short and fun and well worth the read. ( )
  ca.bookwyrm | Mar 2, 2021 |
Fable Turnabout
Review of the Amazon Original Kindle eBook edition (2020)

This was a good fun revisit of the Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel fables that portrays the supposed evil queens and stepmothers of those stories as misunderstood characters who were betrayed by their selfish, self-centred rivals, daughters and stepdaughters. "The Wickeds" set out to take revenge as a collective but learn that all generations face the same issues.

On the Double Plus Good side, this story had none of the product placement advertising distractions that ruined an earlier entry in the series, The Prince and the Troll, for me.

The Wickeds is one of the 5 novellas included in the Faraway Collection, a series of fable fiction released December 15, 2020 from Amazon Original Stories. Classic fables take on new meaning as five bestselling authors serve up some deliciously modern twists. New reflections on evil queens, charmless princes, and star-crossed lovers branch out in provocative and enchanting directions. Follow the path and see where it leads... ( )
  alanteder | Jan 21, 2021 |
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"You specimen of beauty," said the wicked woman, "now you are finished." And she walked away.
—"Little Snow-White," the Brothers Grimm, translated by D. L. Ashliman
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Once upon a time, there lived three wicked women.
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