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Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most…

di Mary L. Trump

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I think I gave up my little weekly vice of reading US magazine about the time of the last election. It seems that the world has been in such dire straits that I couldn't allow myself to care anymore about who was marrying whom, who was divorcing whom, and what Katy Perry looked like without make-up on or Kirstie Alley's bikini bod. Or maybe it was the realization that our world had turned into one big reality show and I could no longer take part in funding Real Housewives-type shenanigans with my dollars.

I tell you though, I allowed myself to sink into Mary Trump's book just like old times. And man, it felt good. It felt good to learn more about the world that Trump grew up in. It felt good to read a takedown of him that only an insider could provide. It felt good to have confirmation that all his sycophants are propping up a soulless empty shell. It felt good to know that Donny did not grow up in opulence and that his family is flawed. It felt good to read a take from a psychologist on family damage and trauma. There are so many little nuggets in this memoir, and you really gain a sense of what makes Donald tick as well as the damage to the family as a whole.

Mary Trump is a great writer. Unlike the slog that was Bolton's book, this book kept me turning pages--I finished the book in four 50 page sittings.

I hope this is one more punch on the Donald. One more add from an administration that will go down in flames this November. I've got my fingers crossed for America. ( )
  auldhouse | Sep 30, 2021 |
Apologies to any Americans reading this, but I am NOT an American, thank goodness.

Basically, the problem with Donald Trump is that while his body is physically 74 years old, (in 2020), his mental and emotional health were all stunted at the age of 4 years old.

Between the ages of 2 and 4, Donald was essentially abandoned by his parents. His mother had a mental breakdown and was in and out of hospital or hiding in her bedroom, while his father spent all his time at his office, working on making more money. Donald and his 3 older siblings were essentially left to raise themselves.

By the time Donald was 10 years old, he had watch his older brother (Fred Jr - Father of the author Mary Trump), systematically being emotionally and mentally bullied by their father (Fred Sr.).

Donald basically learned by osmosis how not to behave - like his older brother - and the right way TO behave - like his father. Do not be kind, do not be generous, be positive at all times, and ignore anything negative.

This has essentially left Donald wide open to being manipulated by men like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Il and Mitch Mcconnell. Also by TV producers like Mark Burnett who played Donald up as a great businessman and produced 8 seasons of the apprentice.

And the need to be positive at all times, is why the pandemic is "all going to disappear, one day..." without Donald having to do anything about it. Death is negative, so Donald wont deal with anyones death. Certainly not those who have died of Covid-19.

Donald knows nothing about love and empathy and kindness because he was NOT raised with those qualities. He uses women for sex, nothing more. Thus he has 3 marriages, numerous pornstar and protititute lovers and he has even said on TV how much he wants to "Date" his own daughter. I'm sure we all know what the word "Date" really means....

Democrats - please apply for your ballot NOW and get your vote to an election office anyway you can!! You have to WANT to thrown this stupid MAGA igrnoramus out of office. DO NOT rely on apathy or everyone else to do it for you. That is how you got into this mess - because noone stood up to Donnie before he bribed the electoral office to change their votes.

If Donnie does get relected again - then the USA is DOA - dead on arrival - and you will only have yourselves to blame.

Donnie does not do the blame game. He has said it himself. He acceptas NO responsibility. Never has, never will!!! He always blames someone else!! Always!!

So he does nothing and the plague spreads and you will all eventually die of the virus because Donald refuses to accept the reality of a pandemic, let alone do anything about it. "Like a miracle, it will all just go away, some day, soon.... "

In the meantime, Canada better KEEP THOSE BORDERS CLOSED!!!!!!!

Americans are not welcome here in Canada!!
( )
  Robloz | Sep 23, 2021 |
A clinical psychologist exploring her family of origin? Sold!

One important thing I learned was to be very careful if buying a Christmas present for Mary L. Trump. She will remember it for at least 40 years and it better be as nice as everyone else's gift and it sure as flip better not be a re-gift.

One effect of love being freely expressed and shared is that you see it everywhere. In my family (and I hope yours) presents didn't have a hidden meaning, if one person's present cost more or took more time than someone else's it was never planned and certainly not being used to send a message. In Mary's family warmth and unselfconscious affection is so hard to come by and neglect is so ubiquitous that everything is scrutinized for a sign of approval or disapproval and you're either left emotionally raw, where everything hurts, or numbing yourself out, where you can't allow anything to hurt.

So much of what she and the other people in the book do is completely inexplicable unless you look at it through that lens of love been so lacking and so desperately craved. For example, why the heck would two financially independent children first beg and then sue their remaining relatives for the inheritance of a cold and uncaring grandfather who intentionally let them out of his will to spite them? Why would you want that guy's money!? Because growing up when the man who never gave them a kind word but instead paid for their education and health insurance they took that scrap as a sign of love, and since they never got anything else, money became as emotionally significant as love. Being cut off financially left them feeling like one of Harlow's monkeys felt when her terrycloth was taken away.

They never had his love, they had that bit of cloth, and they have to fight for it.

