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Coming Back di K. L. Denman
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Coming Back (edizione 2019)

di K. L. Denman (Autore)

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2315817,449 (3.82)2
"In this work of fiction, Julie works with a therapy horse to help heal the PTSD she suffers from after a horrific car accident."--
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Questa recensione è stata scritta per Recensori in anteprima di LibraryThing.
This book, while a quick read (sometimes good to have when you want to read something, but don’t want to start a 1000 monster), was instantly captivating. Denman’s description of the character’s inner experiences and exploration of herself as she works to redefine her life and experiences creates the vivid and life like images in your mind that most of us relish when reading a novel. As someone with some experience with PTSD, I also feel the author did an excellent job of representing the struggles often faced by those struggling with it. Well done. ( )
  kustomambition | Sep 11, 2019 |
Questa recensione è stata scritta per Recensori in anteprima di LibraryThing.
This short novel is a quick and enjoyable read. Julie is a young woman who is afflicted with PTSD after a horrific traffic accident about which she remembers nothing yet. Her psychologist suggests she get a comfort animal so she buys a horse and boards it at a training barn - which proves to be a less than suitable location. When she finds another barn, she discovers it's even worse, so Julie has to find a way for them both to "come back" from trauma. ( )
  Polilla-Lynn | Jul 31, 2019 |
Questa recensione è stata scritta per Recensori in anteprima di LibraryThing.
Coming Back by K. L. Denman is a novella about a young woman, Julie, who has been in a horrific car accident. She has no memory of the accident and has been in therapy for over a year. Julie has been diagnosed with PTSD. Her therapist suggests that she get an emotional support animal to help her.
Her therapist was thinking a dog or cat would be the ideal animal; but Julie decides she wants a horse. She had ridden some when she was a young girl and loved the connection she felt with a horse. She is hoping that she will have that again. Also, a horse will force her to leave her home and interact with people.
Julie lays out her plan to her therapist and after some consideration she agrees. She does her research and purchases a lovely young mare she names Scarlett. Julie finds a dressage show barn that she is able to board Scarlett at. She can even take lessons there. Unfortunately, it turns out a show barn is not the right fit for her. She looks for another barn and finds one that does “natural horsemanship”. Yet it turns out to be not as advertised and she soon realizes she has moved from the frying pan to fire.
This book had everything going for it. I especially love stories centered around horses since I have ridden my entire life. The plot was good and the horse related stuff was correct. I know the pace was good because I flew through this book in under a day. Yet, there was something missing for me.
I am struggling to put my feelings into words here. That in itself says something. I think it is because the story did not match the prose. Let me explain further. I felt the writing was too simplistic for an adult or young adult reader. The writing style was best suited for a middle grade reader yet the story, which billed as young adult, had a decided adult theme to it. Therefore, it left me wanting more.
I received a free copy from the publisher, via Library Thing’s Early Reviewer’s program, in exchange for my honest opinion. For more of my reviews, and author interviews, see my blog at ( )
  purpledog | Jul 17, 2019 |
Questa recensione è stata scritta per Recensori in anteprima di LibraryThing.
The story does have a affect on you if either you have not experience abuse or have experience it. This was a easy read, but it does give you a punch in the face at the twists and turns of events. What I did like about the book is how much research that was done to have a story about it. So, for someone like me to understand how the main character or anyone that has gone through and had PTSD to understand how that is like through fiction. What I did not like about the book is the fact that Julie was really entitled throughout the book and did not give the first ranch or trainer a try. She was not patient either. Also, the book could use a bigger size, but that's just a personal preference. This is was a fun book to try out of my usual comfort zone. ( )
  Islam_A | Jul 12, 2019 |
Questa recensione è stata scritta per Recensori in anteprima di LibraryThing.
This story captured me instantly. The story of the main character with PTSD was very realistic right down to the thoughts and actions mismatching. As a PTSD survivor myself I was so fully engaged that when the "trigger" moment happened, I was triggered. Therefore the quick wrap up after that was doubly disappointing for me. I would have loved for the healing to have taken as long as the build up.

Easily read, well written, I finished it in less than 2 hours. ( )
  lowelibrary | Jul 11, 2019 |
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"In this work of fiction, Julie works with a therapy horse to help heal the PTSD she suffers from after a horrific car accident."--

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