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The Searcher (2020)

di Tana French

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1,1856712,650 (3.91)56
Aggiunto di recente daRennie80, biblioteca privata, chasidar, lkrier, leaseylease, JosephKing6602, GraftonLibrary
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Fans of the author will perhaps underrate this book, as it lacks the police procedural and recognizable characters of her Dublin Murder Squad books. I like those books too. But I think The Searcher is a grand book, as its Irish characters might say, from the subtlety of the writing, its character portrayals, to the story's believability. ( )
  copyedit52 | Oct 13, 2021 |
Vividly atmospheric, and of course French writes like a dream. It's literary and more of a character study really. And such great characters, especially the protagonist, an American ex-cop who retires to a small Irish town and gets caught up in the comings and goings, and gossip, amongst the town's inhabitants, but also...a mystery. Duh Duh DUH! The mystery aspect was fairly perfunctory, and a bit prosaic really. But French nails the details, evokes a mood and vivid imagery. And again, her writing is top shelf, a treat in and of itself. That can't be overstated as a selling point. The ending for me, while light on conventional thrills, was very satisfactory. For those who are unafflicted by ADD, who appreciate well drawn characters and setting rather than "all plot, all the time" could be a great read. ( )
  usuallee | Oct 7, 2021 |
Many twists and turns but the best thing I can say is I desperately want to know more about what happens next for the characters! ( )
  JJbooklvr | Sep 18, 2021 |
Reviews of Tana French books never deserve fewer than four stars, and I’m usually inclined to give them five. In this case I’ll stick with four, though.

THE SEARCHER is a bit of a departure for French. That is, the main character of this book isn’t Irish. Cal is American, a retired cop who has come to live in a small town in Ireland. He thought it would be a quiet place to live.

A 13-year-old, who Cal mistakes for a boy, has asked, practically demanded, that he look into the disappearance of her brother. This is what Cal thought he was leaving behind when he moved to Ireland. Even so, he does get involved in this case, just like old times.

Cal learns that small towns in Ireland can have the same trouble as big cities in the United States. There is no escaping it.

I don’t give this book five stars because I didn’t like the way Cal talked. Although French writes wonderful dialogue between Irish people, she doesn’t quite get it right with Cal. I understand that she wanted to make clear that he isn’t a big-city guy. But sometimes he talks stupid. There is a difference between sounding country and sounding stupid. He clearly is not stupid. So he does not sound authentic as the Irish people do.

I also was unhappy with the end. How could he stay? Although Cal does consider moving back to the United States, he also decides to get a new puppy. Wouldn’t it be cruel to make a dog fly all the way to the United States? ( )
  techeditor | Sep 11, 2021 |
The Searcher tells the story of Cal, a divorced ex-cop who moves to Ireland. There, he buys an old house and field in a small town and sets to work fixing up the house. Cal gets to know many of the townspeople, but the most surprising one he meets is a young Irish kid named Trey. Trey’s older brother has apparently gone missing and Trey asks Cal to help find him.

As Cal undertakes that search, there are a series of small outings and adventures. There is a real mystery to be solved, with some unexpected revelations. But this book is light on action and is more of a slow burn, as the pacing is pretty slow. The real star of this book is the Irish countryside, culture, and people in Cal’s new hometown. And the real underlying conflict is Cal’s own journey of self-discovery as he comes to understand and overcome his past mistakes and shortcomings. Overall, I’d say this is a 3.5 star book—worth the read if you enjoy slow burns and Irish culture. But if you’re looking for a real suspenseful book, this one probably isn’t for you. ( )
  bentleymitchell | Aug 27, 2021 |
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