The first half of the book is the most interesting. Her father, Freddy, seems like a really good person and I wish he had been able to escape his father. If she writes another book focusing instead on herself and her father and her own journey, coping and how she figured all this out I will be the first to pre-order it! The purpose of this book was quite different, it is less of the painful personal journey and more a warning for the world.
  RebeccaBooks | Sep 16, 2021 |
If you want to understand why the Former Guy is such a POS, then read this book. It explains it all. ( )
  stbyra | Aug 29, 2021 |
The preface and epilogue contain the most directly critical comments regarding Donald Trump. The book tells the story of Donald's family life and how each of the five siblings lives were shaped by their sex, birth order, and temperament upon finding themselves raised by a mother and father who were only interested in how their children would reflect on them or be useful to them in other ways. Both parents appeared to be incapable of feeling or expressing love, kindness or empathy in any way, so it is less surprising the Donald himself has never felt these things. The only family member who appeared to have escaped the family trademarked self-centeredness and lack of joie de vie was the oldest son, Freddy, named after his father, Fred, thus his heir apparent, and the author's father. His sad rise and fall is understandably the focus of the story, and the family's utter lack of any normal filial or sibling concern for Freddy is truly heartbreaking. This book helps answer the question that many people wonder, how Donald Trump can behave the way that he does? ( )
  wagnerkim | Jul 21, 2021 |
The sins of the father loom large too in Too Much and Never Enough by Mary Trump (Simon & Schuster), a fascinating memoir from the US president's niece that sheds a very prescient light on his refusal to quit the White House. The author's own father, Donald’s brother Freddy, was the eldest son of the family; in her telling, Donald and Freddy's father, Fred Trump Sr, was a sociopath who pitted his children cruelly against each other. Eventually Freddy Jr is deemed the loser, not fit to inherit the family business, and brutally rejected. Donald steps up, but never forgets the lesson that failure equals ostracism. From then on everything he touches must always be terrific, amazing, the best it could be.
aggiunto da Cynfelyn | modificaThe Guardian, Gaby Hinsliff (Nov 28, 2020)
But the most interesting assessments she offers are reserved for those inside the “institutions,” the people who might have saved us and certainly have not, from the nuclear family, to the Trump businesses, to New York’s bankers and powerful elites, to Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, and Jared Kushner. They all knew and know that the emperor has no clothes, even as they devote their last shreds of dignity to effusive praise of his ermine trim and jaunty crown....
As she concludes, his sociopathy “reminds me that Donald isn’t really the problem at all.” That makes hers something other than the 15th book about the fathoms-deep pathologies of Donald Trump: It is the first real reckoning with all those who “caused the darkness.”
aggiunto da 2wonderY |, Dahlia Lithwick (Jul 13, 2020)
“Too Much and Never Enough” is a deftly written account of cross-generational trauma, but it is also suffused by an almost desperate sadness — sadness in the stories it tells and sadness in the telling, too. Mary Trump brings to this account the insider perspective of a family member, the observational and analytical abilities of a clinical psychologist and the writing talent of a former graduate student in comparative literature. But she also brings the grudges of estrangement.
aggiunto da Lemeritus | modificaThe Washington Post, Carlos Lozada (sito a pagamento) (Jul 9, 2020)
Writing with the sharp eye of a perpetual outsider in her own family, Trump presents a melancholic portrait of their complicity in her uncle's worst behaviors. Readers who despair for President Trump's ability to lead the country out of its current crises will have their worst suspicions confirmed.
aggiunto da Lemeritus | modificaPublishers Weekly (Jul 8, 2020)
“It felt,” she writes, “as though 62,979,636 voters had chosen to turn this country into a macro version of my malignantly dysfunctional family.” ... And it goes on, coming to a head in the unbelievable story of Fred Trump’s will. Does Mary Trump, Ph.D., have an ax to grind? Sure. So do we all. Dripping with snideness, vibrating with rage, and gleaming with clarity—a deeply satisfying read.
aggiunto da Lemeritus | modificaKirkus Reviews (Jul 8, 2020)

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If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed.
The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the
one who causes the darkness.
                                    ---Victor Hugo, Les Misérables
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For my daughter, Avary, 
            my dad
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[Prologue] I'd always liked my name.
[Author's Note] Much of the book comes from my own memory.
Daddy, Mom's bleeding!
[Epilogue] On November 9, 2016, my despair was triggered in part by the certainty that Donald's cruelty and incompetence would get people killed.
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The lies may become true as soon as he utters them, but they're still lies.  It's just another way for him to see what he can get away with. And so far, he's gotten away with everything.
“I never challenged my father,” Maryanne said. “Ever.” It was easier to go along for the ride. Donald’s chiefs of staff are prime examples of this phenomenon. John Kelly, at least for a while, and Mick Mulvaney, without any reservations at all, would behave the same way—until they were ousted for not being sufficiently “loyal.” That’s how it always works with the sycophants. First they remain silent no matter what outrages are committed; then they make themselves complicit by not acting. Ultimately, they find they are expendable when Donald needs a scapegoat.
Once Donald moved into Atlantic City, there was no longer any denying that he wasn’t just ill-suited to the day-to-day grind of running a few dozen middle-class rental properties in the outer boroughs, he was ill-suited to running any kind of business at all—even one that ostensibly played to his strengths of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement and his taste for glitz.
Knowing ahead of time that you’re going to be bailed out if you fail renders the narrative leading up to that moment meaningless. Claim that a failure is a tremendous victory, and the shameless grandiosity will retroactively make it so. That guaranteed that Donald would never change, even if he were capable of changing, because he simply didn’t need to. It also guaranteed a cascade of increasingly consequential failures that would ultimately render all of us collateral damage.
Donald was to my grandfather what the border wall has been for Donald: a vanity project funded at the expense of more worthy pursuits.
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